Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Listening to: Hey Jude- The Beatles

So finally (after a frantic phone call when he couldn't find shampoo) my boyfriend has gone off on a team building adventure course, leaving me with a few days contact less from him. I'm not going to lie I miss him already, not so much because its been a long time since I've seen him- but because I know I can't just ring him up if I need a quick chat. These next four days cannot go quickly enough! I would say 'while the cats away the mice will play' but to be honest he doesn't even attempt to stop me from doing whatever I want so I don't need to exercise my freedom.

In preparation for this (as we barely see each other as it is) we spent the day in London together (you might have remembered I mentioned it in my previous post)  and I got to try out my beautiful new floral socks!

Here's how I wore them (sorry about how rubbish the phone photos are I'm still yet to get my camera fixed).

Dress: Charity shop
Tights: Primark
Necklace: eBay
Socks: DIY
Creepers: Camden

Although this looks like my "sexy lady" dress, This is actually made of velvet (I LOVE velvet) and originally had these awful feather shoulders attached that came straight off! I think this picture of me looks a little strange- mostly as I rarely have my hair in a pony tail- being someone who's job requires hair being up I am a queen of up dos so a simple ponytail (even though it was a quick fix to train hair) is strange.

These are my new creepers as well and I still don't think I love them as much as the old  pair- my old pair are irreplaceable. Even with this amazing curry and smoothie (mines purple) couldn't sweeten the deal.

If you're in Camden lock- you HAVE too try this chickpea curry! It was by far the greatest curry I have EVER had and I've had a lot of curry.

Look out for more posts this week- I've got a lot of ideas that I'm using this free time to put into motion.
Jodie x


  1. love the flowers around the creepers.

    I want to attach some garlands to my docs - but I'm currently not speaking to them after they gave me an awful blister haha

  2. Thank you

    Gah I remember that feeling- the first week or so I wore my docs I thought I was going to lose both my feet.