Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Listening to: Absolute Beginners- The Jam.

Last night I was supposed to see Chris and his band play and take some photos- but it never happened. Half way there I suddenly felt very shaky and dizzy, and by the time I arrived I felt really rough, and ended up leaving fairly early (before they played). I feel rubbish I was really looking forward to seeing them all play again.

I'm currently wrapped up in my duvet sipping tiny amounts of water, but I can't afford to miss any work so will have to get up and go in fairly soon.
Feeling unattractive I thought I would show you my all time favorite dress- which I call my 'Sexy Lady' dress as I feel amazing whenever I wear it. (Does anyone else name their clothes?)

Dress: Chairty Shop
Oversized Jacket: Charity shop (similar here)
Socks and snood: Primark
Studded garters: DIY (similar here)
Stockings and suspenders: Ann Summers

 Sorry about all the thigh I wanted to share as much of the outfit as possible (I'm not sorry I have amazing legs).
This is the outfit I wore to the ILWFNTD even (from my previous post). If you follow me on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook) you would have seen a train picture of my legs showing that less then an hour of wearing (and only 5 minutes from leaving my car) I managed to ladder both of my stockings :( I was far from impressed especially after the fact I only put them on after trying EVERY pair of tights I own (about 50) which were all unsuitable (I seem to own either patterned or completely opaque).
The dress is possibly the perfect black dress. Its 'slinky' with out clinging and sort of flows when I walk. Plus its actually a lot longer then it looks, it falls about mid thigh (the perfect length) and quite high on the chest. So (in my mind) gives a really sexy look without showing off a lot of flesh.

This snood is beecoming my a/w essential. I love scarfs and hats and all sorts of knitwear and personally can't wait until Christmas as I always get winter assesories (plus my nan is knitting me a cardigan or jumper- YAY!). I do have my eyes on a few peices though, first off is this amazing cat eat hat from Boohoo. Look how cute it is! Its also avalinle in cream and was avalible in black (but have sold out). A:so availble from Boohoo is this beautiful grey snood.

I know there aren't knitted but this felt ear roller hat and mouse ear hat from Miissguided are so cute! This green beanie form River Island looks perfect, as is the cute fur bobble hat (I love RI assesories I honestly think they can't fail with their assesories bags and shoes). But I think my favorite winter assosory has to be the turbans avalinble from Crown and Glory. Theyre cute and functionable.

Sorry these photos were taken inside and not the best shots, I took these arriving home from the even in my little matchbox sized room and this was the best I could manage. Personally I like how the light has made my hair look so bright (far impressed with the lighting) and not nearly as bad as I thought. I might have a little play and use my room again. What do you think?
In better news (possibly the karma of feeling so rough) HR came to the unit I work at the moment as an agency worker to tell me they're putting out the advert for the full time position which they want me to apply for, and to let them know asap that I've applied. Its a round about way of saying 'we really want to give you the job but we have to be fair and advertise it'. I can't see how I wont get the job to be honest. I've done the job for the past year, plus will be the only full time worker who has experience over the whole unit (everyone else tends to stick in the one area they know) plus I'm fantastic. It will be nice to have the stability of a full time job (even though it will be a slight cut in hours and money) but I can still subsidize it with agency shifts.
Jodie x


  1. love the studded lingerie ^^
    kiss and happy day

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  2. pretty spiky stocking! jodie, i think you looks like adele..but you are more beautiful than her ^^

    1. thank you- i can see where youre coming from, the ginger and the black :)

  3. Wooooooooooooow! Thats soooooo hot. Love it :D :D :D



  4. OMG I LOVE YOUR DIY GARTERS :DDDDD that is really such a great idea! totally wanna diy garters like that now :D

  5. i love the stockings and suspenders! :))
    you look fabulous! anyway, i hope you can visit my blog too and follow if you like dear!

    Rae :3

  6. Cool photos! Those garters are so cool

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  7. Sexy lady indeed! Haha, love the studded garters too, and I need a snood like that <3
    Hope you feel better!

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  8. Studded garters are sexy :) Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

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  9. ahhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THIS LOOK. Must be one my my absolute faves of yours so far! The dress definitely is perfect. & those studded garters are beyond amazing - please make stuff like that & sell it on eBay so I can buy???
    I was looking at your blog before I fell alseep last night so I had a really fucked up dream about you where you fell and died in front of me, so we combined our bodies and heads to keep you alive?! But we looked weird and everybody in the blogging world shunned us... Became a worldwide celebrity/freakshow though! hahahaha! I have the strangest dreams.

  10. Really cool lingerie! Amazing blog!
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  11. Looove those pictures honey,I really enjoyed!

  12. wao that tight holders are soooo sexy!! love them!

  13. Ouuuh, spiked tights, amazing! Looks wonderful! So pretty photos!

    Xo, Imke

  14. Ah I love that RI green beanie! I hope you're feeling better soon, there's nothing worse! xx

  15. I like the garter belt with the outfit, you look amazing as always!

  16. Thanks 4 your comment on my blog dear! Would u like to follow each other?

  17. WOW the garters look amazing on!!

  18. Totally fell in love with your studded garters !