Thursday, 31 January 2013


Listening to: Holiday- Madonna

Last night I went to the Essex Style Show at Luxe bar in Loughton - massive let down.

I don't know where to start. It STANK of vomit (really it  was all you could smell), the stalls where all over the place so you  barely move and there was a massive fake tan stall RIGHT in front  the bar- which was clearly understocked and charged £5 for a small  glass of wine! There was meant to be a fashion show (ha)- I feel sorry for the models who where made to stand and wait in the street then ran through the bar in a conga line! It was clearly over sold as such actually looking at he majority of the stalls was impossible- and such a lack of photos.

Me and Chris  ended up chatting to some of the stall owners moaning outside so we werent alone thinking it as awful.

But  the plus side we actually spent a good evening together even though we stuck out like a sore thumb, and I did see a few awesome Essex based brands I liked- and I'm going to spend my day off stalking them online. Fortunately the majority of the crowd was swarming around things coveted in sequins so me and Chris could have a good look at the things I liked.

I LOVED Pip Jolley. Plus Pip was a pleasure to say hello to.

All the drive home I couldn't stop talking about their beautiful pin roller necklace. I jumped right on their site as soon as I got home. Possibly my favourite (its hard to choose) is this pink vintage curler, I love at vintage pieces are given a new life like this, and love this cutey in green. I wish I had £180 for this beautiful ring :,(

Plus Pip and her model were wearing beautiful dresses from Vivien of Hollway which are unbelievable- all of a sudden I want to get married to wear one of their bridal gowns.

Clothing wise I loved MKD rocks- Chris loved it too as not only were their styles amazing but were the only stall with anything for the men. Plus the kind ladies on the stall were really nice (basically if a brand wants to appeal to me- be nice to me), and had amazing jackets on.

Look at those Beanies! and that squiggly/ zebra dress! All the customided Denim made me and Chris very happy- possibly our favourite item was this  shirt, and this skull embellished dyed dress, and this denim jacket.

Me and Chris felt a bit uncomfortable so left quite early and chatted the whole way home about the things we liked (Pip Jolley and MKD Rocks mostly).

I suppose I better show you what I wore- I apologise for the awful lighting.

Shirt: Charity Shop
Skirt: Boohoo
Bag: River Island 
Shoes: Missguided
Oversized denim jacket: charity shop

It's my Ragged Priest beanie again (barely left my head!) and my favourite heels from Missguided. My favourite bit of the whole outfit is my Crown and Glory bow tie. There's not a great deal I can say about my look today but I thought it would be "safe" at the show but I still felt out of place.
Jodie x

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Listening to: Lucky Star- Madonna 

So the snow has melted and today it has felt slightly warmer- I don't think Essex is going to be covered again any time soon :,( This is the last of my snow featured outfits- and the perfect chance to try out the white dress that's been hanging in my wardrobe for a few months (I'm a bit too messy to  white usually- I get eyeliner everywhere).

 White Silk Dress: Charity Shop
Sheer Tights: Primark
Faux Fur Coat: New Look (similar here)
Snood: Primark (similar here)
Leg Warmers: Clairs Assesories
Flatforms: Office 
Lips: Kate Moss Matte for Rimmel- Kiss Of Life
Bag: River Island (similar here)

In case you were wondering- yes I was FREEZING without my coat, these photos were the only two  could bear to take. But I wanted to show off he flare of the dress.

Yes its another outfit with my faux fur River Island bag (I really love it) and my all time favourite Kate Moss Lipstick. I physically can't stop wearing this lippy- its just perfect!

I've become one  those girls who wears leg warmers (I wish I could find my old ones).  These were bought with a voucher from Chris aunt and uncle for Christmas (who are both AMAZING and can't make me feel anymore part if the family than they already do- all of Chris' family are awesome) and was the prefect choice. Now I have lovely warn ankles, but do look like I should be in a 90s dance class (I have a 90s throwback theme going on lately).

The beanie was a gift for myself as a "congratulations on getting your new job" sort of thing, I love the black but how great does the burgundy and grey look?

Plus the Ragged Priest have THE BEST customer service. I had a missed call at work abd when I replied it was them- they rang me to confirm  address (as I entered the wrong postcode) and I have never had that before! Usually companies either send it without checking or send you an email that then takes ages to get sorted.

I cannot rate the Ragged Priest highly enough. Check them out. (Plus its free delivery to the UK, and their stock is both fantastic and super high quality).
Jodie x

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Listening to: Forgiven- Alanis Morissette

You know how I was moaning about never having a day off to play in the snow? guess who has 6 holiday shifts to take off before the end of January? Me! That means I have had today, tomorrow and the whole weekend off :)

Please let it snow in Essex this weekend.

These days off have not come soon enough- I'm very busy planning my sister's hen do which I can quite easily see becoming a new business. I'm brilliant at this- I can't wait for August. (I'm not going to share any of the details here as she reads this- but it's going to be perfect).

I am available to hire :D

I also need to find somewhere to buy underwear for her wedding (I need a strapless bra/corset for the bridesmaid dress- if anyone can suggest something plain so won't have visible bumps in the dress and available in a 32G let me know) and arrange London Fashion Week plans, and chase up my job information and clear my wardrobe and alter a TON of clothes... it's going to be a busy few days.

Today I went to buy some hair essentials- a LOT of bobby pins and some Aussie leave in conditioner  which I'm becoming a massive fan of these last few months.

This is what I wore today.

Leggings: Topshop
 Vest: Primark
 Infinity Scarf: Gift
 Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Bracelet: Gift
 Bag: River Island (similar here)
Creepers: Camden (similar here)
Lipstick: Kate Moss for Rimmel- Kiss of Life

I'm decided that it is about time I started being a bit braver with what I wear and try out the whole patterned leggings/trousers/Jean things. These Topshop leggings are from my parents for Christmas and are pretty much perfect for what I wanted :) but I do feel a little like a 90s skier.

Plus look it's an outfit without my black snood (which I still firmly love) exchanged for this light blue infinity scarf (nearly a snood) which my nan gave me for Christmas last year (and I'm 80% sure she made). It really brings out the blue in my leggings. The jacket and bag are beginning massively over worn (too much love for them) but they're here to stay.

I feel 100% more confident to wear bright bottoms now and have reinforced my need fir bright bottoms . I feel near tears as the beauties from Motel Rocks are no longer available online :(( But I am drippling over these beauties- the Skeleton print from Romwe, Galaxy print from Romwe and these Check pair from Topshop.

Sorry I've been a little absent again but all my free time has been absorbed with wedding and hen party plans, but now the event has been chosen I just need to chase up the attendees and get a new frock.
Jodie x

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Listening to: Head Over Feet- Alanis Morissette

I feel like in one if the rare few who have yet to be inconvenienced by the snow, I feel like my Twitter and Facebook news feed was full of people saying how they abandoned work/uni/their children's school and stayed curled up inside, where I drive to work (no problem what so ever the main roads where all gritted) and worked a long day as usual- I work in a building who's few Windows are frosted too keep the patients privacy do so would not have known it snowed if there wasn't a million snow related photos on Instagram (any animal with snow covered faces makes my heart melt).

Hospitals never close so apart from the apocalypse nothing gets in the way of me getting to work (I'm used to driving in the snow)- but I am BEYOND jealous! I've never got to play in the snow :( All I wanted to do was dance around in the falling snow but by the time I left the snow had stopped falling (apart from inside my car when I opened the door). I always miss the snow.

Does anyone else feel like they miss out in things because of work? I mean I'm lucky that I only work Mon- Fri 9-5, but I haven't had a holiday in 4 years so feel like I miss out on fun things :(

Today the snow was well and truly "ruined" (there was kids all over it and snowman and not picturesque in the slightest) but I still couldn't resist trampling makeover the patches of undisturbed snow I saw (saying "my snow, my snow, my snow" in my head) and driving past as many snow covered fields and trees I could :) I hope it snows a LOT tonight/tomorrow so I can go out and play in it with Dylan (he's learnt trampled snow won't stick to his feet as much as he hates having his feet dried- he is possibly the smartest dog in the world).

Thanks to Georgina (from The Weekend Trender) mentioning that snow amplifies colour and brightness (thank you!!) I had to see this in action- wow! Everything just pops out at me- I was very happy looking at them on the camera and even more once I had uploaded them onto my kindle fire- I'm so happy with my choice of setting (I am especially happy with the colours considering I don't edit my photos).

Dress: Motel Rocks
Creepers: Camden (similar here
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
 Faux Leather Gilet: River Island (similar here)
Tights and Socks: Primark
 Turban: Crown and Glory
 Bag: River Island (similar here)
Lips: Kate Moss for Rimmel- Kiss of Life

Quite rightly I choice one of my brightest dresses- this absolute beauty from Motel Rocks- as I fully trusted Georginas advice and planned for as much colour as I could. plus this dress is really comfortable and fits like a glove (even after a massive bowl of shreddies and a salad filled subway) and for my first experience if a Motel Rocks dress could not have done more to convince me that I should by MANY more items (I already love my Motel Rocks crop and bodysuit) especially some jeans!

I personally think that Motel Rocks come second to none when it comes to prints- every new print they bring out is more mind- blowing than the last. I actually already own this dress but LOVE the print (I often stroke it)- I physically could not resist it once I saw it on (I wish I could find the look). I'm telling myself I have to save it for a special occasion but mostly I don't want to wear it when there's a possibility of getting beer down it (I don't drink beer but I'm like a beer magnet) so currently toying with the idea if bringing it to London Fashion Week. I really want to buy these jeans (but I'm worried about the fit- do Motel Rocks jeans cone up roomy? is there a high street store I can compare them to? such as Topshop?). This monotone off the shoulder dress is pretty amazing and it's bodycon so you can't really go wrong. I think bodycon looks good on all body shapes and sizes.

I cannot be more pleased with how these look! I often worry that my fear of Photoshop/stubbornness to edit holds my photos back (I don't take a picture unless I like how it looks- and cannot be dealing with editing my appearance as frankly I'm a goddess I'm not tampering with beauty) and REALLY worry about then compared to other bloggers/lookbookers. I would LOVE some feedback :)
Jodie x

P.S. I almost completely forgot my good news- the job I went to the interview last week- I got it! No start date yet (no biggie as I get paid more on agency hours) but I'm so happy! I've bought myself a little something of course :) Apparently my application form was better written and more in depth than the ones they had received for the Matron post! (it's because I'm amazing).

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Listening to: One Hand In My Pocket- Alanis Morissette

I've had an amazing weekend/ beginning of the week that it's taken me this long to get all my thoughts together and have the time to sit down and blog.

On Saturday me and Chris popped to our usual London haunt- Camden, mostly to buy a few t-shirts for him and a day out. I love Camden- walking around the stables and market, looking at all the handmade stalls and the food! I can't seem to leave London without eating something from Camden Lock- I would say it's the best place to eat in London.

The majority of the shops/stalls don't interest me that much but I would strongly recommend visiting the electric ballroom (especially the stalls at the very back and the nice gentleman who sells vinyl), the army surplus stall in Camden Stables and just found the corner is a man who sells the BIGGEST and possibly the  best collection of music t-shirts (and is incredibly friendly), and Rockit (you have to have a but if a dig around but they have some great vintage pieces- but are rather size limited).

I remember when I was 12/13 coming to Camden and its changed a lot. I know everyone is moaning about the "death of the high street"  lately (I may never listen to New music ever again- I'm too much of a technophobe to download and until much of a browser to buy CDs online) but seeing how high street Camden has become (with shops such as Office- who I do love- replacing shops that used to be independently run) I'm welcoming it . I miss the old shops, I miss being able to buy old drainpipe jeans that came up to my belly button (Topshop don't come close enough).

I've finally seemed to have learnt my less in about the cobbles in the stables- no heels! Instead I wore my much loved Leopard print flatforms.

Hat: New Look
 Flatforms: Office
 Jeans: Topshop (similar here)
Scarf: Camden Market (very old now)
Bag: River Island
 Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Cardigan: Primark (mens)

This cardigan I picked up spur of the moment but I'm so glad I did! It's a little bit big but great for layering and how cut is the woollen collar and AMAZING toggled buttons?!?!!! I love it!

The bag was a birthday present from my parents and feels a little whole in my eccentric bag collection- it's knitted and a  Fox!! I'm a little bit Fox mad at the moment- they're beautiful. I think it has a little to do with having ginger hair. I've become a bit obsessive of any post with a fox bag on it and keep looking at bags online! This orange fox satchel from eBay is very very cute, and this little felt bag (from Ji Ji Kiki) is just.... wow! Plus a massive part of me wants this mint fix inspired bag from ASOS Marketplace is such a cool spin :)

Can I have 100 Fox related items?
Jodie x

Friday, 11 January 2013


Listening to: Everybody' s got something to hide except me and my monkey- The Beatles.

I'm currently relaxing after my interview this morning. It went ok- I gave excellent answers but there was a lack of clinical questions so I felt like I had cut myself short (but there was no clinical interviewer on the panel to ask market alone understand my answers). I'll here back next week.

Now I am a little lost at how to spend my day off...

I wore this look New Years Day for a drink and lunch with my family.

Skirt: Boohoo
Shirt: H&M (men's)
Studded Top: DIY
Wedge Sneakers: Topshop
Bag: River Island (similar here)
Necklace: eBay
Lips: Kate Moss Matte from Rimmel in Kiss of Life

I love this skirt and thought the addition of the sneakers dressed down this look nicely.

Layering the studded top under the shirt has been in the back of my mind for a while- I like the cheeky sunlight if the studs since I saw this amazing look by Bernadette F on

I have completely fallen in love with her as of late and here (here and here) are a few of my favourite looks- let's face it she is pretty much flawless- totally check out looks and follow her!

If (unlike me) you like having feelings in your thumbs and don' t fancy making your own studded top here are a few beauties I've found, available at Missguided here, here and here (because who doesn't like missguided?).

Jodie x