Monday, 20 August 2012


Listening to: Layla- Eric Clapton

Today is to be a VERY relaxing day after the weekend I have had, and before I start my week of work (I don't usually have a Monday off so its a nice break). The reason my weekend has been so tiring is because of the first ever Davey Family Olympic Games!!!  The weather held up nicely for us (after slapping on some factor 30), and we all got in  the mood for fun. I say fun my family are the MOST competitive family in the world!

I nearly broke my neck getting tangled up in the skipping race and ended up just jumping to the finish line with the rope around my ankles, skittles proved how uncoordinated me and Chris really where, the space hopper relay was by far the funniest thing to watch in the world, me and Chris came second in the 3-legged race purely because our rope stayed tied up NOT by any merit (Chris large steps were twice my little steps and he ended up dragging/carrying me just because we couldn't walk), and our 'long' jump was just a joke as far as Team Rose (mine and Chris' name) was concerned.

Team Roses' motto was "steady second" so you can clearly see we where just in it for the fun (although Chris surprised me on the last leg of the egg and spoon race where Gemma over took him and he suddenly had this mad dash showing no care for the safety of our egg- which ended up being thrown all over Chanelle). It was hilarious!

Big congratulations to Team Evans the winners of the Gold medal (Chanelle and her fiance Kenny)!

Is anyone else family this competitive (other than me and Chris)? Even our cool down game of Twister resulted in my dad constantly pushing over his daughters! and Chanelle and Kenny wouldn't allow a last minute addition of the miceal Jackson Wii game for fear of losing their lead.

Being SO hot I had a last minute DIY of turning a vest into a crop (I love crop tops at the moment), and an excellent opputunity of showing how I cut the perfect crop lenght (in case anyone else wanted to updat thier wardrobe).

1) choose where you would like the crop top to end.
2) fold up the top to check if comfortable with the length.
3) mark either side of the itemm along the seam (I've used highlighter so it will stand out but anything will work) 2-3cm BELOW where you would like the top to end. This is besauce not only will the top srping up slightly, but also makes room for error.
 4) fold over the top so the marks alighn, and cut. folding it like this will make a smaller lenght to cut along the top so it reduces the likly hood of cutting a wonky line (although a little bit of movement will not even notice)
5) wear to check cut (and amire my chest ha ha ha).

Top: DIY
Jeans: Levis (mens)
Belt: New Look
Plimsoles: Not sure
Necklace: Topman
Hairbands: DIY
Braclet: Prairie Charms (altenative here)

Saturday I also bought this realy cute long chain necklace from Topman- who has already been named Syd. I've been looking for a long necklace for a while- but either theey ended up in a tiny charm or had a cross/ inverted cross on it. Not being the tiniest bit religious (spiritual but not religious) I didn't feel comfy wearing one. I am so happy I found Syd. The outifit was very comfy and easy to wear, and a great way (I think) to wear a white crop- althoguh If you're looking for further inspiration Hannah gives an excellent example of wearing a vintage white crop top (if only I had her figure to wear leggings but I prefer a bit of volume on  the bottom to balance out my curves and generally hide a little bit).

Being my day off I'm out to do a lot of chores, my car needs a clean and I'm also out to look for a new camera. Does anyone have a suggestion? I want simplisity is key, with virtually no features I have to change- I just want to point and shoot. I've heard that to be a blogger you need a DSLR, but I  worry it will be a bit of a waste for someone so basic in skills (I don't think I will use 99% of the features). Does anyone else have a suggestion?
Jodie x


  1. Awesome blog!)) You have a new follower!)) Hope you'll do the same, dear))
    Thank you!

  2. your outfit looks amazing. your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow each other? im glad if you visit my blog, too :))


  3. I need to crop a top as well, perfect for the heat that's going on right now! And those Olympics sounds like fun, perfect day off!

    And three passes? That's great ;) I have some other guys in mind too, but that won't be more than some kisses, when I meet Jude Law, I think I won't let him go for a week or so, if you know what I mean. Not like that is ever going to happen :')

    XO, Imke

    1. it is a really easy and wether suting outfit- and i am aching so much across my shoulder and back from wearing the wrong bra!
      I've accepted the fact mine will never happen to- but i can always dream

  4. I love the DIY crop top! That necklace is such a statement, I love "Syd" hahaha.

    Ava Tallulah

    1. thank you- i think we will be very happy together for years too come

  5. this is really cool, i just made a load myself that im going to tye dye and sell :) xxx

  6. Love love LOVE the necklace! I'm always buying men's jewellery :) it's so cool x

    1. the only problem with bying mens jewelery is my boyfriend likes to borrow it!

  7. i love the necklace ! :D
    can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow you back

  8. Great tutorial & the skeleton necklace is gorgeous !

  9. I am loving the 90's grunge look boobalicious!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

    1. ha ha ha ha- thank you so much!

  10. i really love your jeans and necklace, so rad! you look so stunning and beautiful! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  11. Great idea for it.
    Nice crop tank top!

    Please feel free to visit my blog, let me know if you like it,
    and if you'd like we can follow each other on GFC.

    1. thank you- of course i will check out your blog

  12. Hahaha, reading your post made me laugh out loud! Sounds like the sort of mayhem my family get togethers always deteriorate into. My grandparents are the worse. Any sort of game like badminton or football and my grandad is viciously pushing people out of the way!
    Thanks for the mention :) I love those jeans and the way you've worn them.

    HANNAH †


    1. ha ha ha- when we went to cuba we played netbal as a family (a safe non-contact sport) and my dad nearly broke my sisters arm and pushed her through a fence. she was on his team!
      thats ok sweetie have been lusting ever your jacket

  13. Such a lovely post, I love your blog¡¡
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  14. Wow girl you really have style! This is so great, simple but stunning..following you now,follow me back?