Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Listening to: Norwegian Wood 

I'm a massive fan of all black outfits and always have been (as a consequence I used to get called an Emo or a Goth a LOT at school) but I don't think it really matches my sunny disposition. I feel safe in black, almost like a little warm shield around me protecting me from bad thoughts. But the Emo and Goth comparison stops there.

I think a comedian- probably Jack Dee- said that the way you tell them apart is that Emos want to kill themselves and Goths want to kill everyone else. A gross misrepresentation. But let it be known that I am quite the optimist. In fact im possibly the luckiest person in the world.

I am fully aware of every negative thing happening around me- and have had more than my fair share of bad karma this year (which I don't like to share- I don't want to bring anyone down but anything that can go wrong has gone wrong this year). Whenever anything bad seems to happen I shrug it off remembering my tattoo and just "forget about today until tomorrow".

I try my up most hardest to see the positive and beauty wherever I go and (even more so) pass it on to others. If I read a blogger post/ tweet/ facebook status I really do care!

But I still go for black over any/every other colour. Don't Judge Me!

This is a cosy casual look  that I wore after work to pop to Tesco.

Faux Leather Gilet: River Island (similar here)
Snood: Primark
Faux leather Jeggings: River Island
Bag: River Island
Shoes: Gift
Jumper: Hand made by my nan :D 

Well not a completely black outfit- I've included these pumps my sister bought me fir Christmas. I love a bit of leopard print (maybe its my spirit animal?) and when I spotted these I HAD to have them- and my sister was kind enough to give them to me fir Christmas. There from a shop in Westfield Shopping Centre at Stratford and I can't find them online anywhere. But I have found some amazing alternatives.

The first are from Topshop and a variation on the pumps everyone and their gran (other than me)- studded Vectras. The second pair are from Missguided and have the little buckle on the front like mine do (my favourite bit), the third from Boohoo look the closest in shape to my pumps and have a really cool nautical robe detail. But out of all the variation I love mine the best- so if you get the chance get down to Stratford.

Jodie x


  1. love your jumper! and i'm also a massive fan of the all black - loving the new monochrome trend hahah. I think it looks great teamed with splashes of colour like you have! xxx


  2. I really love this all black look! And your sunny disposition will shine through, despite the dark clothes. Besides, the mix of textures here is just perfect. The denim, leather, and knit are wonderful together <3

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    Trendy Teal

  3. Can not believe that jumper is handmade...And your dark clothes are so far from your happy/chirpy persona..you look stylish not emo to me :)


  4. I love everything about this - especially the bag.

  5. I love this outfit, you look gorgeous!

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  6. love it all black! fantastic jumper!

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin' and gfc? let me know.
    see you around! xx


  7. Great outfit hun, you can’t go wrong with black. x

  8. totally loving the leather pants!! happy v day! new post is up sweets :p

  9. Love the gilet!


  10. I love all-black looks and with the mix of materials & textures you really pull it off without it looking gothic at all!
    You've posted such good outfits recently, I'm jealous of them all!

    SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU AT LFW ON SUNDAY! AAAAAH! & possibly sat night?

    HANNAH †

  11. Loving the hint of leopard print with this all black look! Happy Valentines Day love xo

  12. haha you don't look like a emo or gothic :)


  13. I like that black outfit :)


    Coline !

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