Saturday, 3 November 2012


Listening to: Love Action- Human League

So it's the 3rd of November and I over 60% of my Christmas shopping done, plus my sisters birthday present -in case your wondering its my twin sister so it's actually going to be our birthday 9th December- I would like scrunchies and some pretty knickers. I also convinced my mum and dad to but me some absolutely beautiful boots from Missguided (can see them here) for my birthday- I can't wait!

It was reasonably chilly outside but knowing I would be inside a shopping centre all day I justified wearing another summer dress, and simply chucking my black jacket  over the top.

Mustard Dress: River Island
Coat: Bay
Tights and Belt: Primark
Creepers (Not Shown): Camden Market (similar here)
Crown: DIY

I know I said I don't feel comfortable in yellow but I quite like mustard (or is that just me being a pain in the bum). I find it doesn't look as strange next to my yellow skin- what do you guys think? Does it empathy the fact I look jaundice?

I don't think I have even worn this dress before (its been in my wardrobe for nearly a year), I remember my mum bought it for me and I couldn't decide weather it was a bad investment as I bought it as i was losing weigh and was worried it wouldn't fit quite how I liked. Its a little tiny bot too loose so needs the belt. But I LOVE the sleeves- I almost feel like a little fairy! Of course this was the perfect thing to show off my crown for the first time; even if a middle aged woman dragged her child practically under my feet to get him to stare at me then called her husband so he walked onto me for exactly the same reason. Some people are just plain rude. I wish i was a fairy so I could put a short acting hex on her- but I guess I will just have to settle being a Goddess and rise above.

I really like this style of dress- in which I mean long sleeve big bat wing style dress. I wish I wasn't on a spending ban for myself :( No new clothes until after the new year. But if I wasn't I would have a hard choice between this beautiful black dress from ASOS Marketplace, or this amazing poppy dress (also from ASOS Marketplace). I also really like the contrast between the two halves of this dress from TFNC London.

I'm really looking forward to this evening- I'm going to watch the fireworks at the town park and possible play on some fairground rides- yippee!
Jodie x


  1. aw, you really look like fairy to me! :)
    well done on your Christmas list. really, you have a twin? so cool! do you look alike? share some photos of you two :)


  2. Mustard looks fab on you, and I'm forever in love with your eyebrows!

  3. so freakin cute!!!:))

    we are now following you back!;)

  4. The dress and headband combo are gorgeous! Making summer last for just a little bit longer! Also way to go on thr christmas shopping, I haven't even thought about it yet!

  5. love the headband - it looks great with the mustard coloured dress!

  6. wonderful photos
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling

  7. Great autumn look!
    Btw would you like follow each other?
    Just let me know:)


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  9. Hi darling, hope u had a great weekend. I nominatd your blog for the Liebster Award. PLease pop in my blog for more details. Let's keep spreading the blogging love, ok? XOXO

  10. Thank you all so much- I can't stop wearing this crown! I get home from work get in my indie and the crown :)