Monday, 18 February 2013

London Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 has been the most fun I have had in months- I LOVE Laura and Kavita! Lets start day 2 off with what I wore.

Necklace: Gift
Dress: Motel Rocks
Lipstick: Kiss of Life- Rimmel
Hoodie: Primark
Stockings and socks: Primark
Garters: DIY
Shoes: Office
Jacket: Charity Shop
Bag: River Island

The day started off early for me (thanks to a rail replacement service) meeting Laura (who was wearing THE most amazing skirt) for the Yifang Wan show as she kindly gave me a ticket. I'll write a full post on it soon but can i call it chic-jedi and make it sound good? I was very impressed with it and LOVED the colours and amazing high necks. Plus due to space we managed to sit second row.

Then we wondered back to Somerset House, met Kavita (in her monotone gangster glory) and street style snapped for a bit and generally mingled. We also managed to talk our way into getting a mini bottle of wine each ( you don't ask you don't get). We bumped into the very chatty Maria and absolute fox Lauren (especially her amazing fur coat) who is beyond friendly and was going to the Rihanna Show!!!!

We heard on twitter that Ugg had refuel lounge and was freezing so gave it a go- it was in the most beautiful hotel Me (which I think I need to have an affair with a billionaire in) with the most amazing view on London- a complete 360° view! and littered with Ugg merch to admire (both bags are beautiful!)

The staff there were all massively friendly and chatty and just... nice! In terms of brand image they couldn't have given a better impression. Plus they were all really great people in general and chatted about shows and the view ect.

Me Laura and Lauren went to see Bernard Chardan and Ashley Isham (thanks you Kavita and Lauren for the tickets) both were beautiful, with high necks and amazing open backs from BC and fantastic panelling and leather details from AI (again posts will come).

Then back to the Ugg refuel room for much needed heat (and an accidental mixture of tea and coffee when I confused the urns!). The guest book wad full of names such as Grazia, Elle, the independent and Kavita shared her phone charger with Hello.

It was beyond relaxing and literally chatted for hours about everything including blogging, Rihanna, events, Rihanna, shows, and Rihanna. Plus we were kindly given a pair if Ugg slippers each which are like little clouds! VERY much appreciated.

Plus Victoria Beckham was at an awards ceremony in the same hotel- we could see her across the balcony!

It was the best day I have had in months all thanks to my amazing blogger babes.
Jodie x


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  2. So jealous you got to go to this!
    Anyway, you rocked another amazingly cool outfit - that dress and garter make for an edgy combination that I love :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. the dress is great, and thedenim jacket works perfectly with it!

  4. So jealous, would love to be at LFW!!

    Love that dress!!

  5. You look great!!!

  6. Great post!

    Love your look you're style is actually what I like :D

    Also loved the loafers from uggs !!


  7. Oh, these photos made me miss London so much!!
    You look amazing!


  8. Love It!!

    Baci e buona giornata!!

  9. Lucky you :)


    Coline !

  10. This is such a cool look! I love the garters for your socks!!
    You blog is very nice, and I'm now following you!

  11. Those "ragged" beanies are so trendy right now