Monday, 30 July 2012


Listening to: Bitter Sweet Symphony- The Verve

Do you notice anything different about me?

Something possibly on my face?

I have Blue eyebrows! Yes they're are rather silly, and a LOT of people stared- but I loved wearing them on a casual Saturday (and although I have added a tint of colour to my eyebrows many times I usually add purple).

I used Petrol loner from Topshop (I cannot get over how amazing Topshop make up is) and they are rather subtle (although my boyfriend spotted them in about 4 seconds) but I enjoyed the little pop of colour. What do you guys think?

Hairband: Topshop
Jacket: Charity shop
Top: DIY (from Primark)
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Priamrk
Plimsoles: Tesco
Bag: River Island
Necklace: Gift
Bracelet: Prairie Charms

In complete other news- Prairie Charms contacted me about Project Blogger, and after getting very very VERY excited that someone had classed Me as an actual blogger rather than someone who has a blog that people like to read and nearly wees herself when ever someone views/ comments/ follows her (really I appreciate every single thing you all do) I got a little more clarification about it.

Prairie Charms were offering 50% off to all bloggers- with a really only-review-us-if-you-want-to attitude, with a chance to collaborate with them. Their attitude was just lovely and after lusting over a good 75% of their stock I welcomed the chance and choose this beautiful bracelet which is different to most charm bracelets I have seen (called Laura which not to be on their site at the moment- probably because they make them all by hand one by one).

Its beautiful! Its so well made I am not worried about it falling apart at all so I happily wore it out shopping and doing my chores. I feel that it would last for YEARS which is something that I look for in beautiful accessories as I tend to wear them to death. Also the colour of the fabric is a lot stronger than shown in these pictures- and just amazing.

They only down side I noticed was (although I have very small wrists) the strap was quite small and I only just managed to knot it. That and now I want so many more I wish I worked 100 hours a week!!! I mean- I think I NEED a brown wooden beaded bracelet (with the awesome name of This day will never happen again), and more Buddha inspired items (Peace comes from within), or even the last pink beauty (You are my sunshine) that has the added kindness that 10% of every bracelet sold goes to GOSH 'Kiss it better' campaign

Jodie x

Saturday, 28 July 2012


Listening to: Back in the U.S.S.R.- The Beatles

So I have an amazing pair of legs. Disagree if you will but I think they are great and nothing in this world is going to stop me from showing them off. At this exact moment in time I sitting in a lace bodysuit and my underwear- I love staring at my legs THAT much -stretch marks and all. (I'm not ashamed of my stretch marks in the slightest- I call them my tiger stripes, my feminine power).

This is what I wore recently that shows my legs off to there fullest potential. Granted I can't stand the idea of wearing anything too short with out tights but I just love showing off their shape all secretly like this.

Shirt: H&M Mens
Necklace: ASOS Marketplace
Tights: Primark
Studded socks: DIY
Creepers: Camden (similar here)
Hot pants: Boohoo
Jacket: Charity shop (ex-military stock)

I LOVE these hot pants form Boohoo- I know I have posted them a few times so I really hope no one is getting bored of them- but they're just fantastic!

I bought my necklace from the beautiful Fritha Louise on ASOS Marketplace, and (if you couldn't already tell by my collection of necklaces) I love stones!

I love the amethyst Necklace, Or this white precious stone, or the black stone, or this beauty in blue and gold (all from ASOS Marketplace), or the attractive green stone from ASOS, or to push the boat out even this Rose Quartz from Debanhams.

Was everyone watching the Olympic opening ceremony last night? It was awesome!!!
Jodie x

Friday, 27 July 2012


Listening to: In My Life- The Beatles

I wish I could tell you that I have never changed clothes in my car in a hospital car park- but I would be lying. Last week was my sisters birthday and I went for a drink straight from work, which meant I had to get out of a worn nurses uniform and into something presentable. The result: getting changed in my car, and not for the first time (or probably the last).

Dress: Primark (several years ago)
Tights: no idea sorry
Shoes: (not seen) DIY

Having to leave straight from work explains why I am not only wearing glasses (it had been a tiring day for my eyes) but also why I had left my hair up in a ponytail. But I love this dress!! I bought it while in sixth form (which was a massive 4 years ago now!) and I have rarely worn since- but has remained safely in my wardrobe.

The tights were an accident- I meant to pick up plain black tights but rushing at 7am leads me to failing to check- but had turned out well. I love these lace tights. I prefer lace tights to fish nets for the simple reason is that they look more fascinating and I tend to ladder a lot less tights that are lace than fishnet- I want several hundred pairs more now! The bad thing is there are just SO many out there! How is a girl to choose!

Do I buy the first pair from ASOS, the second from New Look, or the third from La Redoute, or maybe all  3?

Thanks for all the comments on my last post- the apple juice trick to cure a hangover seems to be popular, but I think in future I will HAVE to try a smoothie (thank you Sheree).
Jodie x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Listening to: With a Little Help From my Friends- The Beatles.

Tiredness leads me to go to some of my most worn- and so most loved clothing. Mainly my VERY worn out Kurt Cobain top (with a white bra under it for the first time!) 

Top: Topshop (several years ago and so understandably very worn now-  those holes used to be tiny!)
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: charity shop
Necklace: Gift and eBay
Shoes: Charity shop (originally American Eagle).

I love this top but I am well aware I have over worn it a little bit- but as I wore it on mine and Chris first proper date (or so he tells me) I love it. I bought this skirt from Forever 21 when i was in New York for my birthday (in December 2011) and its beautifully body con and high waisted- so gives everything I wear with it a rather retro feel. But searching to link it I realised a) its not only out of stock, and b) there are Loads of beautiful leopard print skirts out there! Although the first, second and third are all from Forever 21- I think I prefer the ASOS skirt for a leopard print body con. But who am I kidding I LOVE the VERY vintage skirt from ASOS Marketplace- dear god it is beautiful (although I think I would turn it up slightly- I need to work more often!)

The reason I look (and was) so unbelievably tired in these photos was because this was taken on Sunday- the day after we had a garden party to celebrate my sisters 30th birthday (although she looks SO much younger!). Although I felt awful and barely drunk a drop and went to bed reasonably early (about 3am) many did not and stayed up until 6am!

My boyfriend was quite hungover the next day- and ended up sleeping horizontally on my bed trapping my head and shoulders into the wall- and the moment I finally managed to wiggle free (there was no way in the world I could roll him) he accidentally elbowed me in the face. So we were both suffering from some wicked headaches that day. But a well deserved day of fried breakfast (well I had a fried egg roll that I wiped the grease off- I know I'm a little strange like that but I don't really like fried/ unhealthy food) and cuddling in bed watching House was had.

Watching my boyfriend suffer reminded me of my all time proven to work hangover cure:- apple juice, dairylea dunkers (jumbo tubes), and quorn scotch eggs. Really its like the Elixir of Life!

Does anyone else have a hangover cure they swear by?
Jodie x

Monday, 23 July 2012


Listening to: She's Leaving Home- The Beatles

Have you ever worn an item for the first time and INSTANTLY fallen head over heels in love with it? Can you have "love at first wear"?

Dress: H&M (not online but still in stores)
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Charity shop- originally American Eagle
Necklace: eBay
Jacket: Bay

This dress is such an item. I don't know what it is about it but it just makes me feel amazing when its on. Really super amazing! I've been pairing outfits with this black jacket form Bay a lot lately as well (I've had it since i was about 13 I can barely believe its held up this well)- it makes a really good spring/autumn jacket as its both lightweight but warm.

I love this dress so much- I've been stalking the Internet for similar items I can wrap my beautiful body in. The first from Motel (eeeee!!! NAVY STRIPES!), and this black and white number from New Look makes a good dupe, but I think my favourite has to be the darker striped one from ASOS (I wish I had a healthier bank account). 

Sorry about how bad the light is in these photos- I really need to find somewhere I can actually take photos in my house without being in poor lighting or surrounded by so much furniture/walls, as although my mum keeps our house like a show room- its not the biggest of homes.
Jodie x

Friday, 20 July 2012


Listening to: This Charming Man- The Smiths.

Day 4 in France was rather uneventful- as our plane home was early afternoon. The strange thing to note that as we were leaving France it got really overcast (and apparently rained) and we landed to brilliant sunshine in England! Talk about taking the weather with us. Our flight was very quick- it takes just over an hour and we got home in only 45 minutes- which my sister slept the whole flight through- tempting me and her fiance to grab when the plane landed to frighten her but she woke up early. But our joking about it woke her up :(
This is what I wore home- and some pretty snaps of my hair! I bought this really beautiful pin/stick that I can use to put my hair in a bun (saving it from elastic hair bands).

Shirt: Charity shop
Disco pants: Ark clothing
Creepers: Camden (similar here)
Necklace: eBay (similar here)

I have fallen in love with these disco pants dupes- and I am very happy Becca from Fashion train not only wears them amazingly but also encouraged me to buy them a pair of disco pants for myself. I don't know if your like me but I actually prefer these to the American apparel ones (they're cheaper and better shaped for my body, as well as managing to get a pair that  fit me well where I was an in between size for the AA pairs.) but if I had the chance I would still buy a pair.

These are my picks for Disco pants- the American Apparel ones care of ASOS, Glamorous dupes, and my Ark clothing alternatives.
I've added some alternatives to items I own in the last few post and I was wondering- what do you guys think? Is it something you like? Helpful?
Jodie x

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Listening to: My Hero- Foo Fighters.

For our last full day in France we desided to visit La Rochelle in the day time to visit some shops (which we eneded up not going in AT ALL) and to see La Rochelle tower and the beach.

My sister Gemma and her husband have been visiting this area of France for the last 10 years and have NEVER been to the tower! My sister Chanelle got bored very quickly walking around the tower so I acted as tour guide (as I was a student and EU students get into educational tourist attractions for free in France apparently!), which lead me to walking up a flight of stairs reading out the booklet and walking straight into a sign saying "watch your head".

 Two of the three towers along the harbour of La Rachelle- the one you cannot see was destroyed in a battle between the King of France and La Rochelle as La Rochelle had close links to England and the king didnt like that. We climbed the main tower on the left.
 The harbour from the main tower. Ledgend had it that a fairy was flying over France carring the ruins of a great castle when her dress ripped dropping the stones and so creating the La Rochelle towers.
 And again.
 The cute La Rochelle lighthouse.
 in the centre of the tower is a massive pit through all the floors down to the sea. It was used to transport goods and shout between levels- in the enterence its covered by glass....
 ... that i was really scared to step on.
 Halfway through the tour I read that to the left of the main hall was the toilets and I was busting to go. Apparently these are the originals and just for show.
 The main hall had loads of information about the castle and its residents around it, including sculptures.
 The big white boat was the ferry to Fort Boyard. It was a big game show in the 80s and 90 set in a fort out at sea (which you could see from the top of the tower) that had loads of quests that included towers and swimming in the sea and what not, and was hosted by Melinda Messenger and the bloke who played dirty Den in Eastenders. I was really excited to find this out but we didn't have the time for the boat trip. Also my sister fiance had never heard of Fort Boyard- he had a rubbish childhood.
 The little triangular part was apparently the beginning of a bridge they were building to connect the two towers over the harbour- but gave up once they realised that the tower we were standing on had started to tilt. This was not revealed in the guidebook until you where right at the top.
 And we were up pretty high.
 Channelles really un-coordinated method of using the telescope....
 Gemma was a lot more elegant.
This castle had the second largest double spiral staircase (like a helix) that also had and 80 degree incline. My hand gripped the rail so tight it was white.
Cute merry-go-round.
the view from across the beach.
La Rochelle beach.

We had a really fantastic day sightseeing in La Rochelle- but I still felt like we hadn't seen it all. :(  As it was very hot (late 30s!) but we also had to be walking round attractions I dressed up in a sundress (rather than the high waisted shorts and vests I was wearing).

Sundress: H&M
Bandeau: New Look
Flip Flops (not seen):Topshop

I love this dress- and as they don't seem to have it on line any more (but I promise I have seen it in stores!) I thought I might share some of my favourite alternatives with you. If I'm honest when I bought this dress it was as a second choice to one in Topshop- which was not suitable at all! When will I learn that Topshop do NOT like women with big boobies! It wasn't even suitable to wear on street corners.

This first from ASOS is a real beauty! I always think that blue looks good on everyone and I would buy this if I didn't already own my blue sundress. Button fronts always make me feel like clothes look more slimming- and so much easier to put on!! And the maxi from OASAP is so pretty! Why can't money grow on trees?!?! But my number one dress if I had the money would be the darker blue dress from a seller on ASOS Marketplace. Its so beautiful- but doesn't look very forgiving round the chest so its very unlikely to fit me.

Jodie x

Monday, 16 July 2012


Reading:; Angels and Demons- Dan Brown.

Day 2 in France was spent with the whole morning in bed- I'm not lying I was very un-Jodie-like and slept in; lucky my dad woke me up to let me know he bought me a croissant from the local bakery or I would have easily slept the whole holiday as I had worked over 60 hours in the week leading up to the trip.

We then had a very funny yet terrifying trip to the local supermarket as we got VERY lost (a 20 minute trip took over two hours) but bought a lot of tasty food for the week- including some truly amazing fruit and veg! It was so fresh and juicy and just YUM! All I can say that after a worrying car drive where we basically drove up and down a road looking for a white duck (that we finally realised had been removed) and a trip through a farmers field I finally got some breakfast.

I would like to add that although I HATE pastry- I love croissants. I don't know why but I can't get enough of them.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around the pool reading my kindle listening to music, and the evening we went into La Rochelle town for my sister Gemmas early birthday dinner which included having a taxi ride with the smelliest driver in the world! Quite glad he couldn't understand English.

 Gemma and me by La Rochelle harbour (my mum made me panic pack saying I was taking FAR too much so ended up only taking two pairs of shoes- me flip flops and creepers).

 Me Gemma and her husband started the evening with mojitos.

 Chanelle and me.

Then we went onto a cocktail bar where EVERY drink is served in an exotic glass.

 I had a Pina Colada- it was Divine! But very very strong.

 Awkward photo! (my dad looks like he is photo bombing)

 La Rachelle harbour after dark...

 ..and La Rochelle tower.

Before dinner we looked around the evening market- where there  was so much kitchy stuff I nearly died with glee. It was just amazing! There was handmade jewellery made from glass, and carved wood, and birthstones, and wine racks made of twisted wood, and statues that looked super cute, and paintings and just wow! I could have spent an absolute fortune in that market but I held back- mostly as we didn't have the space in the suitcase :( After the amazing meal we went to the an Irish bar- and the owner was the only person we had a full conversation with as no1 really speaks English in La Rochelle and my family (although got alone fine) are not the best French speakers.

For the evening out I had to dress up- and I bought this beautiful dress for the occasion. The dusty pink shade is far far from my normal choice but it just jumped out at me and I had to buy it. It was just a shame that (to reduce weight and after panic packing) I only bought my creepers and flip flops so didn't get to dress it up with heels.

Dress: Charity shop
Belt: no idea sorry
Cardigan: Primark (similar here).
Creepers: Camden (similar here).
Necklaces: Gifts.

I love the cut of this dress but the main reason I bought it was because of the colour- this dusty pink is just a very nice (although unusual for me) colour.  Unfortunalty being from a charity shop I would have no idea in the world where you can buy one (and its so beautiful I wish I can give it to everyone as a gift), but I've been searching for something similar.

The first is from ASOS, the second from Oasap, and the third from Oasap.

Jodie x