Monday, 19 November 2012


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On Saturday I went to ILWF Next Top designer event. I had a fantastic time although was very tired and achy from walking around London all day and getting very very lost trying to find Holborn Studios (middle of nowhere!). Filled with bloggers (such as Megan, Paige, Stephanie, Georgina and I met the incredibly friendly India who was wearing the most amazing dress!), press and celebrities (not that i recognised anyone- I am blind to that sort of thing) that I felt much to shy to say hello too.

It was hosted by the fabulous Sophie from Mad PR (who was  not only inedibly friendly- the first person I met walking through the doors- but bubbly and just the perfect host), and the studio was awash with champagne (a cheeky Mc Donalds was needed to sober myself up before the trip home) and cupcakes and sweets. The cutest little party setting and just stupidly relaxing (plus was given a very generous goodie bag).

From ILWF facebook page: judges Zoe from More! magazine, Karen Williams Celebrity Stylist and Danielle Head Buyer For LOVE; and of course Sophie.

All five girls designs were amazing- and I have no idea how the judges managed to pick their favourite!

First up from Clare was this amazing look in black and lace. Body-con, black, lace with the cute out back- beautiful. I Loved the cut out back,and (to paraphrase Clare) very on trend with the Gothic look this season.

Second up was Paige from Paige Joanna. Again a beautiful open back dress. I love the long sleeves and the collar!!! Beautiful and very Paige :)

Next up was the design by an very friendly young lady who's name I cannot remember (I'm so sorry!). I love the body con fit and the contracting black peplum is inspired! (plus the designer had the most infectious smile and an amazing dress herself).

The forth finalist was the amazingly beautiful Rachael (seriously shes stunning- look at her!). Detailed shoulders- whats  not to like!

The last finalist was from Latvia (wow) and designed this amazing dress- love the contrast of the  main body to the black mullet style skirt and shoulder. I think this was my personal favourite entry- something about it just called out to me ans original and just... in short I like it.

While the judges had the hard task of deciding the overall winner (and dress will be coming to the Love site soon!) I had the chance to wander around the sample sale. There was some absolutely amazing items- so much detailing with pretty beads and golden studs- I was practically drooling. Unfortunately I had to resist the urge to buy :(

The event also had the amazing company of Sophie (assisted by Rhiannon from Vintage Style Me) from Crown and Glory- who not only had some drop dead amazing stock (nearly cried as I didn't have nearly enough money on me- but have since ordered a lot) but was also very very friendly and kindly gave a beautiful glitter bow to everyone who attended (I have nicknamed mine "the undercut tamer" as its been keeping it clipped back for the last few days). I've had a bit of a splurge completely breaking my spending ban and cannot wait for all my pretty new things to  arrive.... but I wish I had bought one of those beautiful floral crowns (maybe another cheeky purchace?)

Also there was Inkwear- the temporary tattoo company. This might sound at first like something nobody over the age of 10 would be interested in but oh my I was impressed. I have yet to try the kind samples they gave me (so I can't comment on the length of time it lasts) but the designs were amazing and was so clear when on the skin- and as they do custom work sound like the perfect hing to try if your considering a proper tattoo or for PR work.

And the winner is.... Clare (and her beautiful black number).
Jodie x


  1. Sounds like you've had fun! Those cupcakes are utter cute. I really like the white dress with detailed shoulders.

    I like temporary tattoo and I've tried but it never stay on for longer than an hour, maybe I applied it wrongly or got the cheap crappy ones! I will sure check Inkwear out it may be good!


  2. Such a fun event!! Thank you for sharing the pictures and the winner!! Love watching fashion competition :) Love the temporary tattoo and the flower crowns are so gorgeous!

    The Closet 365

  3. Adorable event! I saw many amazing dresses! Thanks for shearing!

  4. Looks like such a fun event, you should come to New York City and check out our events too! Cute blog, darling!


  5. hi i find your blog interesting :) so i am following you now :) id appreciate if you follow back :)
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  6. hi i find your blog interesting :) so i am following you now :) id appreciate if you follow back :)
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  7. This seems like an amazing event, I bet you had a great time!
    I like the dresses, they are very cute!

  8. The photos are great and the items are so lovely! I really like your blog, you got a fine taste! Please let me know what you think of my new post!

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! :)
    I follow you now!
    If you want we can follow each other on facebook and Bloglovin!! Let me know!! :)


  10. This evening looks amazing. I've seen the photos and other bloggers post about it. it must be lovely to meet other bloggers face to face and the dresses are beautiful. I think Paige has the most amazing style. Lizz x

  11. Thanks for the mention lovley!! shame we didnt get to chat

  12. great post