Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Listening to: Cloudbusting- Kate Bush.

I have a confession to make- I'm having a love affair. I don't know how I've lived without out them.

I am of course talking about my vintage pair of high waisted velvet trousers. Can a woman have an affair with an item of clothing? Can that much love be placed on something so materialistic?

Trousers: Vintage off eBay
Shirt: charity shop
Necklace: eBay
Creepers: eBay

I honestly can't get enough of them- I want to were them all the time. They even gave me the confidence to were my creepers without socks. I knew they were going to be a little short on the leg but I love the turn-up I added, and how they actually end around my waist! High waisted trousers never reach my waist. I really like how my bum looks in them and they're so soft. One day soon we're going to get married.

After going shopping in Topshop; where I spotted these shorts which remind me of something....

...really reminds me of my DIY lace shorts (I prefer mine they're longer in the leg). This is what I wore to my boyfriends gig on Sunday night at the Old Blue Last in Shorditch- and if you follow me on twitter I was not impressed with being treated with the VIP area. Mostly because I got stuck in a very low chair (which my boyfriend had to drag me out of) and partly because it wasn't all that at all. I was much more at home in the bar even though a girl (not a woman a girl) kept walking into/ elbowing/ hair flicking me and Meg in an effort impress some boy she was with. Very embarrassing for her, very funny for me. I will never know why girls act stupid to impress boys.

I also went to the loo twice that night, using the same toilet about an 90 minutes in between each, and the second time I found this written on the wall.

Huh? How did someone get this in place so quickly?

Despite not driving for once (my boyfriends band mates are not the safest drivers) I was too knackered to drink and ended up sleeping until 2pm, and as I hadn't seen my boyfriend really all week (work got in the way for us both) he pampered me with subway, snack food, Red Dwarf and homemade  Nandos. OH MY GOD IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! better than the real Nandos. He added extra cheese, sliced the mushroom into bite size pieces and the perfect amount of sauce.

Nom nom nom!

I've had an amazing weekend and have loads of post ideas in my mind that I'll put into place starting this week. How was everyones weeknd? and more importantly what do you think of my super amazing new trousers?
Jodie x


  1. love the new pants! you have great style. and the nom noms made me so hungry >__>

    1. Thank you- I really really love them! Not lying I could quite easily eat yesterday's dinner again- it was so good!

  2. I love your trousers - good vintage pieces are a wardrobe must!

    1. Thank you. I find it hard finding vintage clothes that fit me or I like, but when I do I live them so much! I invent little stories about who owned them and why they loved them, as something this loved was obviously very deer to someone else x

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    1. thank you! you;re so kind and thank you so muchh for following me.
      Of course I will check out your blog

  4. I like your pics ♡ now im following you :)