Sunday, 30 September 2012


Reading: The Dark Side Of The Sun- Terry Pratchett

Every once and a while I feel like just throwing on my most comfortable of clothes, feeling snugly, and warm. Its got a lot colder this week (looks like its time to get my faux furs out of hibernation) and I can't wait to spend the next few months under lots of layers. I feel like winter is the only point I am actually warm.

After another busy week at work, and a night seeing bands yesterday I just wanted a relaxing day. So I dressed as such for a trip to Lakeside to be treated by Chris, where we invested in a dark green camo jacket together like a strange couple thing which we can both wear. All my paperwork arrived from Uni (finally), and I won both Witch BB cream from the lovely Laura and tickets to see the Look Show for next Saturday. Things are definitely looking up.

Jacket: Ex-Military stock from a Charity shop (similar here)
Skull Scarf: Not sure
Disco Pants: Ark Clothing
Wedge Sneakers: Topshop
Bracelets: Prairie Charms and Camden Market
Hat: New Look

Can I take a moment to share with you how much I love The Forest collection from Vintage Style Me? I LOVE IT SO VERY VERY MUCH I WISH I HAD THE MONEY TO BUY IT ALL!!!!

I mean everything from Vintage Style  Me is amazing, my sailor dress is fantastic and you can easily see the care and attention in the store. This Panda tee is super cute- I'm not sure if I actually prefer it to my green tee, as it this beautiful Mountain Goat tee, or if a skirt is your thing than this Cat skirt is adorable. They also offer the option to customise your own tee.

Jodie x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Listening to: No Fun- The Sex Pistols

Several weeks ago I mentioned how my life had taken a bit of a bad turn (and received such amazing comments in return!) and I FINALLY feel like I have a plan formed in my life. Although I am not quite ready to share it with you (I need to get it all sorted and together ect. as I only decide on this last night but I am very VERY happy now :)

Which is a good thing for Chris as I have been taking out my frustrations on him and snapping when ever something upset me- which had nothing at all to do with him. Such examples were my awful wardrobe (that since being installed I have only been able to use a foot of), broken hangers, my dirty car, being out when its cold/ dark/ raining, the news, someone passing comments/staring at me (which happens a lot!) and many more. Basically everything felt like it was falling apart and I was just ... lost. Now i have a plan I am SO much happier!!

I really really REALLY cannot wait to share  it with you all!

Pink slip: Charity shop (similar here)
Jacket: Charity shop (similar here)
Corset: eBay
Tights and Socks: Primark
Wedge Sneakers: Topshop
Studded Garters: DIY
Earrings and Rings: Topshop
Necklace: Gift

As I was finally feeling a bit better about myself I finally got things done. I glued back my creepers, altered more clothing, repainted my goddess crop (did not fare well in the washing machine- an accidental trip) and FINALLY got round to fixing my studded garters. I mentioned that I made these to wear for LFW but my legs slimmed down (how I have no idea, possibly because I was making them originally in jeans or something). They deserved a day out in town, and helped make a very girls pink slip a little less soft.

I love my velvet corset (mostly because I finally get to go bra less resting my shoulders) but its a right pain to get on and off. Corsets are not a single person task- the person wearing it in fact has next to no input in lacing it up. Chris has this task down- although he took me seriously where I told him I could finish it before he had tied the laces (so I can act like I done it) and stood there for like 5 minutes struggling. But worth it completely. Being boned its supportive, comfortable and tied correctly gives the perfect waist shape (not that I need it- Have a fantastic figure- ha ha). The only down side to this (other than needing someone to help me in and out) is I have became obsessed with What Katie Did.

I love the leopard pint corset, and the Union jack too (and as a rule I'm not a union jack fan), and I dream of this Sailor corset. Or maybe one (or both) of these pretty black corsets.
Jodie x

Monday, 24 September 2012


Listening to: Satellite- The Sex Pistols.

When ever I wear my Rabbit R padlock I can't help but remember why I bought it in the first place. I love Sid Vicious.  For years he was my idea guy. In my mind he was perfect- footloose and fancy free, the punk attitude of individualism and free-thought,the strong feminist attitude,  the love of DIY, and a bass player. Basically my idea man. (Apart form the obvious looks I think I choose a match in Chris).

Anything that reminds me of Sid (or Debbie Harry- my ideal woman) I have to have.

Crop top: Primark
Velvet High Waisted Pants: Unlovable Lingerie
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Rabbit R Padlock
Creepers and Sunglasses: Camden
Cat Ring: Topshop
Mood Ring: Not sure
Bag: River Island

I wore this outfit just on a lazy day charity shopping with Chris (our favourite past time). There has been a lot of lazy day recently as I am just so tired all the time. A cyst on my ovary has been playing up for about a month (I really just want it to burst and suffer that pain so I can stop feeling so run down) and is making me just want to curl up in a foetal position- so to counter balance that I have been throwing myself into work to distract myself doing 40-50 hour weeks. Constant distractions are working but not helping with my fatigue.

I love these high waisted pants (that I have blogged about before) and have become a bit of a go-to item. It makes me very happy to know as its becoming colder velvet is going to be flooding the shops (more fuel to my addiction!!!) and I honestly can't wait.

Rosaline from Unlovable Lingerie has stepped up her game and is going to produce a whole new line! which is although exciting means that these fantastic pants are now longer available. On the other hand the first pair from ASOS Marketplace are a very close match, and the third is just plain beautiful and I really like the second as a more conservative pair too! 

Jodie x

Friday, 21 September 2012


Listening to: Not Fade Away- The Rolling Stones

As mentioned I attended london Fashion week day 2 last Saturday- and I had a blast! A warning now this post will be very long and image heavy.

After having the massive wardrobe drama of my DIY studded grters suddenly no longer fitting (I had somehow lost nearly an inch on my thighs in 72 hours) but a bit of pre-planning resulted on me changing on the train. Many dirty looks later- and a run in with 12-ish middle aged football fans -who asked me if I was in costume, and if my boyfriend enyoyed me dresssing like that (who failed to see the homour in answering "not nearly as much as I like him to wear it") and leaving them to giggle like children to walk between stations- I made my way to meet Hannah and Kavita who deserve a MASSIVE thank you for putting up with me all day, especially how tired I was from Being at work all week and a gig the night before.

The whole point to the day was to see Jasper Garvida S/S 2013 show. I LOVED the experience (althogh could'nt help but feel I didn't really belong threre and my seat woyuld be better given to someone more in the fashion biz).

The collection was heavily inspitred by the 60's- I was half expecting Twiggy to strut down the catwalk! I loved the oversized Jewel shaped assessories (I WANT THEM ALL) paired with the slick back hair and dramatic eyeliner (but otherwise very minimal makeup) both of which I can't wait to recreate. My fav look by far had to be the all black and whhite leopard print dress with the big round glasses- can I please have that dress?

The shapes of the dresses gently comlimented the models shape- and to me looked very simple but elegant. The big sequins (the noise!) , black, white, and beige colour skheme and panelling. It just looks so wearable! I secretly want my mum to seriously think about one of these dresses for my sisters wedding next year as they look fab on the models and would look great on her.

Que floating around Somerset House where I was near constantly jumping out of phototgraphers ways taking photos of Hannah and Kavita (who both looked amazing!!!please check out there outfit photos aand LFW roundup), Kavita could barely take a breath without someone asking for a photo. I loved tehexperience- there was soem wamaizng street style  and I was practivcally kicking mydself for forgetting my camera. Plus I got to meet the beautiful Laura in the flesh (serious shoe and hair envy).

Being packed with people we went to take refuge in the Rimmel Bloggers lounge- where everyyone was sipping on champague and snakck (I politly turned down having to drive home and not hungry in excitment), and allowed me to have a bit of a wonder about. I met some amazing bloggers such as FrithaSue, Harriet, Georgina and Hannah ;and had my eyes opend to the world of blogging. All I can say is everyone I met are 1000 times more friendly then on their blogs (and considering how nice they all are that is a lot of kindness floating about the lonuge).

I had my makeup and nails freshened up but a Lovely MUA (whos name I have comepletly forgot) who was kind enough to not only give me a massive goody bag full of products (and when i say full I mean there is a lot inluding the new Kate Moss lipsticks, foundation and BB cream) and explain them all to me so I can use them to their fullest extent. Plus a general chat about all things makeup and London.

Fake tan I am not sure I will ever use, the lighter coloured BB cream is AMAZING!! very light but thick and a very close match to my skin (unlike others I have tried which are a disgusting orange tone), and the darker BB cream the kind MUA suggested using as a concealer- and works brilliantly, and my matched foundation which is a super close match for what I need and lasted comfortably all day (but I still prefer my MAC)
Beautiful lip tints- the pink is a lot darker than it looks and lasted all day!( I tested them on the back of my hand and woke up woth two clear lines on Sunday) 
Kate Moss' new collection. If you buy one lipstick this year it has to be one of these! theyre someth to apply, soft and an amazing colour set. I have been wearing the Nude colour pretty much all week and i cannot praise it enough. Nudes never looked right on me- they were always too ornage or too pink but this is the perfect shade. I am converted. I can't wait to wear the others out. 
I have never tried gel eyeliner before- and I am so happy that the kind MUA took her  time to explain these to me. The brushes are soft, the colours are great and they last ALL day with no problems. The dark blue has become my 'work' eyes and I look forwad to using the purple. 
These are very soft, but the colour mix isn't completely me. i like the black (of course) and the purple is nice but I'm not entirely sure if i will be using the rest- I think these will mostly end up in my sisters makeup bag. 
I have not yet to use the wake up foundation sample so I can't really comment on it but what I can say is I hate this mascara. It has a funny brush with a bit at the end to reach into the  corners. What a useless invention! All it has resulted in is making the usable portion of the brush a tiny cm long, and even then it was rubbish. 
Finally a beautiful selection of nail varnishes- I love the 'Dorothy' glitter red, and the pale metallic I had the honour of having painted on my nails. Excellent.

After a VERY long break we went back to Somerset House so Hannah and Kavita could take some street style and outfit posts. Que hilarious moment when Hannah got down on her knees to take Kavitas picture to be surrounded my other photographers stealing  her shot. (Also a very nice man asked for a picture of my legs to take a photo for a hosiery feature- woo go me!). Hannah also kindly took some snaps of me -I felt like a star.. although she was clearly the only one taking my photo- do people not realise how attractive I am??

Hairband: DIY
Necklace: eBay
Socks: Primark
Garters: DIY
Shoes: Not sure
Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Links of London, Not sure, and Prairie Charms
Bag: River Island
Nails: Rimmel

The day was topped of with getting into the Kodak lounge for Issa London with Hannah, Kavita, Laura and two deligthful men we met- one of which is an amazing designer Isais Ponce (who had on the most amazing shirt and you should all look at his work). In contrast to the first show this was all colour, and beautiful flowing maxi dresses and a very oriental feel. Also in contrast was makeup and hair- bright lips and smooth 'knotted' updos. Beautiful. All the models looked liked Goddesses.

Images from The Fashion Spot

Then it was time to head home- in which I mean I headed to South London for a gig, then back too Harlow and the Square where I had a horrible experience with someone trying to  get into my car.

My first LFW experience was amazing and I can't wait for the next and too meet all the wonderful bloggers I spent time with to meet again.
Jodie x

Monday, 17 September 2012


Listening to: Here (In Your Arms)- Hellogoodbye

Sometimes a weekend is just not long enough! Friday after work I went straight to Chelsmford for Chris gig (see the video here if interested), then Saturday I spent in London for day 2 of London fashion week (post will be up as soon possible once I get all my thoughts in order) and had an AMAZING time. I can barely putt into words how much fun I had seeing the shows and looking at all the street style but mostly meeting all the lovely bloggers (thank you girls for putting up with me!!). After that I went to South London (near Canning town) for another gig then back home to Harlow and the Square; where I had an awful experience leaving earlyish on my own where someone tried to get into my car tugging the handle and knocking on the window and then a man staring at me with his trousers undone. Chris had to come save me as I was to scared to start my car.

Yesterday I spent a very tired day (exhausted from the previous days activities) altering clothing, food shopping while my parents are away, and cooking an very tasty veggie curry for me and Chris.

One such item I altered was a sheer jacket. It came with a sequined patten over the front lapels but I am petrified of wearing sequined clothing. I am convinced that they will break off and get buried into my skin. It took me hours to carefully removed one by one and place it firmly into Chris had for safe keeping and disposal, with several breaks for snacks; and I  nearly cried when i dropped a sequin on my lap and Chris had to find it. I have no idea where my fear of them have come from but I can have them on clothing.

Today I've been doing the last of my weekend chores, and had to drive the 3 hour round trip to uni to drop of a letter (as they ever have not received the first or just don't feel like replying- I suspect the later).

Jacket: eBay and altered
Dress: Topshop
High Waisted Velvet Pants: Unlovable Lingerie
Shoes: DIY
Necklace: Gift
Bag: River Island

I love this lace dress but feel like I never wear it often enough- mostly because as its lace I worry about it catching on things, but partly because its a maxi and slightly sheer I can't help to be a bit 'bare' with what I wear underneath and constantly get comments about putting on some clothes.

I like this look. I love the sheer maxi look. This sheer number from American Apparel will feel very much at home in my wardrobe, and I am very tempted to buy this petite number  from ASOS too (although think I will be way too tall). Chris if you are reading this I would very much like this peach maxi- but in a size that will fit me, can you get your eagle eyes onto this task.

Jodie x

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Listening to: Love Buzz- Nirvana

Exciting news: I have won a show ticket will be going to London Fashion Week on Friday and I am VERY excited. I've been following all the excitement via twitter and literally cannot wait!

This jumper is my all time favourite jumper I own, and is my go-to item as soon as I walk in through the door, and I treat it somewhere between a jumper and a jacket.


My nan knitted it for me without measuring me, and was honest that she knitted it a 'little' big (I joked when she gave it to me if she had knitted it for my dad). It honestly was not THIS over sized when she knitted it but after losing weight and stretching its now as shown. I love it! This is the sort of thing I wear on lazy days- where I have no plan in the world of the house.

Jumper: Knitted by my Nan
Dress: H&M
Socks: Primark
Garters: DIY
Creepers: Camden
Necklace: Topman

I don't think you can go wrong with an everyday baggy jumper- and I am incredibly lucky my nan knitted me one. But if you were looking for something similar (or I am hoping next Christmas jumper) these are the ones I like.

I really like the two-tone effect of the first from ASOS Marketplace (and the unusual 'cut' of colour), and how versatile the second is; but I LOVE the colour of the third and especially its cropped sleeves.

I also wanted to show you my awesome eyebrows! I love adding a hint of colour to my brows but I realised I tend not to show you. So here they are in all their Petrol glory (eyeliner is from Topshop). Blue and purple tinted eyebrows are becoming my thing.

You can easily see in these photos that I have quite an obvious lazy eye going on. I have always had a little bit of an uneven-ness but it get worse when I'm tired- and I have been EXHAUSTED these last few weeks. A mixture of work (hours and stress), and a cyst on my ovary has been playing up massively (just burst already) leaving me a bit fatigued; I've been dressing for comfort as soon as I get home to unwind. I don't really mind having an unsymmetrical face but knowing that I can prevent it is annoying to say the least. I need a holiday.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Reading: Lady Chatterley's Lover- D.H. Lawremce  

You might remember in this post I featured my DIY garters- and here they are!

These where partly a practical DIY (my socks are always falling down!) but mostly I was inspired by the following...

... and if you don't feel up to making them your self, Creepyyeha has some amazing garters, as does Gigi L'Amours, Sacred Latex, and the amazing Swan Clothing

The were simple enough to make (when you don't accidentally sew on one half of the popper the wrong way) and was made from a thick elastic (about an inch thick), thin elastic (about half an inch thick), suspender hooks, black thread and clothes poppers.

1) Using the thin elastic stitch one end onto the suspender hooks (check the size of the elastic you need before you buy it). I got ALL of these supplies from Hobby craft.
2) make four of these suspenders leaving at least 2 inches extra then the lenght you want (if that makes sense) to attach to the wider elastic.
3) cut a length of the thicker elastic- I cut it to the width on my thigh so when overlapped for the poppers will be tight. I measured both thighs as my thighs are not even but this doesn't really matter.
4) fold over the end of the thick elastic slightly (so it make a neat edge) and sew on a popper to either side. Ensure that the elastic loops for the garter around your leg- so one popper is attached to one side of the elastic and the other popper to the other side. Not what I done the first time and had to unstich and re-sew it.

5) next make a loop on the end of all the suspenders so the loop is only SLIGHTLY bigger than the garter (so it sits nicely). You can attach these straight onto the garter but I wanted to make so I can adjust the suspender position if sitting uncomfortably.
6) Two suspenders attach to either garter
7) and you're done!

Now my plan is to make extra garter loops that I can customise with studs ect.
Jodie x

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Listening to: Jolene- The White Stripes (Live)

Today me and Chris are going to enjoy a VERY lazy day at home relaxing after a hard day at work (in which I forgot to release my shifts to be paid next week- oh) and the weekend. Friday night we went out for a curry (which for the first time in my life I couldn't finish) and drinks with friends. It was a fantastic night (up until a bit of drama from an argument which I still have no real idea of what happened) but resulted in me getting home at 5am. My parents went away at 6:30am  so I stayed up and regretted it all of yesterday. I was in a bit of a mild doze all day.

After buying those wedge sneakers in my previous post which I wouldn't usually wear (but have worn pretty much all week) I felt like trying a few other items I wouldn't usually try.

I used to hate halternecks- like seriously hate them anywhere near my body. I was convinced (quite rightly too) that they emphasised my chest and as such made it look bigger and generally get oogled by men more often. I never bought or wore one since I turned 12 (which is the time i started to develop a chest and was an uncomfortable 34C). I even hated bikini tops and refused to go uncover out of the water.

I love the pin up look, and my hair/makeup is constantly influenced by it as well as my clothing choices. I love pencil skirts, and headscarves and red lipstick until the day I die! But I turned away from tops and dresses for the majority. Being mostly halternecks (they are the prettiest ones!!) I shied away from them fearing that they would once again lead me to be the shy 12 year old who would cry every evening onto her pillow begging everyone to stop my chest from growing (it finally has, at the age of 22 and now settled to a 32G/H- and I'm glad to say that other than the occasional hatred of ill fitting clothes and weekly backaches I'm finally comfortable). Strapless I can do but halternecks to me seemed to be forever banished.

This all changed meeting my new mint dress.

Floating around Camden at the weekend my boyfriend once again pointed out a beautiful array of pin-up style dresses- and in particular 3 or 4 halter necks. (Its important to note he was NOT shopping for himself and does know my fear of halternecks but also knows how I like the style). Before I could pull him away the kind stall holder had reached for the dress were were staring at most fondly (in the size I needed) and was forcing me into it. Once it was on I had to have it (and thought if i really hated the halter neck I could just remove it).

This is Chris and me- exhausted after our day trip in London- out for his  cousins birthday drinks (other than me being the sober one there was many sore heads the next day). 

Dress: Camden
Shoes: Vans
Studded bracelet and Cat ring: Topshop
Jacket: DIY
Bag: River Island
Necklace: Gift

I love the dress- the way it compliments my curves, and gingham print, and the fullness of the skirt.

Maybe I've been ever-so-slightly converted. There is something about the way pin-up clothing is cut that is almost modest across the chest. Is it possible that I might like halternecks? maybe I should branch out a bit more and try a few of these examples. Such as this leopard dress, or this tiki dress, or the red number.

If any of my family is reading this- I particularly like the blue dress.
Jodie x