Thursday, 29 November 2012


Listening to: Everlong- Foo Fighters

I noticed that my beautiful new setting (this one with all the pretty yellow trees) was starting to well... say goodbye. The leave has well and truly fallen now.  So last week I decided to take a little  walk around the park to see all the trees in their transition and try to spot another cute setting I could use (I'm really getting into Blogging now I hope it shows).

In my search for a natural looking spot of colour I found this really cute bridge. After setting up my camera I stupidly though "mmm.... its on a hill I better move the focus up a bit" and accidentally cut off my feet- ha ha ha. (Then a group of kids walked past laughing at me so I didn't want to re-shot these).

Beenie: New Look
Snood: Primark
Tee: Kong
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity shop (similar here)
Faux Leather Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Prirmak
Wedge Sneakers: Topshop
Backpack: Gift

My legs are quite long (compared to a shorter body) and I feel like I look really short in these photos. Oh.

I really like my lipstick in these photos- its the Kate Moss Rimmel collection in Wine. I love it. Although its a nice dark red colour, its matte so is really wearable in the day. plus smooth to apply and long lasting.

Can I please jump on the backpack band-waggon? My parents went to Jamaica last year (don't ask me when they go away quite a few times in the year- jealous) and brought me back this bag. It's tended to be my 'practicle bag' something I would use when a handbag would just get in the way. But I have completely fallen head-over-heels in love with it.

Mostly for its practicability- I can sling it over my back and not only forget about it but I don't suffer from such bad shoulder aches, but secondly because its just beautiful. It really set off outfits such as this that's mostly black/ dark colours, but I want another.

With so many too choose from in the shops how is a girl to choose? Do I want  black like this one from Topshop? Or a brown backpack like this one from River Island? Or this amazing leopard print bag from H&M?
I'm really hoping Chris is reading this as I would really really like a backpack for Christmas pretty please (he will read it after I send him the link 100 times :D ).

Its been a very tiring week so sorry for not blogging more frequently- but a mixture of work, family matters, training and applying for a job (which I should be doing now) has taken up so much of my free time. I won tickets to the Vice 10th birthday event tonight but far too busy to go- anyone who's there I hope you have fun.
Jodie x

Monday, 26 November 2012


I just wanted to share with you all my first ever street style feature- MEEEPPP!!

You can read the full feature here :D

I am beyond happy to see it and extremely grateful Heather so kindly asked me to be part of this- plus cannot wait for the next street style feature :) I love it when bloggers talk about other bloggers it makes me feel like blogging is just a big happy family that everyone is invited to- plus I get to read and follow new people!

What do you think of the feature?
Jodie x

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Listening to: David Watts- The  Jam.

I’s Chris birthday today and I can't wait to go out this evening for some cocktails and music :) I’s almost like its my own birthday (in fact my birthday is only two weeks away). This year we done 'birthday' rather than 'Christmas' for gifts and  I bought him a really cute black jacket and a massive burnt orange colour scarf(we buy for one every year and just a little something for the other as both are birthdays are really close to each other and Christmas. Next year I'm hoping we can go away somewhere). The scarf isn't the usual red he demands but I really liked it and its so close to my hair if he criticizes the colour I'm clearly going to keep it for me. 

Yesterday I bought a few more Christmas presents (I only have to buy for my grandparents now) is everyone else organised?

Tee: Topshop
Skirt: Charity Shop (similar here)
Tights and Grey Knee High Socks: Primark
Necklace: Gift (similar here)

I have a love-hate relationship with this tee. Its a nice cut and very soft material, but I hate the cross print (I don't do crosses.) As such I only wear it tucked into high waisted skirts. It was a struggle yesterday as my boobs have slightly grown and caused the tee to spring up slightly so the cross rose and trying to get it tucked in resulted in the velvet skirt being round my lower ribs. Plus the tee kept untucking :(

I finally got around to photoraphing an outfit incldung my beautiful Crown and Glory bow (kindly given to me at the ILWF event). I love it. It's on a nice big clip so it stays in my hair securely. I've completely fallen in love with everything on the Crown and Glory site - and couldnt resist ordering some things (plus wanting to order more). Not only are they amazing quality and beautiful and very fashion faward, but they're all handmade to order by the lovely Sophie which is just amazing. Plus VERY quick to recieve (hopefully their due today and I don't want to leave my house incase they do).I really wanted on of their cute Turbans, but couldn't possibly choose between the Wine or Bottle green ( I'm still not sure what look the best with my ginge hair) so have bought both, plus these beautiful Feather clips.

I cannot stop staring at these beautufal numbers. I love these cute Cat ears, I really like all of Crown and Glorys Flower crowns, but I think this Bright Purple one is the best, and their huge Bows.
Jodie x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Listening to: Absolute Beginners- The Jam.

Last night I was supposed to see Chris and his band play and take some photos- but it never happened. Half way there I suddenly felt very shaky and dizzy, and by the time I arrived I felt really rough, and ended up leaving fairly early (before they played). I feel rubbish I was really looking forward to seeing them all play again.

I'm currently wrapped up in my duvet sipping tiny amounts of water, but I can't afford to miss any work so will have to get up and go in fairly soon.
Feeling unattractive I thought I would show you my all time favorite dress- which I call my 'Sexy Lady' dress as I feel amazing whenever I wear it. (Does anyone else name their clothes?)

Dress: Chairty Shop
Oversized Jacket: Charity shop (similar here)
Socks and snood: Primark
Studded garters: DIY (similar here)
Stockings and suspenders: Ann Summers

 Sorry about all the thigh I wanted to share as much of the outfit as possible (I'm not sorry I have amazing legs).
This is the outfit I wore to the ILWFNTD even (from my previous post). If you follow me on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook) you would have seen a train picture of my legs showing that less then an hour of wearing (and only 5 minutes from leaving my car) I managed to ladder both of my stockings :( I was far from impressed especially after the fact I only put them on after trying EVERY pair of tights I own (about 50) which were all unsuitable (I seem to own either patterned or completely opaque).
The dress is possibly the perfect black dress. Its 'slinky' with out clinging and sort of flows when I walk. Plus its actually a lot longer then it looks, it falls about mid thigh (the perfect length) and quite high on the chest. So (in my mind) gives a really sexy look without showing off a lot of flesh.

This snood is beecoming my a/w essential. I love scarfs and hats and all sorts of knitwear and personally can't wait until Christmas as I always get winter assesories (plus my nan is knitting me a cardigan or jumper- YAY!). I do have my eyes on a few peices though, first off is this amazing cat eat hat from Boohoo. Look how cute it is! Its also avalinle in cream and was avalible in black (but have sold out). A:so availble from Boohoo is this beautiful grey snood.

I know there aren't knitted but this felt ear roller hat and mouse ear hat from Miissguided are so cute! This green beanie form River Island looks perfect, as is the cute fur bobble hat (I love RI assesories I honestly think they can't fail with their assesories bags and shoes). But I think my favorite winter assosory has to be the turbans avalinble from Crown and Glory. Theyre cute and functionable.

Sorry these photos were taken inside and not the best shots, I took these arriving home from the even in my little matchbox sized room and this was the best I could manage. Personally I like how the light has made my hair look so bright (far impressed with the lighting) and not nearly as bad as I thought. I might have a little play and use my room again. What do you think?
In better news (possibly the karma of feeling so rough) HR came to the unit I work at the moment as an agency worker to tell me they're putting out the advert for the full time position which they want me to apply for, and to let them know asap that I've applied. Its a round about way of saying 'we really want to give you the job but we have to be fair and advertise it'. I can't see how I wont get the job to be honest. I've done the job for the past year, plus will be the only full time worker who has experience over the whole unit (everyone else tends to stick in the one area they know) plus I'm fantastic. It will be nice to have the stability of a full time job (even though it will be a slight cut in hours and money) but I can still subsidize it with agency shifts.
Jodie x

Monday, 19 November 2012


Listening to: Strange Town- The Jam

On Saturday I went to ILWF Next Top designer event. I had a fantastic time although was very tired and achy from walking around London all day and getting very very lost trying to find Holborn Studios (middle of nowhere!). Filled with bloggers (such as Megan, Paige, Stephanie, Georgina and I met the incredibly friendly India who was wearing the most amazing dress!), press and celebrities (not that i recognised anyone- I am blind to that sort of thing) that I felt much to shy to say hello too.

It was hosted by the fabulous Sophie from Mad PR (who was  not only inedibly friendly- the first person I met walking through the doors- but bubbly and just the perfect host), and the studio was awash with champagne (a cheeky Mc Donalds was needed to sober myself up before the trip home) and cupcakes and sweets. The cutest little party setting and just stupidly relaxing (plus was given a very generous goodie bag).

From ILWF facebook page: judges Zoe from More! magazine, Karen Williams Celebrity Stylist and Danielle Head Buyer For LOVE; and of course Sophie.

All five girls designs were amazing- and I have no idea how the judges managed to pick their favourite!

First up from Clare was this amazing look in black and lace. Body-con, black, lace with the cute out back- beautiful. I Loved the cut out back,and (to paraphrase Clare) very on trend with the Gothic look this season.

Second up was Paige from Paige Joanna. Again a beautiful open back dress. I love the long sleeves and the collar!!! Beautiful and very Paige :)

Next up was the design by an very friendly young lady who's name I cannot remember (I'm so sorry!). I love the body con fit and the contracting black peplum is inspired! (plus the designer had the most infectious smile and an amazing dress herself).

The forth finalist was the amazingly beautiful Rachael (seriously shes stunning- look at her!). Detailed shoulders- whats  not to like!

The last finalist was from Latvia (wow) and designed this amazing dress- love the contrast of the  main body to the black mullet style skirt and shoulder. I think this was my personal favourite entry- something about it just called out to me ans original and just... in short I like it.

While the judges had the hard task of deciding the overall winner (and dress will be coming to the Love site soon!) I had the chance to wander around the sample sale. There was some absolutely amazing items- so much detailing with pretty beads and golden studs- I was practically drooling. Unfortunately I had to resist the urge to buy :(

The event also had the amazing company of Sophie (assisted by Rhiannon from Vintage Style Me) from Crown and Glory- who not only had some drop dead amazing stock (nearly cried as I didn't have nearly enough money on me- but have since ordered a lot) but was also very very friendly and kindly gave a beautiful glitter bow to everyone who attended (I have nicknamed mine "the undercut tamer" as its been keeping it clipped back for the last few days). I've had a bit of a splurge completely breaking my spending ban and cannot wait for all my pretty new things to  arrive.... but I wish I had bought one of those beautiful floral crowns (maybe another cheeky purchace?)

Also there was Inkwear- the temporary tattoo company. This might sound at first like something nobody over the age of 10 would be interested in but oh my I was impressed. I have yet to try the kind samples they gave me (so I can't comment on the length of time it lasts) but the designs were amazing and was so clear when on the skin- and as they do custom work sound like the perfect hing to try if your considering a proper tattoo or for PR work.

And the winner is.... Clare (and her beautiful black number).
Jodie x

Friday, 16 November 2012


Litening to: Modern World- The Jam

Yesterday I went to London for the In Love With Fashion Next Top Designer event, and also went to the Tim Walker exposistion at Somerset House. My feet are killing me! Why do I always make the silly idea to wear heels to London- I have a blister on both balls of my feet.

Plus I just had an awful trip to the dentist- half way through explaining tol her the pain she rips my filling out, now I have to sepnd the  next 3 weeks with a tempory filling. Its actually a root filling which means I can't feel the tooth at all so its more than likely an absess- something she would have actually have heard if she had given me 5 minutes to explain. I'm expecting another trip to an out of hours dentist for some antibiotics tomorrow :(

This is another lazy item once again featuring my beautiful collar from Celliana (who are havuing the offer of buy-one-get-one-free on their sale items at the moment so you should totally buy stuff- it ends Sunday. If you're stuck for ideas these Heart earrings are beautiful, plus the Burnt cuff and Ring from my last post, and  these Hoops too).

Tights and Lace Body: Prmark
Velvet Skirt: Chairty shop
Collar c/o Celliana

The bra I'm wearing is (in my opinion) the PERFECT bra for larger chested woman- its unbelieveably comfortable! Plus supportive and long lasting and a massive list of other qualities. Buy it (they go up to a G cup!) Plus they are in the 2 for £25 deal so its rude not to (two deals in one post).

I didn't think the outfirt needed anything more than the simple collar- and I'm really getting into wearing only gold again (rather than gold and silver). I love this velvet skirt but I LOVE velvet. So I really can't help myself wanting another- plus this skirt is not the best fit.

I love this Tulip skirt from Missguided, as well as this Skater skirt and Bodycon from Boohoo.
Jodie x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Reading: Trainspotting- Irvine Welsh

Today my plan is to organise all the posts I've half wrote, and to plan what to wear on Thursday as I'm going to London to In Love With Fashion Next Top Designer event and the Tim Walker expedition at Somerset House. No idea what I am going to wear!

On Sunday I had a Bears day out with Chris and Dylan- we call ourselves a bear family, me being Mama Bear, Chris Papa Bear and Dylan Baby Bear as we are all very hairy individuals (Dylan being a dog its allowed).  Walking Dylan is probably the best sort of exercise (plus he is the greatest dog in the whole world) following him up and down hills/ over obstacles/ speeding along paths for an hour every day is better than any gym membership- plus on long walks you usually have to carry him back to the car as with only one lung he gets tired quickly. I think I held Dylan's lead for about 3 minutes all day as Chris was enjoying himself so much. Plus they walked on the path with no room for me :(

 At the top of this hill is a massive playground (which dogs aren't allowed in), and this was the BEST hill to ride bikes down- although they have removed all the tree roots and logs and  massive holes now.

Its fantastic having this lovely bog bit of green area in the middle of a town- plus you can actually walk all the way along the River Stort until you reach London (I've not tried this I have always walked the opposite way into Hertfordshire). It was a fantastic weekend to just relax with Chris and Dylan.

Studded jumper: DIY
Red Shirt: Charity Shop
Tights and socks: Primark
Creepers: Camden market (similar here)
Faux Leather Skirt: eBay
Snood: Primark
Necklace: Topman

I might look a little crazy in this jumper but despite how loose the weave is its very very warm- as in much to hot to wear inside! I dressed for comfort and I'm not sure if i am the only one who is a lot more comfortable in a skirt than jeans or anything. This skirt has seen slightly better days (it's a few years old now) and I am in need of an update. I am in love with this skater style leather skirt form Boohoo at the moment (and I am hoping I can have it for Christmas) and I feel that this mini skirt from Boohoo could be a fantastic replacement for my dying skirt. I know that this third skirt isn't faux leather but  look how beautiful this is!
I LOVE Boohoo! I would be a happy girl  if my wardrobe was filled with anything they sold- as its all just amazing!
Jodie x