Thursday, 27 December 2012


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So Christmas is over once again, I`m back to work tomorrow (just in time for . my annual festive plague to clear up), and its nearly 2013. I say plague- it's not that bad, but by the time I finish work Christmas Eve I've come down with something that is bound to disappear for work tomorrow (its my bodies way of saying I shouldn't and time off).

I cant wait to read and see what everyone got up to- I find it interesting that everyone celebrates so differently . This was the first year I didn't work in a bar Christmas Eve so after a few alcohol free drinks with my patents and grandparents it was bed time for me, to be woken up early by my sister for us all to open our stockings in our PJs :)

I have a feeling we're alone in this but we don't open our tree presents until after dinner, which we went to the John Barleycorn in Essex and once again served an inedible vegetarian meal- but a few glasses of champagne took the edge off my hunger . 

We ended up opening our gifts at about 3:30pm by which time Friends had unwrapped watches and iPads, Hellboubds and Jeffery Cambells, and one was even in labour :) I'm not going to give you a list of all I received (I'm not rubbing it in anyone face less fortunate) but all I will say is I received a LOT mote than I deserved. It was then time for a few board games, supper (I was starving) , Chris to arrive from his family Christmas, more games and bed for the day . 

Boxing day this year was just me and Chris and we decided to go shopping (for the first time ever) to spend the vouchers I received from Chris (yay Topshop and Lush) at Lakeside- then again home for supper and lots of games with the returning family (which me and Chris won Trivial Pursuit- final question being about Dr Who). The night ended with that game you write a celebrity on someones head and me and Chris both had the same idea so there was two Brian Blessed at the table -one was Chris which completely threw off his game.

Hair Slides: Crown & Glory
 Earrings: Topshop
Faux Fur: New Look
 Snood & Tights: Primark
 PU Skater Skirt: Boohoo
Faux Fur Bag: River Island
Shoes: Missguided
 Tee: Topshop

The skirt I picked to receive as my Christmas present from my parents- and I am very glad I choose this style skater skirt! at how well it billows out even after a long drive . I know when I picked this skirt it was a hard choice between this one from Missguided, or this also from Missguided or this from New Look.

In the end I figured that the one from Boohoo would look 'puffier' as its a more box shape and I know I made the right choice. My Boots have barely left my feet- although are paying for it now (hello lovely scratches), and the tee was a gift from my sister and her fiance. When I opened it she stressed strongly that although I was a massive geek (thanks) it wasn't a bad thing- and I have decided that I wear it ironically (in which I am not one of those girls who spent years bulling me and has bought it as its purely from Topshop). It's not something I would have bought myself but the material its made from and the sleeves are beautiful so I have already fallen in love with it :)

A massive sorry there is a lack of photos from any celebrations- i just get too into gaming and spending time with my family to think about picking up my camera- although my mum took a few snaps so hopefully there will be a few to share soon.

How did everyone else spend there day? Did you get anything special?
Jodie x


  1. Wohoo...darling! U look awesome. Glad to hear u had a great time. On this end, well, it's been pretty hectic and exciting. I moved in with my bf -meaning I moved from Miami to Bonn. Go figure! :) Feels great. New life! :) Muah!

  2. You look as great as always dear!

    Huge hugs

  3. ohh yeaah you look super sexy!!!
    The skirt looks really good on you :D


  4. How on earth düd you wait until 3 30?! Haha Hope you had a lovely time! I love lakeside always get what I want there! I did my sales shopping at Westfield this year.. Super hectic lol the skater skirt looks great on you btw mine never looked right so I sold it

  5. Love this outfit, I've been after a pleather skater skirt for a while and I think you've just made the choice of which one to get for me!


  6. Love the leather skirt and your animal print jacket! Totally gorgeous!!!
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    Happy New Year!!! :)
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