Monday, 31 December 2012


Listening to: Twist and Shake- the Beatles.

This time last year I was in the midst of losing weight so completely ignored the post Christmas sales (what was the point when I would have to buy new clothes again soon?) and I wish I had the same attitude this year. Good sale bargains seem not to exsist (or I'm looking in the wrong place). The vouchers I received this year have gone on essentials.

The only things I have got from the sales are a pair of leggings and this dress (both from Chris). I have nicknamed this my "Babes in Toyland" dress as I can 100% see
Kate Bjelland in this. Chris is always picking these style dresses up for me to try (he lives them) but I can never seem to get the style to fit properly- I'm very glad he spotted this :) I have already earmarked it for a London Fashion Week look . I dressed it really simply here to really show it off.

Dress: Topshop (similar still in store)
Shoes: American Eagle (from charity shop)
Headband: Topshop
Bag: River Island 
 Tights: Primark
 Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
 Lipstick: MAC- Pro Longwear Lipcream in Extended Play 

I will be honest with you- this is a maternity dress, and I have never had a better fitting dress! Having a large chest (out if proportion to my back size and waist) dresses cut awkwardly across my chest . But this is so roomy! The side seems actually cut across the sides of my body rather than across my boobs like most dresses I own. Plus it actually draws in at my waist and falls (rather than again on my boobs)'. I hope big chested girls understand me and realise how much I love the chest on this dress.

The only Drawback is I worry about the length- it's designed for maternity so is cut giving bump room and worried that makes the length seem uneven- what do you think?

If you love the shape (but aren't a little odd like me and shops in maternity sections of clothing stores- it does make some awkward questions) then I am too utilising these beauties. The lace collar and sleeves on this dress from Topshop screams Elegance to me, and this contrast collared dress from New Look (yummy), or this chic all black number from River Island.

Today being New Years Eve you must be asking what I'm up to- I am staying in with cider, homemade Chinese, Chris and Dylan. I'm really looking forward to it! In terms IF New Years resolutions I'm not usually one to make them- I think if you want to change you start straight away (I started dieting over Christmas after all last year, and when I wanted a full time job supposed to agency working in October that's exactly what I went out and got) but this year I am determined to save and stop dipping into my tattoo fund! Anyone else got a good resolution?
Jodie x

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Reading: This side of paradise- F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Let me start by saying I DO NOT think this is the only career paths available, but I really like the quote - and really enjoying this book so far .

I' 've been feeling quite low recently- I' m not sure if it's because I have been feeling so unwell or what but I feel incredibly lonely . I spend a LOT of time on my own as of late and I don't like it. Yesterday I walked around and done shopping alone and although I bought some amazing skincare products and conditioner (mostly from the Body Shop), but this was after realising that I had left my purse at hone and had to walk home and back again as I didn't have the change in my bag :( Once home I still felt awful, and edned up in bed early with a bottle of fruit cider and some pasta.

I feel slightly better as I'm writing this on my dogs with Dylan curled up on my feet (the best dog in the world) so I am sure I will snap out of this funk. The thing that did cheer me up was how cosy I felt!

Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
 Wool Jumper: DIY
Dress: Primark
Tights and Scarf: Primark
 Boots: Dr Martens
 Bag: River Island (similar here )

Such a cosy and casual outfit- I love winter as I get to layer all of my clothes into a little cacoon. 

I'm still in two minds weather to alter this jacket and stick a million and one studs on it and leaving it- I bought it purposely to DIY but I have fallen in love with its oversized simplicity, and I can't seem to dare ruin it . As mine was from a charity shop it's sort of the only one- but this one from Mind the Mustard and this one from Waiste or the third also from Mind the Mustard.

Jodie x

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Listening to: On A Plain- Nirvana

So Christmas is over once again, I`m back to work tomorrow (just in time for . my annual festive plague to clear up), and its nearly 2013. I say plague- it's not that bad, but by the time I finish work Christmas Eve I've come down with something that is bound to disappear for work tomorrow (its my bodies way of saying I shouldn't and time off).

I cant wait to read and see what everyone got up to- I find it interesting that everyone celebrates so differently . This was the first year I didn't work in a bar Christmas Eve so after a few alcohol free drinks with my patents and grandparents it was bed time for me, to be woken up early by my sister for us all to open our stockings in our PJs :)

I have a feeling we're alone in this but we don't open our tree presents until after dinner, which we went to the John Barleycorn in Essex and once again served an inedible vegetarian meal- but a few glasses of champagne took the edge off my hunger . 

We ended up opening our gifts at about 3:30pm by which time Friends had unwrapped watches and iPads, Hellboubds and Jeffery Cambells, and one was even in labour :) I'm not going to give you a list of all I received (I'm not rubbing it in anyone face less fortunate) but all I will say is I received a LOT mote than I deserved. It was then time for a few board games, supper (I was starving) , Chris to arrive from his family Christmas, more games and bed for the day . 

Boxing day this year was just me and Chris and we decided to go shopping (for the first time ever) to spend the vouchers I received from Chris (yay Topshop and Lush) at Lakeside- then again home for supper and lots of games with the returning family (which me and Chris won Trivial Pursuit- final question being about Dr Who). The night ended with that game you write a celebrity on someones head and me and Chris both had the same idea so there was two Brian Blessed at the table -one was Chris which completely threw off his game.

Hair Slides: Crown & Glory
 Earrings: Topshop
Faux Fur: New Look
 Snood & Tights: Primark
 PU Skater Skirt: Boohoo
Faux Fur Bag: River Island
Shoes: Missguided
 Tee: Topshop

The skirt I picked to receive as my Christmas present from my parents- and I am very glad I choose this style skater skirt! at how well it billows out even after a long drive . I know when I picked this skirt it was a hard choice between this one from Missguided, or this also from Missguided or this from New Look.

In the end I figured that the one from Boohoo would look 'puffier' as its a more box shape and I know I made the right choice. My Boots have barely left my feet- although are paying for it now (hello lovely scratches), and the tee was a gift from my sister and her fiance. When I opened it she stressed strongly that although I was a massive geek (thanks) it wasn't a bad thing- and I have decided that I wear it ironically (in which I am not one of those girls who spent years bulling me and has bought it as its purely from Topshop). It's not something I would have bought myself but the material its made from and the sleeves are beautiful so I have already fallen in love with it :)

A massive sorry there is a lack of photos from any celebrations- i just get too into gaming and spending time with my family to think about picking up my camera- although my mum took a few snaps so hopefully there will be a few to share soon.

How did everyone else spend there day? Did you get anything special?
Jodie x

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Listening to: Hit The Road Jack- Ray Charles.

Sorry once again for the lack of blogging- although the unit i am on is closed Christmas and Boxing day being a hospital it has been manic these last week. I am very much looking forward to cutting down my hours too only 37.5 a week in the new year- as i have finally applied for the job I've been doing for the last year (and if I don't get it there will be hell to pay).

Last night was a busy night, I went to a men's waxing charity event (where I volunteered Chris of course) run by my friend Lucinda in prep for her running the London marathon (please read this link and donate if you feel like it- its for an amazing cause). Then to a gig with a few friends bands- which started out as a nightmare (where the bands and 60+ supporters were forced to leave because of 1 or 2 rude men- they said goodbye to a grand or two) and relocated (to what I can remember as a rough pub) and ended up having a very good night.

This is what I ended up wearing- I thought it was only right that i supported the boys and got my legs out.

Dress: DIY (originally Topshop)
Sheer Jacket: eBay
Bag: River Island (similar here)
Bracelets: Thomas Sabo and Prairie Charms
Shoes: Iron Fist
Socks DIY
Swallow Earrings: Topshop
Shoes: Missguided
Lips: Kiss Of Life (Kate Moss for Rimmel)

I have completely fallen in love with this lipstick- its colour and staying power is amazing! But after being on my feet all night in slippery socks my feet are aching this morning, and someone split a pint of beer all over my dress :(

I love my sheer jacket and have been wearing it almost every time I go out in the evening. I remember how hard it was to find (this one actually came with sequins I had to remove) but I have spotted a few on line. The first here is from Mind the Mustard (who I have been obsessing over on Lookbook at the moment), the second in from Dixi (and I like the extra detailing in it), or an alternative to black- this purple number form Nordic Poetry.

Jodie  x

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Reading: Agnes Grey- Anne Bronte.

Today feels a little warmer then the past week- and a lot more windy. I feel a shopping addiction will soon cause me to spend money I will never have now I have bought all of my Christmas shopping -minus Chris because I'm hoping he opts for the 'small and meaningful present' so I can ask for some pretty socks because I know he is the only one who would buy them for me (I have already bought him a present but it's not perfect so its getting returned). We usually do the 'big' present for our birthday and 'small' for Christmas because having our birthdays so close it just makes sense does anyone else do that?

What I did buy today is some new shampoo and face wash- and as I have run out of my Lush products and can't justify the trip to buy more I opted for some Aussie shampoo (which I only stopped using because EVERYONE in my family love to use it too) and Witch Exfoliating Facewash (which I don't remember ever trying before but I LOVE their Primer, BB cream and the Blemish Stick I have used since I was 12).

Neon Beanie: eBay
Jacket: Bay
Dress: DIY (originally Primark)
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Missguided
Bag: River Island (similar here, here or here)
Snood: Primark (similar here)
Lips: Chinchilla (No. 7) and Wine (Kate Moss for  Rimmel)

Hats are essential items this time of year- I need to keep in as much hair as I can and the damp wind if a nightmare! I'm once again wearing my neon yellow beanie with all black- I was going to wear my Crown and Glory Turban but I wanted to pull out the yellow stitching in my dress. As it is slightly warmer I finally left my furs at home and went for my very over worn Bay jacket too. The heels was a birthday present (which I choose) from Missguided.

I'll be honest I am one of those women who have been lusting over UNIF Hellbounds for a while now, much preferring them to the Jeffery Cambell Litas that every fashion blogger seems to own (other than me). It all fell down to the leg length.

I didn't like how the Litas fell below the ankle, much preferring the 'cut' of Hellbounds. But when Jeffery Cambell released the Big Lita- with the leather heel (much much nicer then the wooden one of the original Lita) it well and truly threw a spanner in the works. Now there was two pairs of very expensive shoes for me to lust over! But I knew my budget would never allow me to own them (never in my life can I justify spending over 100 pounds on shoes!).

Then Missguided released the beautiful Darby heels. It was love at first sight!

Like both the Hellbounds and Big Litas they laced up at the front, had a zip at the side for easy wear  and had the full block heel and cut on the ankle I like. On the plus side they were also a fraction of the price (40.99). Another plus is they have proper lace holes they're not going to slip undone (the biggest drawback to the style of the Hellbounds), have a more gentle curve that the Big Litas, and are faux leather (although that may be a drawback to you is the biggest reason I choose the Darbys). Downside is they're not as high as the other two, and the laces are coated so undo quite frequently unless you double knot them, and they're obviously not as cool as the Hellbound laces- but can be easily changed.

The Darbys are incredibly comfortable and the height is amazing (they make me roughly 6 foot 3, beinf 5 foot 7 bare foot), and although I love a stumble are easy to walk it (I haven't fallen once). You can see I have been wearing them quite frequently as I have just noticed they're mud splattered in the photos (at least you can't say I don't take 'real' outfit photos).

I honestly feel I have made the right choice with choosing the Missguided pair but I'm not naive and can obviously see the benefits of the other two that others will compare.

UNIF Hellbounds (from Dolls Kill), Darby (from Missguided), Jeffery Cambell Big Lita (from Nasty Gal).
Jodie x
P.S. The Darby Heels also come in black suede,  and brown leather.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Listening to: The Man Who Sold The World- Nirvana

Neon Beanie: eBay
Sheer Batwing Shirt: Primark
Bandeau: New Look
Skeleton Necklace: Topman
Velvet Skirt: Charity shop (similar here)
Socks: Primark
Garters: DIY
Creepers: Camden (Similar here)

I was also wearing a jacket but I hated all the photos- but rest assured I'm not crazy going out so under dressed.

It has got a lot colder this week and I have gone hat crazy- wearing them to work and back, for walks and even in my own room (as its freezing in here!). I love my new neon yellow beanie- buying one has been on my mind since London Fashion Week when I met the beautiful and kind Kavita from She Wears Fashion.

She looks absolutely amazing in everything she wears but the looks with her neon yellow beaning really catches my eyes ( I honestly cannot pick out my favourite outfits of hers but these looks really inspired me to buy one). If you don't read her blog or stalk follow her on lookbook you're missing out on a whole lot of girl crushing inspiration, plus after meeting her in person I can honestly say she is one of the friendliest people  in the world and absolutely gorgeous. I actually planned to post this blog post when I woke up at 8am but after searching for a link to Kavitas blog (to rightly give her credit for inspiration)  I got completely distracted reading it and ended up clearly having to show her a bit of much deserved love.

All photos are from She Wears Fashion (so all credit belongs to Kavita), and can be found (clockwise) here, here, here and here.

I know I can't pull it off nearly as well as her but I love my new beanie. Of course I want more- I'm a woman who loves hats I won't be happy until I am the Old Lady Who Lives In A Hat (like that 'Old Lady Who Lives In A Shoes' nursery rhyme). I love this camo version from Skullduggery, and this black masterpiece from the Ragged Priest (does want override need?), and honestly think I need this Doll beanie from Nikki Lipstick. I could happily wear a different hat everyday of the year.

Sorry I have once again been slack on blogging, there is just so much stuff going on at the moment!
Jodie x

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Reading: Agnes Grey- Anne Bronte

Stripe Dress: H&M
Goddess crop top: DIY
Tights: Primark
Bracelet: Priarie Charms (simillar here)
Felt Bowler hat: H&M (similar here)
Velvet choker: eBay (similar here)
Skeleton necklace: Topman
Faux fur coat: New Look (similar here)
Bag: River Island
Lips: Tribalist from MAC (similar here)

I wore this putfit for last mijnute Christmas shopping (and as an excuse not to wear a bra for the day).

I'm glad I haave finally finished all my shopping but this last week has be SO expensive- I completely forgot that I had to tax my car for a year, and get an MOT (it was actually due and I hadn't realised so cue some frantic organising and awful puplic trasnport), plus my birthday activity (going to Winter Wonderland) and its my sisters birrthday (as we are twins) and my Grandads this month. On the plus side I saw my dear friend Sadie Sinner preform and host in a burlesque show on Thursday (info here) and then slept the majority of the last 24 hours.

I love my furry black bag, and although its seen slightly better days its still my go to bag and has featured in nearly all my posts! I'm torn between retiring it to special occasions and buying a new one and just wearing it until it dies then spending several  days crying over my loss. Chris bought it for me for my 21st and its the best birthday present I have ever got- being so close to Christmas I tend to ask for something smakl for my birthday so this was a lovely (and very spoilt) gift. When ever I get cpompliemnts over it (which is everytime I wear it) I practically shout at them that Chris bought it for me. The funny story of how this was bouught for me was I actually went to New York for my birthday and the day after I arrived I got a text from Chris saying "just had an x-ray :)". Yes the smilie face was included. After several hours i managaed to call him and he had crushed his foot. So had to go and buy this bag in crutches when I returned as I tried to sleep off my jet lag.

I can't leave that boy alone obviously.

Looking at a possible replacemtn for my bag (so he can only be used for special occasions) I finally found similar products. This beauty from Dorothy Perkins is practically mines cousin- perfectly slouchy and can carry the kitchen sink like mine. Topshop can never go wrong for a good bag, but my favorite has to be this one from H&M- which I spotted in store and is possibly the most reasonable price as well as being very cute.
It's an unwritter law that a black bag will go with everything, but can be a little... unexciting. A furry black bag brings a new texture to the look and changed what can be a dull look to something special. Plus as I like to wear mainly black the contracting texture really helps.
Jodie x

Monday, 3 December 2012


Listening to: Best of You- Foo Fighters

After watching Pretty Woman last week i have been obsessed with having 'hooker hair' that is leaving my hair to curl naturally in its ginger state like Vivienne. I will be honest in this cold weather I'm not going to wait for my hair to dry all on its own and  been going at it with a diffuser (which I haven't used since my hair was 'long' when I was 11 or 12? I still had blond hair so it was a LONG time ago). It's not quite as curly as it can go but it's pretty close- I have the Davey blessing of hair growing out as well as down so it looks like I have put my hand in a plug socket when it is really natural; a mass of ringlets and waves. Plus considering a drop of moisture in the air makes my hair curl, going out with it like this is a lot easier.

Feather hair clips: Crown and Glory
Crop Top: DIY (similar here)
Belt: New Look
Galaxy Skirt: Boohoo (similar here)
Tights: Primark
Scarf: Not Sure- knotted by me.

To keep my hair reasonably under control I HAD to use my lovely feather bobby pins from Crown and Glory.
I love them :) They are just beautifully made and the bobby pin is quite thick so could even tame my hair. But the best part is that as the feather is placed right at the end of the pin I can maximise the useful part of the pin and still show off all the feather.

In my mind I see the outfit as channelling a bit of Vivienne with the blue skirt and crop, but of course a lot more casual and me (I love black clothing). I wore this outfit for a lazy day around the house and a trip to Sainsburys to buy some ingredients to make me and Chris an amazing meal of Homemade chili noodle soup and satay sauce (just in case the soup was horrible we could dip the ingredients in the sauce). Loved it! Chris actually said it was better than what our local noodle bar offers. Shame it didn't last nearly long enough to have a photo but there will be a next time. Like I have mentioned before, I tend to wear skirts and tights to relax at home and this beautiful galaxy skirt from Boohoo is possibly my favourite at the moment. The material is lovely and soft, relatively warm and just stretchy enough to be both body con and relaxed.

The crop top was just a  tee I cut into a crop. I love crop tops and I literally want about 100 more, especially in black. My favourite at the moment are the Linda (I love the mesh sleeves) crop from Motel Rocks, the Diana (I think these is my fav, I just love the shoulder-less-ness and the long sleeves) crop from Motel Rocks, the Zella (its velvet!!) crop from Missguided and the Dayna (which I have seen everywhere) crop from Missguided. I am very happy that this trend has carried over from the S/S season.

Jodie x

Saturday, 1 December 2012


Listening to: Big Me- Foo Fighters

Last Saturday was my boyfriends 23rd birthday- and besides drinking FAR too much it was an amazing night. I don't really drink so it was a nice break to let my hair down. We started off at our local Wetherspoons and then moved onto the Square. The Square is probably the best live music venue in Essex! and I've been going there since I was about 12 or 13 and I swear it hasn't changed. I mean its got a new lick of paint (read amazing new decor) and everyone has got a bit older but it still feels just as welcoming.

I was completely lost of what to wear as it was chilly (don't worry I had my Boohoo cape thrown over all of this) but as it gets really hot in the Square I wanted to be able to strip layers off. We stupidly thought 'as its just the two of us we won't be going outside into the smoking area' and left our coats behind reception. Bad move- we met some friends and some people I haven't met/seen in forever and ended up standing in horizontal rain for about an hour. Plus Chris lost me in a pool match to a pipe smoking man (he never collected his prize), and I fell down the stairs and still have a massive bruise on my bum.

Velvet Dress: eBay (similar here)
Sheer Jacket: eBay (similar here)
Socks: Primark
Skeleton Necklace: Topman
Studded Garters: DIY
Bottle Green Velvet Turban: Crown and Glory
Liner in Eyebrows: Petrol liner form Topshop (similar here in mystery)
Lipstain: Rimmel 1000 kisses in Nothing but nude

As soon as this turban came through my door I knew I had to wear it at the soonest possible moment so it was always going to be part of the outfit. Being such a striking colour (its so BEAUTIFUL), velvet and the most amazing fit (even over rain forced curly hair) I wanted to show it off at its best in an all black outfit.

If you remember I also bought the beautiful Wine turban from Crown and Glory but I haven't even given it a second glance as of yet. But that doesn't mean I haven't got my eye on another turban- its just choosing which. Obviously I would like one in black or a dark colour but now do I go for this amazing pick form Crown and Glory (as I know I will love it!) or this grey number form Missguided or this black knitted one from ASOS.

I realised this week that I own A LOT of make up and beauty products. As in my makeup box has broken plus a whole draw full is overflowing. Exssesive I know. But I feel like I 'need' all of it.

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (which although has a lot of more serious side effects) leaves me with the skin of a teenage boy. It's acne city on my body and after years of rubbish treatments that never worked, being told that I 'don't take care of myself', and hoping I will one day grow out of it I have accepted that I won't anytime soon. But that's not to say It hasn't improved. The main problem was almost anything I put on my skin made it sting and flare up. But I've completely changed my routine, updated all my products and not only seeing results but have been  able to cover it so much better! It has lifted my mood SO much and I am so glad I no longer want to go at it with a cheese grater when it feels like acid has been pored over  my skin

That's the explanation for the very smiley face- my skin looks so good! So I am going to start posting a few beauty posts- starting off with  my amazing Witch Primer :)
Jodie x