Sunday, 27 January 2013


Listening to: Lucky Star- Madonna 

So the snow has melted and today it has felt slightly warmer- I don't think Essex is going to be covered again any time soon :,( This is the last of my snow featured outfits- and the perfect chance to try out the white dress that's been hanging in my wardrobe for a few months (I'm a bit too messy to  white usually- I get eyeliner everywhere).

 White Silk Dress: Charity Shop
Sheer Tights: Primark
Faux Fur Coat: New Look (similar here)
Snood: Primark (similar here)
Leg Warmers: Clairs Assesories
Flatforms: Office 
Lips: Kate Moss Matte for Rimmel- Kiss Of Life
Bag: River Island (similar here)

In case you were wondering- yes I was FREEZING without my coat, these photos were the only two  could bear to take. But I wanted to show off he flare of the dress.

Yes its another outfit with my faux fur River Island bag (I really love it) and my all time favourite Kate Moss Lipstick. I physically can't stop wearing this lippy- its just perfect!

I've become one  those girls who wears leg warmers (I wish I could find my old ones).  These were bought with a voucher from Chris aunt and uncle for Christmas (who are both AMAZING and can't make me feel anymore part if the family than they already do- all of Chris' family are awesome) and was the prefect choice. Now I have lovely warn ankles, but do look like I should be in a 90s dance class (I have a 90s throwback theme going on lately).

The beanie was a gift for myself as a "congratulations on getting your new job" sort of thing, I love the black but how great does the burgundy and grey look?

Plus the Ragged Priest have THE BEST customer service. I had a missed call at work abd when I replied it was them- they rang me to confirm  address (as I entered the wrong postcode) and I have never had that before! Usually companies either send it without checking or send you an email that then takes ages to get sorted.

I cannot rate the Ragged Priest highly enough. Check them out. (Plus its free delivery to the UK, and their stock is both fantastic and super high quality).
Jodie x


  1. Definitely going to check the Ragged Priest out now, after your high praise! They sound amazing :) I love the burgundy beanie.
    This outfit is lovely too, you look gorgeous! Legwarmers... yesssss <3
    emmerliejay x

  2. love your beanie!!looks nice :)

  3. You literally took the words out of my mouth with the 'yes, I was freezing' comment. You are braver then me and I live in the north of England. I love the simple white dress, and from a charity shop? What a find! I'm your latest follower.
    Hollie x

  4. I love this white dress outfit! You accessorized perfectly - that fur leopard coat is so luxe <3
    And I adore the burgundy beanie option too. Such a rich color!

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    Trendy Teal

  5. You look cute but I hope you ran back inside and warmed up!!! Loving that leopard coat.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  6. Great post!

    Omg this looks amazing :)

    Love the leopard and your beautiful white dress !



  7. Love your leopard coat, I have the same one from New Look! I have seen these Ragged Priest beanies around and they are great x

  8. Amazing blog and I love your hair colour! Am now following :D
    Would love a follow back :D

  9. Love these looks, particularly the second one,Your hair looks amazing!

  10. So awsome look, my dear!!!

    Have a great week,


  11. love your outwear dear !
    great on you :)


  12. The hat looks awesome on you, very glad I ordered it in black now :)
    If you were to get another, I love the burgundy too!
    Your tattoos are in an awesome place btw!

    1. Said awesome twice in the same comment, oops ;)

  13. im totally for leopard so the jacket is awsum!!
    New post abt my style inspiration is up sweets :)

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  15. I love your white dress :)
    So pretty !

    would you like follow each other?

  16. congratulations on the job you definatly deserve a new beanie for that (which might I add is cool), I love your dress and fur coat and oh leg warmers are so rock em

  17. haha I love that song by Madonna! the beanie looks great on you too <3

    Metallic Paws- giveaway up on my blog!

  18. your silk dress goes with your leopard fur coat really really well! Will check the shop out xx

    The Young Bridget Jones

  19. Love the entirely black and white look. The leopard print jacket looks awesome!!!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog dear.
    Do follow too by GFC, FB etc if you like! :)

  20. OMG,this coat is so it.*_*

  21. great coat!

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  22. love it! Love the coat, I have one with leopard print too :)
    I like your blog sweetie, Maybe we can follow each other?♥
    If you want follow me, leave me a comment saying and I will follow you back
    Kiss from Portugal*

  23. You're so beautiful ! :)

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  24. Nice outfit :)


    Coline !

  25. Love your outfit especially the beanie you gorgeous thing xx

  26. Great photos, I love the leopard print coat!