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For our last full day in France we desided to visit La Rochelle in the day time to visit some shops (which we eneded up not going in AT ALL) and to see La Rochelle tower and the beach.

My sister Gemma and her husband have been visiting this area of France for the last 10 years and have NEVER been to the tower! My sister Chanelle got bored very quickly walking around the tower so I acted as tour guide (as I was a student and EU students get into educational tourist attractions for free in France apparently!), which lead me to walking up a flight of stairs reading out the booklet and walking straight into a sign saying "watch your head".

 Two of the three towers along the harbour of La Rachelle- the one you cannot see was destroyed in a battle between the King of France and La Rochelle as La Rochelle had close links to England and the king didnt like that. We climbed the main tower on the left.
 The harbour from the main tower. Ledgend had it that a fairy was flying over France carring the ruins of a great castle when her dress ripped dropping the stones and so creating the La Rochelle towers.
 And again.
 The cute La Rochelle lighthouse.
 in the centre of the tower is a massive pit through all the floors down to the sea. It was used to transport goods and shout between levels- in the enterence its covered by glass....
 ... that i was really scared to step on.
 Halfway through the tour I read that to the left of the main hall was the toilets and I was busting to go. Apparently these are the originals and just for show.
 The main hall had loads of information about the castle and its residents around it, including sculptures.
 The big white boat was the ferry to Fort Boyard. It was a big game show in the 80s and 90 set in a fort out at sea (which you could see from the top of the tower) that had loads of quests that included towers and swimming in the sea and what not, and was hosted by Melinda Messenger and the bloke who played dirty Den in Eastenders. I was really excited to find this out but we didn't have the time for the boat trip. Also my sister fiance had never heard of Fort Boyard- he had a rubbish childhood.
 The little triangular part was apparently the beginning of a bridge they were building to connect the two towers over the harbour- but gave up once they realised that the tower we were standing on had started to tilt. This was not revealed in the guidebook until you where right at the top.
 And we were up pretty high.
 Channelles really un-coordinated method of using the telescope....
 Gemma was a lot more elegant.
This castle had the second largest double spiral staircase (like a helix) that also had and 80 degree incline. My hand gripped the rail so tight it was white.
Cute merry-go-round.
the view from across the beach.
La Rochelle beach.

We had a really fantastic day sightseeing in La Rochelle- but I still felt like we hadn't seen it all. :(  As it was very hot (late 30s!) but we also had to be walking round attractions I dressed up in a sundress (rather than the high waisted shorts and vests I was wearing).

Sundress: H&M
Bandeau: New Look
Flip Flops (not seen):Topshop

I love this dress- and as they don't seem to have it on line any more (but I promise I have seen it in stores!) I thought I might share some of my favourite alternatives with you. If I'm honest when I bought this dress it was as a second choice to one in Topshop- which was not suitable at all! When will I learn that Topshop do NOT like women with big boobies! It wasn't even suitable to wear on street corners.

This first from ASOS is a real beauty! I always think that blue looks good on everyone and I would buy this if I didn't already own my blue sundress. Button fronts always make me feel like clothes look more slimming- and so much easier to put on!! And the maxi from OASAP is so pretty! Why can't money grow on trees?!?! But my number one dress if I had the money would be the darker blue dress from a seller on ASOS Marketplace. Its so beautiful- but doesn't look very forgiving round the chest so its very unlikely to fit me.

Jodie x


  1. I love that sundress. Looks like you had an awesome time.


    1. thank you- we did! I want to go back

  2. great pics, love your dress! ♥

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