Saturday, 1 December 2012


Listening to: Big Me- Foo Fighters

Last Saturday was my boyfriends 23rd birthday- and besides drinking FAR too much it was an amazing night. I don't really drink so it was a nice break to let my hair down. We started off at our local Wetherspoons and then moved onto the Square. The Square is probably the best live music venue in Essex! and I've been going there since I was about 12 or 13 and I swear it hasn't changed. I mean its got a new lick of paint (read amazing new decor) and everyone has got a bit older but it still feels just as welcoming.

I was completely lost of what to wear as it was chilly (don't worry I had my Boohoo cape thrown over all of this) but as it gets really hot in the Square I wanted to be able to strip layers off. We stupidly thought 'as its just the two of us we won't be going outside into the smoking area' and left our coats behind reception. Bad move- we met some friends and some people I haven't met/seen in forever and ended up standing in horizontal rain for about an hour. Plus Chris lost me in a pool match to a pipe smoking man (he never collected his prize), and I fell down the stairs and still have a massive bruise on my bum.

Velvet Dress: eBay (similar here)
Sheer Jacket: eBay (similar here)
Socks: Primark
Skeleton Necklace: Topman
Studded Garters: DIY
Bottle Green Velvet Turban: Crown and Glory
Liner in Eyebrows: Petrol liner form Topshop (similar here in mystery)
Lipstain: Rimmel 1000 kisses in Nothing but nude

As soon as this turban came through my door I knew I had to wear it at the soonest possible moment so it was always going to be part of the outfit. Being such a striking colour (its so BEAUTIFUL), velvet and the most amazing fit (even over rain forced curly hair) I wanted to show it off at its best in an all black outfit.

If you remember I also bought the beautiful Wine turban from Crown and Glory but I haven't even given it a second glance as of yet. But that doesn't mean I haven't got my eye on another turban- its just choosing which. Obviously I would like one in black or a dark colour but now do I go for this amazing pick form Crown and Glory (as I know I will love it!) or this grey number form Missguided or this black knitted one from ASOS.

I realised this week that I own A LOT of make up and beauty products. As in my makeup box has broken plus a whole draw full is overflowing. Exssesive I know. But I feel like I 'need' all of it.

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (which although has a lot of more serious side effects) leaves me with the skin of a teenage boy. It's acne city on my body and after years of rubbish treatments that never worked, being told that I 'don't take care of myself', and hoping I will one day grow out of it I have accepted that I won't anytime soon. But that's not to say It hasn't improved. The main problem was almost anything I put on my skin made it sting and flare up. But I've completely changed my routine, updated all my products and not only seeing results but have been  able to cover it so much better! It has lifted my mood SO much and I am so glad I no longer want to go at it with a cheese grater when it feels like acid has been pored over  my skin

That's the explanation for the very smiley face- my skin looks so good! So I am going to start posting a few beauty posts- starting off with  my amazing Witch Primer :)
Jodie x


  1. Your spiky garters are amazing! Love them! xx

  2. thank you- Crown and Glory is fantastic everyone should check them out

  3. It looks so speacial and really great! Love it!

    Huge hugs

  4. love your outfit!
    following you now, hope you'll follow back!

  5. as beautiful as always!!!

  6. great style! I am your new follower :)

    xoxo from Vienna *

  7. just awesome!!!!the turban and the over the knee socks are fabulous!!!!

  8. Gorgeous look :) I really love the dress, especially the texture!! I'm so afraid I can't pull off this hair accessory but it looks so fab on you :) I love the green shade too!!


  9. Love love love!! Perfect look.

    ox from NYC!


  10. In love with this,honey!;-)

  11. Studded garters? So freakin' sexy! *.*

  12. well you deffinatly looked amazing for the occasion!! I dont believe you live so close to me! i dont think ive ever heard of another essex blogger!!

  13. cute outfit, I love that turban and those kickass garters <3

  14. This look is amazing! I'm in love!!

  15. You look so cool and grungy and chic! Geez! I love the colored eyebrows.. sometimes I fill mine in with gold glitter!

  16. Your face looks amazing indeed, so pretty! You're gorgeous, and the turban suits you really well!

    Xo, Imke

  17. OMG, love your garters!! Sorry to hear about your POS... You look great, don't worry about it!

  18. I love this look!