Monday, 27 February 2012


Reading: Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte

I spent yesterday (Sunday) at the Kensington Olympia with my sisters and mother at a wedding exposition. Don't worry I have no plans what so ever of getting married despite how much fun I was having planning while I was there.
I basically spent the whole time collecting as many freebies as i could, staring with longing at all the 'tent' wedding venues and filling out competition forms with my sisters details (I can't wait for her to win free bridesmaids accessories).

Seeing as the venue was in a very posh part of London (posh to me anyway) I had to dress up.

I'm useless at self portrait photos but this is what I wore.

I've been inspired by Jane Eyre lately when it comes to dressing smart. Maxi skirts and covered shoulders. Especially velvet- I can;t stop looking at it in shops! It just feels so luxurious.

Skirt: Topshop- sale item.
Vest: Primark.
Jacket: Primark
Bracelets: Links Of London and Thomas Sabo
Rings: Topshop (Celtic) and Topman (pirate)

Charity shopping last week my friend April picked up a velvet jacket and I urged her to buy it; unfortunately it wouldn't fit either of us but hopefully (as her mum is amazing) she will be wearing a homemade black velvet jacket soon and then I can die of jealousy. If interested, visit St Clares hospice charity shop in Debdon high street.

If you haven't read Jane Eyre before I urge you to! It is AMAZING! It makes me want to be a governess. Its amazingly well written, and a great story line.

Jodie x

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