Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Listening to: Something In The Way- Nirvana

Have you entered my 1st blog birthday giveaway yet? If not you probably should. Plus it certainly appropriate that's as I posted twice when I created my blog to celebrate my blog-birthday with two posts.

I had a tasty little chocolate muffin to celebrate (P.S. cake kept in the fridge tastes twice as good as room temperature cake- and I'm sad I've only just realised this), drank far too much chai tea with almond milk and finally pulled myself out if my post LFW depression.

I still very much miss the Style Tribe but I feel like September will be here in no time, and I have a LOT of exciting plans in motion :)

Tomorrow I see a friend I haven't seen since Christmas, Friday is my cousins 21st (this generation of my family has all grown up now) and next weekend I have a gig and charity event then I start my new job! March is jam packed!

This is a look I wore for a lazy day watching tv and a trip to the supermarket. I suddenly remembered it seeing this post from Missguided. As I am FAR to cool to wear simple double denim I wear triple :) Also these photos were taken on a little hill which I did fall down... twice.

Denim sleeveless shirt: Charity Shop
Jeans: Topshop (similar here)
Creepers: Camden (similar here)
Jacket: Bay
Lips: wine- Kate Moss for Rimmel matte lipstick
Bag: River Island (similar here)
Scarf: Camden Market.

I can barely believe how old this scarf is!! I actually bought it the same time as my bay jacket and I know it's at least 10 years old! It's one if those really big shawl type scarves and incredibly soft and for years the only scarf I would wear as it didn't irritate my skin. I can see it lasting until my death bed.

On the other hand I can barely stand these jeans- they look fantastic and my legs and bum look amazing but there so low cut! I take my fashion sense from Simon Cowell, I need them high waisted! So I only tend to wear these for short periods- like when I'm going to see Chris and I know he won't mind me taking them off.

I love this shirt but have never seen anything similar to it until today, when Missguided posted this playsuit- yes! I instantly want it. Plus after a bit of searching I spotted this skirt on Missguided and this one on Topshop. My shirt had found its family!

Jodie x

P.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway.

Be A Goddess is 1!!

So here it us the giveaway to celebrate my first blogging birthday-

Happy Birthday Be A Goddess!!!

I've collected together a nice little collection of things :) The giveaway will end 27th March and is only open to UK residents as I am useless with international mail- but if you're an international reader and want to enter we can sort something out :)

1) a Crown and Glory velvet turban in Wine

I love my Crown and Glory turban! Like physically love it- I stroke it everyday and wear it almost as regularly. All C.A.G. turbans (in fact all products full stop) are fantastic and C.A.G. are by far my favourite company I've found since starting blogging. Without blogging I would never have been introduced ( via Megan at the Briar Rose), so it's only apt that they're included.

2) two Prairie Charm bracelets

P.C. is another company I would never have found without blogging- and are beyond helpful/ kind. I wear my P.C. bracelet a lot to the point it's neatly fallen apart so I obviously want to share the love. Why these ones? I lived the little bird and I fancy myself as quite lucky so a horse shoe was essential. Plus as they're all handmade they have s lovely "limited edition/ full of love" quality to them :)

3) Cocoa Butter

A little bit of skin love with an amazing smell- great on dermatitis plagued hands and full of vitamin e. plus it works wonders on scar tissue and stretch marks and acne scars :)

4) chocolate and sweets

What's better than chocolate? Shaped chocolate!
What's better than shaped chocolate? Chocolate and sweets!
I'm a bit if a healthy eating lover but can't resist a treat every once in a while

5) Nail Rock union Jack foils

I tried these a few weeks ago and when I finally got them on my fingers (I'm ideas with my left hand) they looked fantastic! It was a shame to have to remove them. These are a really cool version.

I've officially decided Rafflecopter hates me! For the last week I've tried to create an account and make a giveaway to run and its a no go. My pc won't sign in, my kindle (which I blog from) won't sign in and there's no way I'm going to be able to write a giveaway on my phone. So I'm not using it which actually is a much better idea.

Like I mention I blog via my kindle and kindled don't like rafflecopter giveaways (just can't seem to enter them) so by not using rafflecopter I can appeal to people like me. And it's more fun!

So here are the rules for an entry per point ( so you only have to do the steps you wish and no need to follow it all):

  • Follow me on either Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin' or Twitter (I follow different bloggers via different medians so each one is worth an entry) 
  • Follow Crown and Glory of Twitter 
  • Follow Prairie Charms of Twitter

  • Tweet the following: #win prizes from @JodieMarieDavey #giveaway including @crownandglory_ & @Prairie_Charms

Just leave a comment with this format (to make it easy for you) and the giveaway will end 27th March 2013 at midnight (GMT) winner will be drawn via a random number generator.

GFC, Bloglovin' or Twitter: (please leave name)
Follow Crown and Glory on Twitter: yes/no
Follow Prairie Charms on Twitter: yes/no
Tweeted giveaway: yes/no
Email address: (to contact the winner) 

Jodie x

Monday, 25 February 2013


Listening to: Drain You- Nirvana

Can you believe it that on Wednesday it will have been a whole year since I started this blog! Eeekk!

To be honest it feels like a LOT longer like before Christmas but now its nearly here the excitement has been building. I've never really celebrated my proper birthday (the curse of sharing it with a twin sister) so I feel like going all out. I'm going to get myself a cake and everything!

It feels very apt that it's my Blog-birthday this week, as at the weekend me and Chris celebrated 3 years of dating- at least with THINK it's 3 years. Considering we can't remember the day and just celebrate it the weekend after a friends birthday (which we usually forget) I think in all we are doing well.
I guess we're not as bothered by all that as other couples- we have known each other for 7 years (or is it 8?). He gave me chocolates I gave him a cold. Plus watching him headline a gig, and go to a friends charity event. Feb/March is going to be VERY busy.

But don't think I've forgotten about you guys I have a cheeky little giveaway all planned to go live Wednesday at 10am (remember I thought it was before Christmas- yeah I've had stuff since then). 

I feel like I've become a "real" blogger as if late- I attended LFW, have business cards and have even recieved my first anonymous hate comment. 

In response to being told to "put your rolls away" here is me flashing my midriff again in all my chubby glory!!

Crop: Topshop
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
Hoodie: Primark
Lipstick: MAC
Bag: River Island
Boots: Dr Martens
Skirt: Asos

I haven't worn this skirt is absolutely ages!! To be honest I hit a massive rut with it- I just couldn't get my head around wearing it. Until I met Lereese at fashion week ans she was wearing a similar (but hers was much nicer) skirt at fashion week with a tee. I had to give it a go. I know I don't have the same chic vintage air as her but I like this look :)

The skirt I is nearly a year old so obviously not for sale but this one from Asos, Misguided, and Boohoo could all be sisters! 

The hoodie under my jacket was totally coping Hannah (but why had I noy tried it sooner?) that I've been living in, and over all a very inspired outfit. 

The thing I like the most about reading so many different blogs is getting a massive amount of inspiration thrown from all directions. 

This is the second post in a row with my purple MAC lippie but do not fear my one true love (my kiss of life lipstick) has not been replaced- I was just suffering from dry lips from hell!! I wad bear tears they were so cracked and sore from blowing and whiping my nose. 

At work I put on some MY jelly to sooth them (it works) but they were patchy and the weekend is made for lipstick. Moisture rich is one place you cannot fault MAC. 
Jodie x

p.s. I know responding to bullies like that may be a little childish and possibly open me up to more but I'm not in high school anymore I don't "do" bullying.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

London Fashion Week Day 4

So Monday was my last day at LFW A/W 13 and I can't believe how much I miss it. I've been in an obvious downer all week! Is it a little bit pathetic that I bought s dress and in my mind went "I can wear this to LFW"?

Monday I woke up late (hence the up-do) and after nearly freezing Sunday I wrapped up a lot, I even borrowed Chris' jacket I've had my eye on for the last few weeks.

Tights and socks: Primark
Silk dress: Charity Shop
Boots: Dr Martens
Sleeveless denim shirt: Charity Shop
Bow Tie: Vintage
Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
Leather Jacket: H&M (mens)
Earrings: Topshop
Lipstick: MAC
Bag: River Island

My Dr Martens were a definite win- my feet were killing me from the days previous and I am still living in the now- they're just so comfortable and warm! Shortly after i bought these boots everyone was buying the patent short ones and now I'm sort of thinking maybe I should join the party? One thing for certain I NEED these Dr Martens shoes!!

I'm trying to justify to myself to buy them for work but I know I wouldn't just wear them for work. I really can't talk myself into buying these for work but I love them too!

After meeting Laura, Kavita and the lovely Lereese there was a mini media frenzy- everyone wanted a photo of my girls! In fact we had a LOT of people photograph us all together which was a massive surprise from the majority of the street style shots we had seen of the week- especially that we were all dressed so differently! Someone said to Laura that we were the new "style tribe" which we laughed at at first but to be honest it fits.

Possibly the best thing about the blogging community and LFW as a whole is the mix if styles and personalities thrown together- and over tea with Lauren we couldn't deny that we did all have a tribe :)

Monday was a quite day for us, but (OH MY GOD) Laura got interviewed for Vogue TV! Could not have been more proud and happy for her as she looked amazing :) To add to Laura's goddess status she also managed to get me into my first ever show at the BBC show space (I nearly hyperventilated with the excitement- it's a beautiful setting and holds a sort of magic in the air) and she sorted out my camera to take the perfect photos! Plus I got to meet the ever so kind Pearl (who was also interviewed for Vogue!) and she's included me in her street style post :)

Basically LFW has been the best experience if my life all thanks to the amazing people I've met, I saw 4 shows, including one at the BBC catwalk, was street styled photographed, had far too much champagne and too little food, and just can't thank my style tribe enough!

I've had a LOT of comments about how lucky I've been and I can't deny I am lucky with the people I've met but LFW it is free to get into Somerset House so I urge everyone near London to go next season- I went without a bloggers pass or any ticket invites and look at the fun I had.

Normal posting will resume of my ever so dull life, plus over the next few weeks I'll post about the shows I've seen and all the street style I had seen.
Jodie x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London Fashion Week Day 3

London Fashion Week has killed me!

It seems that i have developed post LFW flu (its a simple cold really) which added to feeling really bummed that LFW is over leaving me feeling really low.  I'm currently wrapped up in two duvets after an awful day st work where in an effort not to keep my germs to myself I put in a mask- cue face of snot!

Lets change the subject and talk about LFW day 3.

Day 3 we were all feeling the effect of the day before- too much fizz and next to no food (I think I had a mini cake), and I met Hannah who was suffering from the cold from hell (which I now have). It wasn't a hard day of fun like day 2 but just as fun. I got to meet the ever so amazing Ollie and Lilly , hear from Lauren about her girl Ri-Ris fashion show and the medis frenzy that was Kavita in her amazing harness dress. It was a little surreal to see someone so chatty and full of smiles to do the She Wears Fashion pout where it feels like she is looking into your very soul!

Thanks to Laura (I love that girl especially after encouraging me to get a curry for dinner- much needed yum as you basically don't eat at LFW) who managed to talk us into the Style Lounge (where they made us feel beyond awkward and unwelcome and told us to leave) even though we were invited, and meet an amazing woman who was slightly eccentric but very friendly and was writing a piece about those who write about LFW for the Dutch Vogue. She showed photos of Vivienne Westwoods show and talked about meeting Victoria Beckham (who was in the sane hotel as us the night before). You meet the most interesting people at LFW :)
Laura getting some nail care with her beautiful MAC lips 

As Kavita decided she would wear her harness dress I decided to support her in some sort of sisterhood togetherness and got my legs out- I was FREEZING!

Skirt: Boohoo
Shoes: Missguided
Crop top: DIY
Bag: River Island
garter: DIY 
Earrings: Gogo Philip
Lace Socks: Primark and DIY
Lips: Rimmel- kiss of life
Jacket: Bag

I had to (physically HAD TO) wear my Goddess crop for LFW with the logical choice of my Boohoo skirt. I really think this is my favourite ever skirt I seem to throw it on quite frequently and I tried to make it look a bit more.... I don't know just a step up from the usual pairing of a tee of sweater, and tried to keep it monotone (I did consider a neon beanie but preferred my hair in a victory roll).

I love my DIY crop I think it's a nice change to the Geek tee that you're seeing everywhere. But I can't help but still crave the original drip written tee from Nikki Lipstick, and love her pink "I'm a mess" tee too and this sweater.

Sorry I've been so absent- LFW really took it out of me, but my 1 year blogging birthday is soon and I have a great surprise!
Jodie x

Monday, 18 February 2013

London Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 has been the most fun I have had in months- I LOVE Laura and Kavita! Lets start day 2 off with what I wore.

Necklace: Gift
Dress: Motel Rocks
Lipstick: Kiss of Life- Rimmel
Hoodie: Primark
Stockings and socks: Primark
Garters: DIY
Shoes: Office
Jacket: Charity Shop
Bag: River Island

The day started off early for me (thanks to a rail replacement service) meeting Laura (who was wearing THE most amazing skirt) for the Yifang Wan show as she kindly gave me a ticket. I'll write a full post on it soon but can i call it chic-jedi and make it sound good? I was very impressed with it and LOVED the colours and amazing high necks. Plus due to space we managed to sit second row.

Then we wondered back to Somerset House, met Kavita (in her monotone gangster glory) and street style snapped for a bit and generally mingled. We also managed to talk our way into getting a mini bottle of wine each ( you don't ask you don't get). We bumped into the very chatty Maria and absolute fox Lauren (especially her amazing fur coat) who is beyond friendly and was going to the Rihanna Show!!!!

We heard on twitter that Ugg had refuel lounge and was freezing so gave it a go- it was in the most beautiful hotel Me (which I think I need to have an affair with a billionaire in) with the most amazing view on London- a complete 360° view! and littered with Ugg merch to admire (both bags are beautiful!)

The staff there were all massively friendly and chatty and just... nice! In terms of brand image they couldn't have given a better impression. Plus they were all really great people in general and chatted about shows and the view ect.

Me Laura and Lauren went to see Bernard Chardan and Ashley Isham (thanks you Kavita and Lauren for the tickets) both were beautiful, with high necks and amazing open backs from BC and fantastic panelling and leather details from AI (again posts will come).

Then back to the Ugg refuel room for much needed heat (and an accidental mixture of tea and coffee when I confused the urns!). The guest book wad full of names such as Grazia, Elle, the independent and Kavita shared her phone charger with Hello.

It was beyond relaxing and literally chatted for hours about everything including blogging, Rihanna, events, Rihanna, shows, and Rihanna. Plus we were kindly given a pair if Ugg slippers each which are like little clouds! VERY much appreciated.

Plus Victoria Beckham was at an awards ceremony in the same hotel- we could see her across the balcony!

It was the best day I have had in months all thanks to my amazing blogger babes.
Jodie x