Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Listening to: Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones.

Some weekends are so jam packed with activity even a bank holiday is not long enough  to cram everything in! I elected not to blog (or for the majority take outfit photos) this weekend in favour of spending some well needed time with Chris.

As such the only fruits of this weekends labour is every outfit photo taken (being cursed with big boobs) have leaving me very displeased with the outcome (I felt amazing why can't this photo show that!). They are just awful (both boobs and photo). I know the only reason I have to be bra-less for the next couple of days is until my tattoos heal but I just am not happy with how I look at the moment in figure hugging clothes (despite how I tried this weekend).

I HATE my breasts! They give me backaches, make it uncomfortable to lie on my back, result in me never finding clothes that fit plus makes me look 20kg heavier and many dress sizes larger than I am. So rather than share photos that are close to making me cry (it doesn't look like my body), I want to share with you my latest addition to my body.

This photo was taken a few hours after the tattoo so is a bit swollen and red.

I'm over the moon with how fantastic these turned out- and it was 3 hours well spent (it actually only took about 2 and a half but me and Chris get on really well with Bryan so he took a few breaks and we had a lot of chatting). I'm oddly hardcore when it comes to tattoos- I employ a mind-over-matter approach and although 3 or 4 times (and blog poured out of the lining on my right shoulder and collarbone) it stung a little bit in general it was pain free (really- it was.) What I would say is it was a very different sensation to all my others; where my foot, back, ribs and wrist was all a scratchy feeling, and my arm and neck was a warm feeling, these were a mixture of them all plus a stabbing dragging feeling- but barely noticeable.

I've also spent the last two days (mostly while at work) trying to rack my brains for veggie food suggestions (to give to a newly found veggie). I let myself down in suggesting fake meat products she might like as I tend not to eat them- but outdone myself with remembering four A4 pages double sided of suggestions basically raving abut mushrooms, quineoa, couscous, and spinach (spelling food items wrong hundreds of times!) an some really simple recipe ideas.
Jodie x 

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Reading: The Diary of Anne Frank (Unedited version)- Anne Frank.

Do you know that feeling where you have a Cheesstring for breakfast, have a hole in your cup-a-soup so miss lunch and can't find your mug for a cup of tea at work PLUS due to admin error the clinic your working on is booked wrong so you don't actually get a break all day so end up being so hungry you want to eat furniture? Yesterday I had that feeling, and a cheesstring and several glasses of water from 7am to 6pm may be enough to live on but its not fun.

I honestly cannot express how annoyed I was yesterday- lately the admin/management have decided to take it into their hands to propose a few changes on the ward I work on and this last week has just been a nightmare, and I won't bore you with all the details but it looks like the permanent staff numbers are being cut (whoop whoop agency work) but no body actually feels like learning what I have been doing for the last year in order for them to secure a job. As such all the increases in clinic have affected me. I'm the one who has do to extra hours, I'm the one doing extra paperwork, and I'm the one missing out on breaks.

Which is a long way about trying to apologise for being a poor blogger this week- thank you so much  for every comment I have received and yet to reply to- I promise that is my task for this morning!

Hat: H&M
Necklace: Topshop
Shirt: eBay (Similar here)
Skirt: eBay
Tights: Primark
Jacket: Bay
Shoes: Charity shop (originally American Eagle).

Being near breaking point for killing Chris and eating his remains (ignoring the fact I'm vegetarian) I dragged him to Pizza Hut as soon as he came round. This is the cosy outfit I wore that was basically hiding a number of sins- the fact my hair REALLY needed a wash and was taking on a wild 80's look (which I rather like) and tights to hide my unshaven legs.

The locket necklace in another amazing find- yay another long necklace that's not a cross! But my all time favourite item I'm wearing is the striped shirt. Despite the constant jokes I get about refereeing (its like people think its the first time I have heard it) I love the it! In fact I really like black and white stripes in general, and often wonder why I don't fill my wardrobe with them. A company that also loves stripes in Motel Rocks which I often lust over owning. This sleevelesss shirt is a very close match for my shirt, and this dress is beautiful, but I think this body suit is the top pick (and if you are wondering how to style it the beautiful Becca has an amazing example).

We were  placed in 'kiddy-corner' where every parent decided that children could run around and shout and throw food and pretty much fur riot- which we didn't really mind in the slightest as we had a amazing waitress! My boyfriend asked me how do we go about getting another drink and he barely finished the sentence when she arrived with another! Telepathic waitress! She also turned up the music for us in attempt to drown out the screaming and was just really attentive to us.

Me and Chris found it a little funny that we were clearly the only couple there not on a date- just out for food, and joked constantly about our lack of need to impress. We have just got to the point were we are that comfortable to just 'exsist' with each other. Also we watch a dad offer his son the chance to try rocket for the first time- he was not impressed. He was waving his arms and wiping his tongue and I can't even explain the facial expression- but was very cute. He even tried it a second time- same reaction, and to be honest its very close to the reaction I give when I eat too much rocket (I only like a tiny amount) and when Chris tried it. I don't know what it is about rocket that no one really seems to like- does anyone else react this way?
Jodie x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Listening to: Malibu- Hole.

Yesterday I painted my nails, shaved my legs and moisturised with my amazing Body Shop body butter (in satsuma) all to take photos of my latest DIY- all for my home Internet to be out of action. So here it is a day later than planned.

Lace ankle cuffs.
This was an very very simple DIY, and only took about a few short hours (much quicker if you don't watch Father Ted at the same time). All you need is some elastic, lace, studs, and a needle and thread (a number of items I have ready placed in my craft box) I choose all in black but it will work with any colour.

1) measure out a length of elastic pulled tight (so it sits well on your ankle) and cut- leave a cm or so to overlap and sew together.
2) sew into a hoop.
3) cut out a length of lace roughly twice the circumference of your ankle (so it flares out nicely)

4) stitch into the elastic loop (remember to pull the loop elastic out before stitching so you can still get the cuff over your foot- you can do this either over a bowl or anything really- I used my Topshop large purse.
5) choose your decorations- I choose studs
6) add onto the lace loop

 7) and enjoy!

I personally like the  look of them with heels- especially my Iron First beauties...

 ... and these amazing studded cut out heel pair from Tribeca shoes.
Or would look really good sticking out of the top of a pair of Litas or a pair of Mary Janes (which I don't won so can't show you).
Or even can be used to add a false lace to socks. I love them so much already! But If you're not up to stabbing yourself with a pin several hundred times, there are also versions in white here, here and here.
Jodie x

Monday, 20 August 2012


Listening to: Layla- Eric Clapton

Today is to be a VERY relaxing day after the weekend I have had, and before I start my week of work (I don't usually have a Monday off so its a nice break). The reason my weekend has been so tiring is because of the first ever Davey Family Olympic Games!!!  The weather held up nicely for us (after slapping on some factor 30), and we all got in  the mood for fun. I say fun my family are the MOST competitive family in the world!

I nearly broke my neck getting tangled up in the skipping race and ended up just jumping to the finish line with the rope around my ankles, skittles proved how uncoordinated me and Chris really where, the space hopper relay was by far the funniest thing to watch in the world, me and Chris came second in the 3-legged race purely because our rope stayed tied up NOT by any merit (Chris large steps were twice my little steps and he ended up dragging/carrying me just because we couldn't walk), and our 'long' jump was just a joke as far as Team Rose (mine and Chris' name) was concerned.

Team Roses' motto was "steady second" so you can clearly see we where just in it for the fun (although Chris surprised me on the last leg of the egg and spoon race where Gemma over took him and he suddenly had this mad dash showing no care for the safety of our egg- which ended up being thrown all over Chanelle). It was hilarious!

Big congratulations to Team Evans the winners of the Gold medal (Chanelle and her fiance Kenny)!

Is anyone else family this competitive (other than me and Chris)? Even our cool down game of Twister resulted in my dad constantly pushing over his daughters! and Chanelle and Kenny wouldn't allow a last minute addition of the miceal Jackson Wii game for fear of losing their lead.

Being SO hot I had a last minute DIY of turning a vest into a crop (I love crop tops at the moment), and an excellent opputunity of showing how I cut the perfect crop lenght (in case anyone else wanted to updat thier wardrobe).

1) choose where you would like the crop top to end.
2) fold up the top to check if comfortable with the length.
3) mark either side of the itemm along the seam (I've used highlighter so it will stand out but anything will work) 2-3cm BELOW where you would like the top to end. This is besauce not only will the top srping up slightly, but also makes room for error.
 4) fold over the top so the marks alighn, and cut. folding it like this will make a smaller lenght to cut along the top so it reduces the likly hood of cutting a wonky line (although a little bit of movement will not even notice)
5) wear to check cut (and amire my chest ha ha ha).

Top: DIY
Jeans: Levis (mens)
Belt: New Look
Plimsoles: Not sure
Necklace: Topman
Hairbands: DIY
Braclet: Prairie Charms (altenative here)

Saturday I also bought this realy cute long chain necklace from Topman- who has already been named Syd. I've been looking for a long necklace for a while- but either theey ended up in a tiny charm or had a cross/ inverted cross on it. Not being the tiniest bit religious (spiritual but not religious) I didn't feel comfy wearing one. I am so happy I found Syd. The outifit was very comfy and easy to wear, and a great way (I think) to wear a white crop- althoguh If you're looking for further inspiration Hannah gives an excellent example of wearing a vintage white crop top (if only I had her figure to wear leggings but I prefer a bit of volume on  the bottom to balance out my curves and generally hide a little bit).

Being my day off I'm out to do a lot of chores, my car needs a clean and I'm also out to look for a new camera. Does anyone have a suggestion? I want simplisity is key, with virtually no features I have to change- I just want to point and shoot. I've heard that to be a blogger you need a DSLR, but I  worry it will be a bit of a waste for someone so basic in skills (I don't think I will use 99% of the features). Does anyone else have a suggestion?
Jodie x

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Listening to: Dear Prudence- The Beatles.

All day Friday I felt awful! and ended up sleeping in our empty recovery room over lunch. By the time I got home from work I was stressed from ringing around to rude agencies about our machines and dealing with patients who DO NOT LISTEN AT ALL. I was hungry and just felt yuck.

So all the better to get in an amazing pair of bespoke high waisted velvet pants!

Shirt & tights: Primark
Boots: Charity shop (originally Topshop- similar here)
Bag: Gift
Earrings: Topshop
Sunglasses: Trash Vintage
High waisted velvet pants: Unlovable Lingerie

Sometimes you just have to put on an item of clothing to feel incredibly amazing- and these velvet pants are just that. Yes they are lingerie- but I bought them as  outer wear and love them, and feel very much like Debbie Harry in them. 

These were made by the wonderful Rosaline Whittingham of Unlovable Lingerie, who makes the most amazing items! These are amazing and fit like a glove, and can literally see the time and care put into making them by hand one by one to your exact measurements (although I just choose to have them made to a normal size 12). They joined my life roughly 4 weeks ago and I have never shown an item of clothing so much love.

I would spoon them at night is I wasn't worried about creasing them.

I'm currently lusting over several of her items- including this beautiful velvet studded bralet (its so beautiful), these high waisted tie-dye pants, and this nautical bow bralet.
The only down side to any of these items is as each is completely handmade to order- they do take 4 weeks to make and arrive. But are completely worth it!
Jodie x

P.S. I've not forgotten the DIY I promised to share- they will be up soon. Or as soon as I take some photos of the finished products (sorry it is not today I'm just awful with a camera so have to wait for Chris help).

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Listening to: Imagine- John Lennon

Lusting after the beautiful skull crop top in my previous post- I have gone a little skull print mad these last few days. Not only have I been adorning my hair in skull printed head scarfs, and filling up my skull piggy bank, I have also bought the most beautiful skull print dress from a charity shop- which I cannot wait to wear!

Such skull love inspired me to dust out my old long sleeve skull top for a surprisingly hot lazy day.

Top: Topshop
Shorts: DIY
Tights: Primark
Bracelet: Prairie Charms
Bag: Gift
Necklace: Gift (similar here)
Shoes: Not sure

I'm not sure why but I have always been very very attracted to anything with a skull on it, or in the shape of skulls (I'm actually attracted to anything to do with anatomy- and probably why I work in health care.) This top I bought 5 or 6 years ago and is still one of my all time favourite tops- although its slightly shrunk in the wash so the sleeves are a little short now.  Its just super soft and warm- even though it was very hot and warm out I still wanted the warmth- and I can dress it up or down (like with my DIY studded shorts).

New look have some right beauties in skull prints at the moment, like this sheer blouse, sleeveless shirt, and vest.
I had an unfortunate accident last night- trying to get to my boyfriends bed yesterday while moving round him I got caught up in his beanbag, and fell straight over. As I tried to more out of the way of my face hitting the wall I twisted so I couldn't put my arms out in front of me and instead when straight onto my shoulder and face. Chris was laughing for a good half hour- and I didn't stop laugh crying (as I have the unfortunate ability to do that) for ages!

In all fairness I was fine (although a little achy today) and looking back it was funny. But didn't stop me guilt tripping him into tucking me into bed and making me a cheese and pickle sandwich.

P.S. I have quite a few DIY posts lined up soon- as soon as I actually finish them (I need to get into the habit of finishing what I start before starting another).
Jodie x

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Listening to: Drive My Car- The Beatles

Crop top: Topshop
Jeans: Levis (men's)
Bag: River Island
Bracelet: Prairie Charms
Plimsolls: Not sure
Necklace: Gift

I can't quite believe the super awesome comment I am being left these last few posts, I love you all! I told you it wouldn't be long till you saw a flash of my abs again, once more paired with my men's Levis jeans. 

I love my entire outfit although my plimsolls are starting to show some serious wear and tear (but considering I've had them nearly a year and they only cost a small price and are meant to be indoor shoes! I cannot complain) and as such I need to find a replacement quick. I also see how often I pair outfits with my fluffy black bag (the best EVER birthday gift from Chris) but I don't see how I can go wrong with it. It (to me) seem the perfect casual and smart bag. I'm considering maybe buying a ton more crop tops, but I'm just not sure what sort I am looking for. So I started off searching for what I know- a band crop top.

This Sonic Youth crop from ASOS Marketplace is beautiful! But I can't help but feel I already have enough Sonic Youth apparel- do I need yet more to fill my tiny room? Maybe I should stick with my first love and buy a skull crop? Maybe the first from eBay? or ASOS Marketplace? Or do I go for either crop by the talented Nikki Lipstick- the mouse or lipstick? There is just too many choices! 

Yesterday me and Chris had a date day, spending the afternoon walking Dylan our 'son' (which is actually my dog) around the park. Chris bought with us a MASSIVE bag of bread so I could feed the ducks (and plan the easiest way to catch one to complete our little family) and a blanket and juice so we could all sit down and relax mid walk. Dylan is 10 now, and lost a massive chunk of his lung at 1 (he was attacked by two other dogs) so it took quite a while to walk back to my car despite the break; and physically splatted onto Chris lap in the car like a little doggy starfish.

The evening we spent in having homemade 'meat' feast pizza. I don't know if I have shared with you before, but I'm a vegetarian and have been for over 16 years, Chris is not (and will never be) a vegetarian. Having been veggie this long I remember what fake meat products tasted like- cardboard. They used to be horrid and as such I don't tend to eat a great deal, and there is a massive section of the market I haven't tried. So when Chris spotted vegetarian pepperoni we were both up for giving it a go (as it makes a change from boring cheese pizza) with some veggie hot dogs thrown on.

To all vegetarians out there- and non veggies- it was amazing! But I would still prefer a Garden party (with LOADS of olives) any day.
Jodie x

Friday, 10 August 2012


Listening to: Blackbird- The Beatles.

Thank you all so much for the super kind and overall awesome comments I received on my last post! I was a  bit nervous not only wearing the outfit but sharing it with you all but it just goes to show how much the better it is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I feel like my boundaries are well and truly pushed- and hopefully you will see a bit more of my belly (not as in surface area just as in the amount shown)  from now on. THANK YOU ALL!!! and thank you for all your care about my personal problems- I've decided that (as they are out of my control) I will make the best out of a bad situation. Thank you.

I feel I have worn my creepers to death- so in an effort too get away from them, I have gone back to my old faithful black plimsolls.

Necklace: eBay (similar here)
Lace bodysuit: Primark
Trousers: Vintage
Plimsolls: Not sure
Bag: River Island

I wore this outfit for a bit of shopping (when I bought the amazing Levis from my previous post), and a lovely meal cooked by my boyfriend. The funny fact is that he has gone on a bit of a health kick and in a shopping trip he actually bought a lot more healthy food than me (I bought some olives and some cherry tango- his was all fruit veg and fish!). He is doing amazingly well and I am mega proud!

This play suit was something I picked up when shopping for a Bizarre Ball outfit a few years ago (I went for something different in the end) and has been a wardrobe staple for a while. There is something about this top which I love- but cannot put my finger on. I like the lace, I like the sleeve length, and I like the fact that although its like just wearing your underwear I feel really quite covered. But my overall reason I love it I just can't tell.

If you are equally in love with lace- here are a few example of bodysuits I am lusting over (seriously why can I not make money while I sleep?) The first bodysuit with the wet look panel is from ASOS, the second from River Island, and the third from Miss Selfridge.

Does anyone else have an item in their wardrobe they love with no defining reason why?
Jodie x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Listening to: Boys Don't Cry- The Cure

I felt recently that I was just wearing the same 10 items over and over again- and hadn't really putt myself out there in what I was wearing. So sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and wear something you would never normally try. For me it was an outfit that showed of my abs/ belly button.

As I have mentioned previously I have a bit of a phobia of people looking as my belly button- to me its just too high on my body and just no way near the cute level of anyone elses belly button. So wearing an outfit that gave the chance to see it (although I am sure on a normal person there belly button would be well hidden) is far out my comfort zone. But I thought "why not?".

 Crop top: DIY
Jacket: Gift
Jeans: Men's Levis- from a charity shop
Belt: New Look
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Gift
Bag: River Island

I'm still far from the level where my whole belly is out in all its glory; and these reasonably high waisted trousers are although lower than my others- they are still a far cry away from any low cut trousers. I don't think I will EVER were low cut trousers with a crop (and DEFINITELY not slim fitted/ leggings) but I feel like I have achieved a lot.

These jeans are also a bit of an inspired moment- and I would love to hear your views on how they look (although I will still wear them either way). I thought  I saw a woman wearing men's Levis rolled up at the legs (but second look she was wearing a pair of skinny jeans) and had to try them out for myself. I paired it with my DIY crop- which I had yet to wear as I tore the seam and hadn't got round to repairing (its all fixed now). I felt AWESOME! I wish I had a hundred crop tops with studs on them (but being big chested I find them hard to fit). If only I could wear the first from ASOS Marketplace, or the second or third from Boohoo. Curse my natural assets!

I hope this outfit encourages you to leap out of your comfort zone- unless you already have then please share!
Jodie x
P.S. Sorry I have been absent for these last few days- something very upseting and life changing has happened to me (which I am not ready to share with anyone yet) but I promise to be better.
Jodie x

Friday, 3 August 2012


Listening to: Skin and Bones- Foo Fighters

I've realised that in the last few weeks my posts have become slightly less personal (and there has been no DIY projects what so ever!). This is due to the fact that my working life (which you may remember is full time student nurse/ part time agency care worker) was AWFUL!

I had my last ever student  nurse placement (which I should never have had to go on if not for the incompetence of my university losing 2 years worth of skill work- and yes they did lose it, not me). After being promised an amazing acute area I went into a private care home (dull dull dull- and almost impossible to have all my skills completed) that had the worst case of hospital politics I have ever encountered.

I quickly grew tired having to explain to one or another of the staff both sides of the argument and why I felt that it was a simple misunderstanding- why constantly being asked to take a side over the simplest or arguments ("she said this, she said that, blah blah blah") when I mention something I feel is a cause of concern I'm told "that's the treatment we give on the ward" (but the Marsden manual and NICE say otherwise!). IT WAS AWFUL!!!! I felt completely and utterly alone.

But now it is FINALLY over! and I can go back to my normal life- and earn some money again (as I said goodbye to all my holiday pay and saved shifts). I have a lot of planned posts (outfit and DIY) and who knows what else I will think of- and am just generally putting a lot of effort into blogging (I hope you enjoy it).

This is the outfit I wore to my appointment with the gynaecologist (which ended up being a waste of time as he didn't seem remotely interested in what I had to say and I have no idea what he was telling me- it sounded like he said I had one thing than I didn't).

Crop Top: Topshop
Belt: New Look
Jacket: H&M
Necklace: eBay (similar here)
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Charity shop (originally American Eagle).

I wanted to share this outfit as not only did I feel AMAZING in it- I honestly thought I should be on a catwalk- but also the last time I shared my vintage skirt I had a few comments saying they wished they had it.  Now I have found similar products!!

The vintage first pick in from ASOS Marketplace and looks scarily similar- only in a beautiful navy blue, but although it has the cute slit in the side it doesn't come as high as my skirt and so I feel a lot more wearable (read: less likely to shown your knickers). The second vintage maxi is also from ASOS Marketplace, and is very very beautiful! Look at the length! The final skirt is from Boohoo and oh my! It looks like a carbon copy! (Its even styled like I wore my skirt to a wedding in a previous post). The cut looks like it was from the same mold (very wiggle skirt shaped) and has a slit up the side- although once again not as high! HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE!!! They also had it in berry -which I wish I had snapped up :,(

I really feel like I have excelled in my search this time- and I do hope that all my outfit piece searches are helpful (as I haven't heard any feedback).
Jodie x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Listening to: Iggy Pop- Lust For Life.

Sometimes I like to buy men's clothes, and obviously wear them. I find it strange how few woman I know (like really next to no woman I know) will shop in men's shops, or the means section of a shop. Why is that? Why do clothes have a gender? I mean they're just bits of material- they don't care if your male female or something in between as long as you entwined with them in mutual love and affection.

When I do were men's closes I tend to feel more 'conservative' and have some sort of masculine power- so rigthly I HAVE to balance that with my Goddess powers and as such tend to add very feminine pieces (like pale pink lips and earrings) and try to show off as much as my womanly charms as possibly- in this case I got my fantastic legs out!

Faux leather shorts: Topshop
Socks: DIY
Earrings: Topshop
Shirt: Charity shop
Bow tie: Vintage
Creepers: Camden (similar here)

I love the crazy spade print on this shirt (although it looks like spots form afar), and think it really goes well with my bow tie (which my boyfriend said makes me look like a mine in the best possible way). Often (actually every time) I wear anything that is typically from a mans shop my mother creates and hates it! which brings me on to my mantra of clothing genders.

Iggy Pop was once arrested for being drunk in public. When his manager bailed him out of jail, he asked Iggy: "why are you wearing a woman dress?". In which Iggy replied "It's not a woman's dress- its mine".

In my last post a lot of people commented how much they liked my camouflage jacket- thank you! I know they are pretty hard and far between to find so I thought I would try to search out a few of my favourites.

Mine was ex military stock from a charity shop- and cost 13 pounds (which is rather expensive from a charity shop but when your freezing cold you will pay it); so I though I would search for one round about that price and no more than 30 pounds (as I am just a poor little student).

The first is from ASOS Marketplace, as is the second, and the third is from Missguided.
Jodie x