Saturday, 31 March 2012


Listening to: Dumb- Nirvana.

As promised here is me looking like the female version of a 22-year old Denis the Menace (and I even spelt Menace right this time!!).

Boot: DMs- Charity shop (for 8 pounds!)
Dungarees: Chartiy shop
Tights: Primark
T-shirt: Topman

The t-shirt is a very kind gift from my boyfriend as I was wearing it every time I stayed and forgot my own change of clothes. Last night the boyfriend done the 'tuck and roll', very unimpressive.

For those who don't know the tuck and roll is a move pulled in your sleep where you roll over one way and tuck the duvet around you; then roll back over the duvet so its tucked round you and well and truly yours.I'm the master of the tuck and roll and HATE when its used against me. Despite having 3 blankets on my bed I need the extra warmth- so in retaliation I wore my boyfriends stripped top; and when he left it in the  morning this top worked as a great substitute which I dressed appropriately.

Great news, apart from one skirt I finally have a full wardrobe (i.e. enough clothes have been bought now I have lost weight). Hopefully I can start to save a bit more money now.

My incredibly amazing boyfriend has just arrived with a tale of how he protected his manager from a mouthy customer 'giving it all of that' and a cornflake cake from Costa. He really is the best boyfriend a girlfriend could ask for. He also poses the question (after recounting seeing a number of males in the last few days) is the mullet back?
Jodie x


Listening to: Just A Girl- No Doubt.

Yesterday was a mix of emotions- I received some very awful news from uni (news which I should have been given in September, and not after over 6 months of constant pushing for answers) which basically means I'm up a certain creak without a paddle. But despite the massive amount of stress its going to cause me (not just physically but mean I need to find money a student nurse with no other financial support doesn't have) I'm not going to let it defeat me, it will be worth it when I qualify.

Also I had a very unfortunate meeting with a creepy old man in a charity shop. After attempting top pass him 3 or 4 times with him stepping the same way I thought I would take a more keen interest in him- and realised his side stepping was  not by accident but rather gave him a better view to stare at my chest.

Granted this behaviour is commonplace with me- but still warranted the very rough shoving past him so he got the message that his behaviour was NOT acceptable and yes I had noticed.

I'm not sure why the general male population (and a few females) feel its their duty to make woman feel uncomfortable like that but I don't deserve to be treated that way. Today it might be simply staring. but tomorrow its touching (which has happened and just ended up with a man with a very bruised 'ego' on several occasions), and who knows where it will stop. Woman (or indeed men) are not pieces of meat and we will fight back from any unwanted attention; and should not be made to feel it is in anyway their fault that they receive unwanted attention from pigs.

FYI this is the outfit I was in:

Dress: Primark (I think)
Belt: Topshop
Tights and socks: Primark
Creepers: eBay.

Don't worry my metabolism hasn't kicked in just yet- I did have a cardigan over the top of all this.

This leads me on to some good news- I finally received an answer form the eBay seller i moaned about (and despite some very rude messages where in the end the information I asked for several time has still not been given) I received my creepers- WHOOP!!

This spurred me on to making tofu scramble for the first time- and it was very very tasty.

Right click on image for save options.

Its very simple to make a very versatile- I made mine with crumbled tofu, Garlic granules, cherry tomato's, dried chilly  flakes, salt and pepper (lots of pepper), a tiny little bit of Chinese spice (as it smelt nice in the cupboard), all cooked in sesame seed oil served on toast. It was amazing- the pictures do not do it justice, and it was a very filling vegan alternative to scrambled eggs on toast.

In addition to that (when I met my boyfriend for lunch) I picked up a second hand pair of brown DMs for 8 pounds as well as an amazing brown  bag.

Its hard for me to explain how happy these made me feel. I've wanted a second pair of DMs for a while, and I wanted a short pair in brown. But a) it took me a very long time to save for my first pair and b) I found it hard justifying buying a second as I'm ridiculously overprotective of my 1st pair; so I knew the only way I would get a second is 2nd hand.

So finding these in my size is fantastic. Joint first with the best item I've picked up in a charity shop, and I'm wearing them today in a very Denis the Menis themed outfit- that I will post later as this post is already so image heavy.

It just shows that although some truly awful things can happen- my optimism really pays off, and I end up having a day full of positive  results.
Jodie x

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Listening to: Road Rage- Catatonia.

This week has been BUSY, and I'm only half way.

Monday and Tuesday was spent at work then nursing my dog back to health from an awful experience at the groomers. He is a lot better now but it was so distressing seeing him so restless and crying non stop- and barking! If anyone has met my dog he NEVER barks. At all. Ever. It was like he was a completely different dog.

Yesterday after work I visited the venue where  my sister is getting married- where the amazing views are from. Despite being knackered I did get to try some very tasty cake; and go to were my amazing 'diamond' shirt.

Shirt: Charity shop.
Jeans: Primark
Hat: H&M
Bow tie: eBay- vintage
Belt: New Look
Bag: Gift from parents holiday in Mexico (I think)
Jacket: Bay (I've had it for about 10 years but I only re found it after tiding my wardrobe)

After work today I'm off out again- no rest for the wicked, but I am lucky enough to have this morning off- woo! And with the parents away I get to spend the weekend just lazing about the house catching up on Uni work, hopefully receiving my eBay purchases- as a seller is refusing to answer my questions I'll probably be trying to sort out refunding my money ect instead. Anyone else have problems with sellers? Do you have any advice?
Jodie x

Monday, 26 March 2012


Listening to: The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight- R.E.M.

Hello to all my followers, those who comment and those who visit. I can't express how much it means to me to have you all pop over to say hello. Please continue, and know I am always here for a chat.


Today I have spent the day on the floor of my room trying too DIY my jacket; and its been so HARD! First my sewing machine brakes (honestly have no idea what  is wrong with it), then the fabric glue I bought is useless, then I can't find my stitch unpicker, then I drop the thread about a hundred times (teach me for using 'invisible' thread), and I poke both my finger and my thighs with the needle. It's like this jacket just doesn't want to be completed.

But despite this there has been progress; and the trickiest bit is now over! This will not beat me- I refuse point blank to either give up or simplify my design. Here is a small progress shot, and I apologise for it not being completed today- if everything had gone to plan it should have but I'm going to work extra hard to get it sorted asap and share with you all.

But the day was not a complete disappointment. I spent time with the boyfriend (and he bought both me and my sister a gift- but she hasn't received hers yet so shhhh), and I found my boyfriends old mega comfy Sonic Youth t-shirt he gave me- WHOOP!!

T-shirt: Gift
Cardigan: Topshop
Velvet skirt: eBay
Socks: No idea... possibly Primark
Shoes: DIY
Headscarf: Camden market.
Bag: Gift- I think River Island.

My boyfriend LOVES this cardigan (he has even worn it himself once or twice), maybe because I wore it on our first date, but mostly because its just so effortlessly beautiful; and looks very grunge- perfect to pair with the t-shirt.

Finally, today I learnt its impossible to over brew Ginger and lemon tea!

I love tea but I can't stand it when people 'let it brew'. It makes the tea all scummy and gives it a funny taste. but I forgot I asked my mum for a tea and she always leaves it to brew. But 10 minutes later when I remembered my tea there  was no scum and it tasted just as good as always- YAY!!

An overall good day today.

Jodie x

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Listening to: All Around the World: The Jam.

OMG my package from ASOS arrived and I'm so very very VERY happy!!!

MY FLATFORMS ARE HERE!!! I can remember in the early/mid 90s owning a pair of white strappy flatforms, and when i saw these on ASOS (and they announced their 30% of shoes) I had to buy them.

I'm so happy I cant express it with words.

Shoes: ASOS
Top: Charity shop
Skirt: eBay
Belt: Topshop
Deer ring: Primark
Skull ring: Topman.

It was another sunny day in Essex (so obviously a lot of girls were out wearing little more than underwear) so i went brave and dressed for sun with NO TIGHTS!!!!! but as a chilly mortal I still had to wrap up in my velvet skirt and all black. Even then i felt cold and rushed home to get into a jumper. I might as well accept I have no metabolism.

I did get quite a few funny look in these shoes (they're not your run-of-the-mill Harlow attire) but I'm very much used to strange looks and obvious comments now; AND I LOVE THEM SO I"M GOING TO WEAR THEM AS MUCH AS I LIKE!

I really do love these shoes and as i bought a size 6 (I'm actually only a size 5 but I panic when Internet shopping for shoes) my whole family can enjoy them (and they already said they will). In fact my mother (who tell me she hates everything in my wardrobe) came to me in a panic this morning and ended up waling out with a high waisted belt and my favourite cardigan. So my wardrobe isn't safe anymore!

Did everyone else enjoy this unusually nice weather? Or like me did you spend the majority inside -this time arranging all my clothes I no longer fit into bags to take to the charity shop. (i might have had a little incident with the curtain pole after trying to hang all my clothes on it. its now entirely separate from the wall).
Jodie x


Reading: Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator: Roald Dahl.

I LOVE this strapped black Bralet top from Boohoo.

 Top: Boohoo
Skirt: River Island
Belt: Charity shop
Boots: Charity shop (originally Topshop)
Cardigan: Trash Vintage
Bag: gift (I think from River Island)

My favourite photo is the one showing the back- I love how pretty it looks from behind- it really is an amazing top.

I wore this for a trip around London: I wanted to do some serious shopping and I bought loads of things (which I will post), and spent the day and evening with some beautiful friends (although the diet was well and truly out the window- massive Chinese and gallons of diet coke was consumed for dinner!). It was relatively warm and sunny- but I'm glad i wore a long skirt and had my cardigan and I kept getting massive chills. One day I might feel warm in the UK.

As I said I planned to visit the Motel Rocks sample sale. There was some truly beautiful item (serious lust happened over an open back strapped dress, and a fantastic pair of jeans) but nothing was purchased. I think I got there a little to late as the only sizes left were small and extra small :(.

Did anyone else go to the sale? Did you buy anything good?
Jodie x

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Listening to: Hounds of Love: Kate Bush.

Shirt: Charity shop
Skirt and tights: Primark
Boots: Originally from Topshop but found in a charity shop for 5 pounds!

This is what I wore VERY hungover on Sunday. I love the silkiness of the shirt in contrast to the lace- and felt very skinny in the high waisted belt (even though the shirt buttons kept popping open over my boobs- the curse of having such an amazing chest).

As you can see I'm wearing my bargain boots again (fantastic find in a charity shop for something that is worth 78 pounds in Topshop). The reason I'm posting this is because I'm going bargain shopping for some fantastic clothes again on Friday. I'm off to the Motel Rocks sample sale- and you should go too!

Its Tomorrow until Friday and I since I received my beautiful leopard print body suit (that I will post pictures of soon when I'm not worn out from work to take a photo it deserves) I've been so excited about going!

GO TO!!!!!
Jodie x

Monday, 19 March 2012


Listening to: Material girl- Madonna.

For my cousins wife's 40th- I decided to rock out in my new ASOS skirt- its so beautiful I felt like I was walking in gold (until I had a little to much to drink). Its beautiful and I can only apologise these pictures do not do it justice (blame the wine).

Right click on image for save options.

Skirt: ASOS
Belt: New Look
Jacket: Homemade
Bracelets: Links of London, Thomas Sabo.
Bralet top: Charity shop.

Here are much better photos of my shoes and skirt- and if your thinking of buying yourself something beautiful- consider the skirt. Honestly I love it so much I've put it on a hanger all on its own with all my other clothes pushed away from it.
Image 1 of Vero Moda Midi Skirt in Mesh Fabric

I felt like a early Madonna all night (although my boyfriend kept calling me a 1950s Lady Gaga) and for my first time in a bralet- I LOVED IT!!

The top I bought from a charity shop and was nowhere near my size as a bra. The cups were too small and the back to large- but with a little bit of sewing skill I managed to alter it enough to fit better. How dies it look?

I've never felt comfortable with my stomach out. Any cropped top/ jumper I have worn I have to were high waisted jeans or skirt. But I felt great; and with so many beautiful bralets floating about I had to get into the phase (when I got home Sunday I completed my order on two others).

Hopefully I look more '50 icon than 5 year old child in cropped clothing- whats every ones opinion? Am I descent?

Jodie x

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Reading: If I can stop one heart from breaking- Emily Dickinson.

I think its fair to say that I'm feeling a little tender today. Far too much rose was drunk last night- but I had a fantastic time with my extended family celebrating my cousins wife's 40th. So the diet was thrown out of the window and I've had tones of savoury snacks (unfortunately I coulnd't find any veggie mini scotch eggs or I could have said goodbye to my hangover hours ago) and fresh fruit juice.

As promised here are some slightly better pictures of my DIY jacket.

Sorry about the absolute mess in the background of the pictures- the second me and my boyfriend walked into our hotel room in Horsham we decided to be rock stars. So the bed jumped on and our luggage was pretty much thrown around the room. We left it immaculate though. Although a very minimalist Travelodge- its was very, very clean....

... witch was perfectly placed (a McDonald's and toy shop was outside our window!)...

.... and a cool fountain.

I hope these photos of my jacket do it justice- I had tones of compliments on it.
Jodie x