Monday, 24 September 2012


Listening to: Satellite- The Sex Pistols.

When ever I wear my Rabbit R padlock I can't help but remember why I bought it in the first place. I love Sid Vicious.  For years he was my idea guy. In my mind he was perfect- footloose and fancy free, the punk attitude of individualism and free-thought,the strong feminist attitude,  the love of DIY, and a bass player. Basically my idea man. (Apart form the obvious looks I think I choose a match in Chris).

Anything that reminds me of Sid (or Debbie Harry- my ideal woman) I have to have.

Crop top: Primark
Velvet High Waisted Pants: Unlovable Lingerie
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Rabbit R Padlock
Creepers and Sunglasses: Camden
Cat Ring: Topshop
Mood Ring: Not sure
Bag: River Island

I wore this outfit just on a lazy day charity shopping with Chris (our favourite past time). There has been a lot of lazy day recently as I am just so tired all the time. A cyst on my ovary has been playing up for about a month (I really just want it to burst and suffer that pain so I can stop feeling so run down) and is making me just want to curl up in a foetal position- so to counter balance that I have been throwing myself into work to distract myself doing 40-50 hour weeks. Constant distractions are working but not helping with my fatigue.

I love these high waisted pants (that I have blogged about before) and have become a bit of a go-to item. It makes me very happy to know as its becoming colder velvet is going to be flooding the shops (more fuel to my addiction!!!) and I honestly can't wait.

Rosaline from Unlovable Lingerie has stepped up her game and is going to produce a whole new line! which is although exciting means that these fantastic pants are now longer available. On the other hand the first pair from ASOS Marketplace are a very close match, and the third is just plain beautiful and I really like the second as a more conservative pair too! 

Jodie x


  1. That sucks about the cyst... It is crazy how common they are, I know so many people who have problems with them!

    1. I know. It took me years to even find out the problems I was getting ate them- now I know I hate them!

  2. Outfit is super cool! It nice to have items which remind you smb who you like)

  3. awwwww hope you feel better soon Jodie :( it sounds awful. I hope Chris is looking after you well!
    You look lovely here - definitely making me want to buy a pair of velvet shorts! The second pair in your list are my faves.

    HANNAH †

    1. Yes but them!!! Buy many many velvet items (but leave done for me)
      He's had to put up with me being a pain in the bum, but has kept his usual code of treating me like a queen.

  4. I love the cool & edgy outfit you look great!
    now following..

  5. Love the makeup!

  6. What an awesome outfit! You have the most amazing style!

  7. What an amazing style! Where did you get that padlock necklace?