Saturday, 10 November 2012


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So I only went to work once this week (a far cry from my 60 hour weeks I pulled at Uni), and I feel like I've wasted a week I could otherwise be earning money to go on holiday (I say holiday I want to go to the Eden Project- I'm not a few days mostly filled with driving can be called a holiday. But I really want to visit it). I've never been- have any of you? Is there a 'good' time of the year to go in regards to flower blooms ect?

I've also been searching for a new job. I work agency at the moment and other than this week I've worked more hours than I care to remember, but I feel its time I get a 'proper' full time job (which would be less hours than I currently work), or a better agency that actually responds when they say they will and call centre actually know what they are talking about.

On the plus side I managed to complete a lot of projects (as I mentioned in my last post) and here is the first- I made a baggy pair of checked trousers into a slim fitted pair :) I think they make my bum look AMAZING!

Countless bloggers have made tutorials for adjusting trousers to make them skinny fit- my one of choice in by the fabulous Bronny at Fat Aus found here -I love Bronny and if you equally have a passion for plus size feminists and elevator fashion then check here out- at the very least you should read this post, and this one... and this one. Read her whole blog and fall in love with her as I have!!

Bronny calls it a 'no sew' method as you don't need a sewing machine (my way of working) and it really is incredibly simple.
1) turn your trousers inside out and put them on.
2) working along a seam (Bronny uses one at the side which is 1000 times easier and perfect for jeans, but my trousers have a stitched seam at the front so I created a seam at the back to keep the the seam at the front on the front of my legs, basically taking in a little bit from either side of my leg) pin along the excess material. I suggest leaving it just a little bit loose so you can get it off your legs and make sure you can still bend at the knee. It is a lot easier if you only do the one leg at first.
3) sew along creating the new seam. This stitching wont be seen so you can leave it a little messy just try to get it as straight as possible. Its a good idea to stitch 3 or 4 inches at a time then use a new piece of thread- if you need to adjust the fit its a lot easier just to unpick that small section.
4) ensure that you curve out where your bum, hips are as to not make the jeans too tight.
5) turn the right way round and try on. If anywhere is a little baggy/ tight you can then adjust.
6) you can then use the 'finished' leg as a guide to the other (unless of course your legs are vastly different in shape). My right leg is slightly bigger so the trousers looks slightly tighter that side. Its something I have in all my clothes- my own fault for always standing with my weight on one leg.
7) give it an iron and wear

With no plans for most of the week- I wore them just doing chores (read: attempting to empty my wardrobe of books I didn't enjoy, paperwork I no longer need and two printers that no longer work), and a quick trip to Tesco. Where I was met by the rudest security guard I the world who followed me across the car park after an alarm went off, dragged me into the store for no reason by my bag and camera (which I've got into the habit of taking everywhere with me) when I replied to the question 'why didn't you stop' with 'why should I have to? My camera set off the alarm as I went in and you didn't stop me'.

After thoroughly embarrassing me in front of a LOT of people, swinging my camera back and forth between the buzzing things and convinced that I had stolen something somewhere- which I showed him the receipt to everything in my bag as he approached me in the car park, he eventually let me go. He also ripped off the tag from my camera for no apparently reason which really annoyed  me as I had written my favourite camera settings on it :(

Checked trousers: DIY
Belt: New Look
Crop Top: DIY

What do you think? Has this given you the encouragement to alter your own clothes?
Jodie x


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  3. Such a great DIY! I have no sewing skills too)
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. cool outfit, love the crop top! xx

  5. That is such an awesome DIY to do! I did this to some bell bottom pink jeans, and now I have pink skinnies :D

    Trendy Teal

  6. Great diy, I love these suit style trousers - so classic !

  7. wow!! you did that great!!
    well done!

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