Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Listening to: Yesterday- The Beatles

Today was another day for me to fulfil my bridesmaid duty. Next summer my twin sister gets married to the only person in the world crazy enough to not only be with her for these last 6 years, but to plan the rest of his life with her. He understands how crazy all us are and is still wants in on it?

To be honest my main duty in the wedding (other than to make sure my sister doesn't panic too much on the day and get her into her dress and what not- the funniest thing I had to do for my older sister trying to hoist my dress up enough to get under her dress) is to disagree with my mother in lieu of my sisters ideas (they have completely different ideas), sing the register and CHOOSE THE CAKE!!!!! I HAVE CAKE DUTY and today was all about choosing the cake (and flowers but they're not as good as cake). I can't wait for more bridesmaid duty ( I love cake!), just look how fun it is!

I'm not going to lie- the majority of that plate of cake was eaten by me, and I had too much cloudy lemonade, but it was a good evening with my sisters and mum.

I bought this dress Saturday looking for a dress for this weekend- its not wedding suitable but looks pretty cool.

Dress: H&M
Necklace: eBay
Socks: American Apparel (literally the only item I can afford from there bought 2 or 3 years ago)
Boots: Dr Martens

My hair today is a mess of curls (despite attempting to blow dry it straight yesterday) so it was almost impossible to dress this up so I opted for these cool socks rather than tights (and I like the cheeky flash of thigh) and added the boots for a sort of nomadic look. I wish my iPhone had a better camera, I have slightly blue eyebrows today, but it's not showing up in the photos :(

I feel like a lot of my friends/ family are getting married at the moment, my older sister got married last year, my friend got married 3 or 4 weeks ago, I'm off to my boyfriends cousins wedding Saturday, and my cousin gets married in July. Although it feels like its the 'in thing' they all have been together for absolutely years (except for one engagement I've spotted on facebook this week- they've been together a couple of months... they're probably still wearing deodorant and eating with dignity).
Jodie x


  1. I had that dress some weeks ago in the h & m ; looked hideous on me, but stunning in you!

    1. Thank you- there is a very similar darker version in Topshop that looked awful on me- I couldn't even were it to pick up men on street corners it was so badly cut on me but looks great in other people- try it out.

  2. lovely dress for the occasion, congrats, you just made me hungry and please check the giveaway I have on my blog now! You choose the item if you win!


    1. Thank you- I'll love to check out your blog!

      Every time I look at the pictures I want the cake so much! it was amazing!


  3. nice dress girl! lovely :D