Saturday, 19 January 2013


Listening to: Head Over Feet- Alanis Morissette

I feel like in one if the rare few who have yet to be inconvenienced by the snow, I feel like my Twitter and Facebook news feed was full of people saying how they abandoned work/uni/their children's school and stayed curled up inside, where I drive to work (no problem what so ever the main roads where all gritted) and worked a long day as usual- I work in a building who's few Windows are frosted too keep the patients privacy do so would not have known it snowed if there wasn't a million snow related photos on Instagram (any animal with snow covered faces makes my heart melt).

Hospitals never close so apart from the apocalypse nothing gets in the way of me getting to work (I'm used to driving in the snow)- but I am BEYOND jealous! I've never got to play in the snow :( All I wanted to do was dance around in the falling snow but by the time I left the snow had stopped falling (apart from inside my car when I opened the door). I always miss the snow.

Does anyone else feel like they miss out in things because of work? I mean I'm lucky that I only work Mon- Fri 9-5, but I haven't had a holiday in 4 years so feel like I miss out on fun things :(

Today the snow was well and truly "ruined" (there was kids all over it and snowman and not picturesque in the slightest) but I still couldn't resist trampling makeover the patches of undisturbed snow I saw (saying "my snow, my snow, my snow" in my head) and driving past as many snow covered fields and trees I could :) I hope it snows a LOT tonight/tomorrow so I can go out and play in it with Dylan (he's learnt trampled snow won't stick to his feet as much as he hates having his feet dried- he is possibly the smartest dog in the world).

Thanks to Georgina (from The Weekend Trender) mentioning that snow amplifies colour and brightness (thank you!!) I had to see this in action- wow! Everything just pops out at me- I was very happy looking at them on the camera and even more once I had uploaded them onto my kindle fire- I'm so happy with my choice of setting (I am especially happy with the colours considering I don't edit my photos).

Dress: Motel Rocks
Creepers: Camden (similar here
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
 Faux Leather Gilet: River Island (similar here)
Tights and Socks: Primark
 Turban: Crown and Glory
 Bag: River Island (similar here)
Lips: Kate Moss for Rimmel- Kiss of Life

Quite rightly I choice one of my brightest dresses- this absolute beauty from Motel Rocks- as I fully trusted Georginas advice and planned for as much colour as I could. plus this dress is really comfortable and fits like a glove (even after a massive bowl of shreddies and a salad filled subway) and for my first experience if a Motel Rocks dress could not have done more to convince me that I should by MANY more items (I already love my Motel Rocks crop and bodysuit) especially some jeans!

I personally think that Motel Rocks come second to none when it comes to prints- every new print they bring out is more mind- blowing than the last. I actually already own this dress but LOVE the print (I often stroke it)- I physically could not resist it once I saw it on (I wish I could find the look). I'm telling myself I have to save it for a special occasion but mostly I don't want to wear it when there's a possibility of getting beer down it (I don't drink beer but I'm like a beer magnet) so currently toying with the idea if bringing it to London Fashion Week. I really want to buy these jeans (but I'm worried about the fit- do Motel Rocks jeans cone up roomy? is there a high street store I can compare them to? such as Topshop?). This monotone off the shoulder dress is pretty amazing and it's bodycon so you can't really go wrong. I think bodycon looks good on all body shapes and sizes.

I cannot be more pleased with how these look! I often worry that my fear of Photoshop/stubbornness to edit holds my photos back (I don't take a picture unless I like how it looks- and cannot be dealing with editing my appearance as frankly I'm a goddess I'm not tampering with beauty) and REALLY worry about then compared to other bloggers/lookbookers. I would LOVE some feedback :)
Jodie x

P.S. I almost completely forgot my good news- the job I went to the interview last week- I got it! No start date yet (no biggie as I get paid more on agency hours) but I'm so happy! I've bought myself a little something of course :) Apparently my application form was better written and more in depth than the ones they had received for the Matron post! (it's because I'm amazing).


  1. love your headband!super cool look!:)

  2. Lovely pics, motel rocks jeans seemed quite small to me. I had to

  3. Oh man, I want a tribal bustier from Motel Rocks so bad! I love this dress you picked - just the right amount of color :)
    And you should definitely try galaxy leggings! I think it'd fit your style perfectly

    Trendy Teal

  4. I love your dress, looking gorgeous

    how about following each other? :)

  5. Aww, it's such a shame that you didn't get to enjoy the snow; I'm jealous you got any at all, though, it skipped my area of the country entirely! It's incredible how much the snow sets of the colours of your outfit - it's such a vibrant dress anyway, but it looks even more so with such a beautiful, pristine backdrop xx

  6. congrats on your job! i absolutely love the china print pants!! you look gorge :)

    Glass of Fashion

  7. beautiful! I love your monotone dress so much

    check out my blog

  8. oh yes bodycon dresses are the best!

  9. Wow, your dress is very amusing! Love what you are wearing!


  10. Love the title to this post. ;) Cute dress - styled well with the black leggings!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  11. I love your dress, I think it's very nice :) kisses

  12. I love the photos against the snow--so pretty! And congrats on the new job- so exciting!

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  13. Great Post!

    GREAT SKIRT ;) !!!



  14. Beautiful outfit, I especially love the skirt :D.

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  15. Beautiful look- love the textrued feather bag :)


  16. The dress and the turban looks great!!! Love this look. Congrats on the new job dear!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog dear. Do follow too if you like!

  17. Awesome look, my dear! I love the prints!!!

    Many kisses,


  18. Ooh I love the dress and I need that Kate Moss's gorgeous!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  19. Wow, I LOVE this outfit! And your hair is such a lovely colour. Stunning

  20. Aww your outfit it gorgeous :) I think your friend was right about snow bring out colour! Ahh I was super annoyed also, because I HAD to go to work, but at least we get paid, and dont have to take it as a day off holiday.

    Mel x

  21. oh u look so sweet girl! nice pictures :)
    tks for yr post is up :D

  22. we've had no snow at all so I'm still a bit jealous! I really like your turban! Good luck with your new job xx