Monday, 17 September 2012


Listening to: Here (In Your Arms)- Hellogoodbye

Sometimes a weekend is just not long enough! Friday after work I went straight to Chelsmford for Chris gig (see the video here if interested), then Saturday I spent in London for day 2 of London fashion week (post will be up as soon possible once I get all my thoughts in order) and had an AMAZING time. I can barely putt into words how much fun I had seeing the shows and looking at all the street style but mostly meeting all the lovely bloggers (thank you girls for putting up with me!!). After that I went to South London (near Canning town) for another gig then back home to Harlow and the Square; where I had an awful experience leaving earlyish on my own where someone tried to get into my car tugging the handle and knocking on the window and then a man staring at me with his trousers undone. Chris had to come save me as I was to scared to start my car.

Yesterday I spent a very tired day (exhausted from the previous days activities) altering clothing, food shopping while my parents are away, and cooking an very tasty veggie curry for me and Chris.

One such item I altered was a sheer jacket. It came with a sequined patten over the front lapels but I am petrified of wearing sequined clothing. I am convinced that they will break off and get buried into my skin. It took me hours to carefully removed one by one and place it firmly into Chris had for safe keeping and disposal, with several breaks for snacks; and I  nearly cried when i dropped a sequin on my lap and Chris had to find it. I have no idea where my fear of them have come from but I can have them on clothing.

Today I've been doing the last of my weekend chores, and had to drive the 3 hour round trip to uni to drop of a letter (as they ever have not received the first or just don't feel like replying- I suspect the later).

Jacket: eBay and altered
Dress: Topshop
High Waisted Velvet Pants: Unlovable Lingerie
Shoes: DIY
Necklace: Gift
Bag: River Island

I love this lace dress but feel like I never wear it often enough- mostly because as its lace I worry about it catching on things, but partly because its a maxi and slightly sheer I can't help to be a bit 'bare' with what I wear underneath and constantly get comments about putting on some clothes.

I like this look. I love the sheer maxi look. This sheer number from American Apparel will feel very much at home in my wardrobe, and I am very tempted to buy this petite number  from ASOS too (although think I will be way too tall). Chris if you are reading this I would very much like this peach maxi- but in a size that will fit me, can you get your eagle eyes onto this task.

Jodie x


  1. Your style is amazing, always got your outfits spot on! Love your

  2. Wow, such a great dress! I love black lace!
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    Let us know please!

  3. it is funny i just bought a similar dress at a thrift store! also a sequin fear, how crazy!


  4. Great post!

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time

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  5. Hey nice blogging. glad to visit your blog. you can also visit my blog if like it then we can follow each other??

  6. ah that's gorgeous!

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    1. Thanks for the comment on my blog!! I have now followed yours and would love it if you could do the same to mine (if you like it of course ;) )

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  8. Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, I hope you'll follow back)

  9. Cool lace dress, and I love the sequined jacket =) Don't worry, I hate it when sequins fall off my clothes as well!
    - Che

    1. Thank you- I'm really uncomfortable around them. Found one on my floor by the door and couldn't leave my room until it was removed

  10. Yeah, sheer can be scary sometimes, aha, but man if it isn't sexy! You do look amazing in your dress :)
    Sounds like a productive day for you! I'd love to be able to just have a DIY day or something to myself. Sigh. I'm already tired of school haha

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    1. Thank you so much- I wish I had more time to craft :(

  11. I absolutely adore this,honey!Wow!Rocking it!;)

  12. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!
    and btw, you look gorgeous!!

  13. WOW!! That lace outfit is a SHOW-STOPPER!! It looks awesome on you!!

    ♥, Jo
    {style + travel}

  14. Oooh what a gorgeous dress!! Thats definitely a statement piece! Love it!

    Xo, Carla

  15. Nice dress :) and nice blog!
    cn v follow each oda?
    Lemme noe if u do :)


  16. I love altering things. I love the lace and you look great! And that veggie curry sounds quite good!

  17. Gorgeous outfit, I really love your necklace.

  18. Oh my, that dress is amazing - I think I'd just live in it! x

    1. Thank you- sometimes I feel like I do. I often throw it on over my knickers to wonder around the house

  19. I've never heard of a sequin phobia before, especially one as extreme as yours. It's strange how these things form in our minds, isn't it?

    1. It is. I know it's silly but I just haye them

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  21. You look amazing!!! WOW! Followed back <3v<3