Monday, 3 December 2012


Listening to: Best of You- Foo Fighters

After watching Pretty Woman last week i have been obsessed with having 'hooker hair' that is leaving my hair to curl naturally in its ginger state like Vivienne. I will be honest in this cold weather I'm not going to wait for my hair to dry all on its own and  been going at it with a diffuser (which I haven't used since my hair was 'long' when I was 11 or 12? I still had blond hair so it was a LONG time ago). It's not quite as curly as it can go but it's pretty close- I have the Davey blessing of hair growing out as well as down so it looks like I have put my hand in a plug socket when it is really natural; a mass of ringlets and waves. Plus considering a drop of moisture in the air makes my hair curl, going out with it like this is a lot easier.

Feather hair clips: Crown and Glory
Crop Top: DIY (similar here)
Belt: New Look
Galaxy Skirt: Boohoo (similar here)
Tights: Primark
Scarf: Not Sure- knotted by me.

To keep my hair reasonably under control I HAD to use my lovely feather bobby pins from Crown and Glory.
I love them :) They are just beautifully made and the bobby pin is quite thick so could even tame my hair. But the best part is that as the feather is placed right at the end of the pin I can maximise the useful part of the pin and still show off all the feather.

In my mind I see the outfit as channelling a bit of Vivienne with the blue skirt and crop, but of course a lot more casual and me (I love black clothing). I wore this outfit for a lazy day around the house and a trip to Sainsburys to buy some ingredients to make me and Chris an amazing meal of Homemade chili noodle soup and satay sauce (just in case the soup was horrible we could dip the ingredients in the sauce). Loved it! Chris actually said it was better than what our local noodle bar offers. Shame it didn't last nearly long enough to have a photo but there will be a next time. Like I have mentioned before, I tend to wear skirts and tights to relax at home and this beautiful galaxy skirt from Boohoo is possibly my favourite at the moment. The material is lovely and soft, relatively warm and just stretchy enough to be both body con and relaxed.

The crop top was just a  tee I cut into a crop. I love crop tops and I literally want about 100 more, especially in black. My favourite at the moment are the Linda (I love the mesh sleeves) crop from Motel Rocks, the Diana (I think these is my fav, I just love the shoulder-less-ness and the long sleeves) crop from Motel Rocks, the Zella (its velvet!!) crop from Missguided and the Dayna (which I have seen everywhere) crop from Missguided. I am very happy that this trend has carried over from the S/S season.

Jodie x


  1. i watched pretty woman last week too! fab outfit

  2. Pretty Woman is timeless- i love it and can really see myself in vivienne.

  3. love love love your skirt!!! soo beautiful :D

  4. Your hair looks great, and love those feather bobby cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Awesome post!!! Amazing styling, my love!

    Happy Tuesday & Many Kisses,


  6. Love the galaxy print! Great blog, would you like to follow each other via GFC and bloglovin?


  7. You and your hair both look amazing as per!! Also youo can get 20% off at motel with my name lol georginagoodman1 and if your around later this week come to the sale! Ill be working there D xxx

  8. great look! amazing skirt XOXO

  9. I adore the skirt! <3 And digging the bobby pins as well, really pretty!

    XO, Imke

  10. "hooker hair" lol, you look really good.

  11. I have so much love for that skirt and those DMs! <3

    The Style Rawr!

  12. Love your galaxy skirt and the tassel bag!! You look cute!

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  13. Obsessed with your shoes,love!;-)

  14. Love this skirt so much! Perfection :)

  15. Love this look. Love your hair. The galaxy print skirt is awesome. The feather clips are too good.. Totally love this!
    Do drop by my blog too when you have some time and if you like, I hope you'll follow too! :)

  16. Wow I am so in love wiht your style!

    Huge hugs

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  17. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love your figure so much, look soo good with the body con skirt and crop top.

    Those feather bobby pins are lovely, might consider buying them!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  18. Amazing skirt !!

    Have a great weekend !



  19. girl....i adore ur edgy style!! sexyyyyyy mamaaa!!

  20. Ooh, your natural hair is gorgeous! Mine's naturally really ringletty, but it tends to frizz a little bit crazily, which is annoying.
    Ah, I wish I was brave enough to wear a crop top, maybe one of these days! xx

  21. I'm a crop top addict myself.:) Love your skirt!