Saturday, 31 March 2012


Listening to: Just A Girl- No Doubt.

Yesterday was a mix of emotions- I received some very awful news from uni (news which I should have been given in September, and not after over 6 months of constant pushing for answers) which basically means I'm up a certain creak without a paddle. But despite the massive amount of stress its going to cause me (not just physically but mean I need to find money a student nurse with no other financial support doesn't have) I'm not going to let it defeat me, it will be worth it when I qualify.

Also I had a very unfortunate meeting with a creepy old man in a charity shop. After attempting top pass him 3 or 4 times with him stepping the same way I thought I would take a more keen interest in him- and realised his side stepping was  not by accident but rather gave him a better view to stare at my chest.

Granted this behaviour is commonplace with me- but still warranted the very rough shoving past him so he got the message that his behaviour was NOT acceptable and yes I had noticed.

I'm not sure why the general male population (and a few females) feel its their duty to make woman feel uncomfortable like that but I don't deserve to be treated that way. Today it might be simply staring. but tomorrow its touching (which has happened and just ended up with a man with a very bruised 'ego' on several occasions), and who knows where it will stop. Woman (or indeed men) are not pieces of meat and we will fight back from any unwanted attention; and should not be made to feel it is in anyway their fault that they receive unwanted attention from pigs.

FYI this is the outfit I was in:

Dress: Primark (I think)
Belt: Topshop
Tights and socks: Primark
Creepers: eBay.

Don't worry my metabolism hasn't kicked in just yet- I did have a cardigan over the top of all this.

This leads me on to some good news- I finally received an answer form the eBay seller i moaned about (and despite some very rude messages where in the end the information I asked for several time has still not been given) I received my creepers- WHOOP!!

This spurred me on to making tofu scramble for the first time- and it was very very tasty.

Right click on image for save options.

Its very simple to make a very versatile- I made mine with crumbled tofu, Garlic granules, cherry tomato's, dried chilly  flakes, salt and pepper (lots of pepper), a tiny little bit of Chinese spice (as it smelt nice in the cupboard), all cooked in sesame seed oil served on toast. It was amazing- the pictures do not do it justice, and it was a very filling vegan alternative to scrambled eggs on toast.

In addition to that (when I met my boyfriend for lunch) I picked up a second hand pair of brown DMs for 8 pounds as well as an amazing brown  bag.

Its hard for me to explain how happy these made me feel. I've wanted a second pair of DMs for a while, and I wanted a short pair in brown. But a) it took me a very long time to save for my first pair and b) I found it hard justifying buying a second as I'm ridiculously overprotective of my 1st pair; so I knew the only way I would get a second is 2nd hand.

So finding these in my size is fantastic. Joint first with the best item I've picked up in a charity shop, and I'm wearing them today in a very Denis the Menis themed outfit- that I will post later as this post is already so image heavy.

It just shows that although some truly awful things can happen- my optimism really pays off, and I end up having a day full of positive  results.
Jodie x


  1. Insanely jealous you got those DM's for £8! That is such a lucky find, also love the dress you were wearing. Hope everything gets better at Uni! :) xo

    1. I'm pretty shocked myself- there was a bucnh of girls hanging roung them in the shop (one even picked them up) but as theyre missing one of the pull things on the back they put them back.

      It will be fine its just a bit annoying that because of there error I'm the one suffering.