Thursday, 21 June 2012


Listening to: Every Day I Love You Less and Less

If you follow me on twitter or befriended me on facebook you would know that at the moment I am on placement and I absolutly HATE it!

Don't get me wrong the staff are lovely andd the patients are brilliant- but ability and experience wise it is far lacking to what I feel I deserve. In short I know its wrong but I feel so much better than what I've been given (my personal skills and experience combined with my own strange sort of drive to "be the best I can be" results in being gererally bored and depressed by the whole experience) and as I was forced to go on this placement due to the unis error I feel absolutly cheated. I hate going there inthe morning- I spend all mu breaks in my car as I can't stand to be in the building any longer than I have to, and I hate its taking away time I could be better sppent working/ job hunting/ genaerally having a good time.

If I ever mention in future that I wish to work in any sort of care/ nursing home- shot me as I have clearly lost my mind. Also seriously harm me if I mention I would like to work in either the communtiy of a GP practice or outpatient as well- 3 other settings that I feel like I would only be cutting myself a VERY short deal in working. I'm sorry there is a lot of very good nurses that love that work (there is also a lot of awful nurses who do it just because its an easy job- namely the majority of newly qualified nurses I met that went/ planned to go straight into community nursing because "it pays well and you get evenings and weekends off and you only have to do simple wound dressings"- but its just not for me. I want to be renowned in my field, I want a PHD in nursing and to have consultants queueing up for my opinion. I want to teach and be published and generally be the best nurse both clinically (which to be honest I already am a FANTASTIC nurse) and intellectually I can be.

Combine my hatred of work with my mysterious 'illness' and the utter incompetence of my GP practise to make a referral I've had an awful week. But the one thing keeping me going is Blogging. I know I've been awful in that I haven't posted anything (sorry sorry sorry) but I can't express how heartwarming the comments I have received have been. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I promise to be a better blogger again and post a LOT more frequently, and reply to comments a lot quicker- thank you for all sticking with me.

I had a rare chance to escape for a  few moments last night and went to a pub quiz (which my team won!) and here very poor sun blinded picture of what I wore (its really an awful photo but after being the worse girlfriend in the world all week I didn't want to push Chris for more photos).

Disco pants dupes: Ark Clothing
Velvet Shirt: eBay
Bag: Gift (from Australia)
Creepers: Camden
Collar chain: YMCA
Shark tooth necklace: Bournemouth Aquarium.

This  was the first outing in my Disco  pant dupes I bought from ark clothing; and I have to say that I really really like them! I've been lusting over a pair of American Apparel Disco pants for a while (so many blogger own them but they really look amazing!) but could not justify the price. These Arkclothing pair are a very very good dupe (and in fact fit my body shape better than the AA ones). I honestly hope my photo does them justice.

Jodie x


  1. i am SO sorry about your job, hun :( i have heard that working in nursing homes is so hard. i don't think i could ever put myself up to the task of taking care of grown human beings like that -- it would drive me crazy! but i hope things get better for you -- best of luck, from the bottom of my heart!


    1. Thanks- Its not the caring part I hate its just that i have so much free time and its just not a challenge to me in the slightest :(

  2. loving your top!



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