Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London Fashion Week Day 3

London Fashion Week has killed me!

It seems that i have developed post LFW flu (its a simple cold really) which added to feeling really bummed that LFW is over leaving me feeling really low.  I'm currently wrapped up in two duvets after an awful day st work where in an effort not to keep my germs to myself I put in a mask- cue face of snot!

Lets change the subject and talk about LFW day 3.

Day 3 we were all feeling the effect of the day before- too much fizz and next to no food (I think I had a mini cake), and I met Hannah who was suffering from the cold from hell (which I now have). It wasn't a hard day of fun like day 2 but just as fun. I got to meet the ever so amazing Ollie and Lilly , hear from Lauren about her girl Ri-Ris fashion show and the medis frenzy that was Kavita in her amazing harness dress. It was a little surreal to see someone so chatty and full of smiles to do the She Wears Fashion pout where it feels like she is looking into your very soul!

Thanks to Laura (I love that girl especially after encouraging me to get a curry for dinner- much needed yum as you basically don't eat at LFW) who managed to talk us into the Style Lounge (where they made us feel beyond awkward and unwelcome and told us to leave) even though we were invited, and meet an amazing woman who was slightly eccentric but very friendly and was writing a piece about those who write about LFW for the Dutch Vogue. She showed photos of Vivienne Westwoods show and talked about meeting Victoria Beckham (who was in the sane hotel as us the night before). You meet the most interesting people at LFW :)
Laura getting some nail care with her beautiful MAC lips 

As Kavita decided she would wear her harness dress I decided to support her in some sort of sisterhood togetherness and got my legs out- I was FREEZING!

Skirt: Boohoo
Shoes: Missguided
Crop top: DIY
Bag: River Island
garter: DIY 
Earrings: Gogo Philip
Lace Socks: Primark and DIY
Lips: Rimmel- kiss of life
Jacket: Bag

I had to (physically HAD TO) wear my Goddess crop for LFW with the logical choice of my Boohoo skirt. I really think this is my favourite ever skirt I seem to throw it on quite frequently and I tried to make it look a bit more.... I don't know just a step up from the usual pairing of a tee of sweater, and tried to keep it monotone (I did consider a neon beanie but preferred my hair in a victory roll).

I love my DIY crop I think it's a nice change to the Geek tee that you're seeing everywhere. But I can't help but still crave the original drip written tee from Nikki Lipstick, and love her pink "I'm a mess" tee too and this sweater.

Sorry I've been so absent- LFW really took it out of me, but my 1 year blogging birthday is soon and I have a great surprise!
Jodie x


  1. It sounds amazing and you look awesome always - get well soon! X

  2. It was amazing my words can't express how truly fab it was

  3. Ah im so jealous of you! And you look so good in that outfit! Fierce ;) i had to restart my blog and lost a load of readers, fancy taking a look?? xx

  4. Haha, wow, sounds like some interesting people for sure!
    I love love love the way you stepped up your look. Also, the victory roll looks so fab on you :)

    Trendy Teal

  5. hey, nice blog and style!! kisses from pepa :)

  6. That garter is so cool!

  7. this is so fun!! you had to be freezing!!

  8. great edgy look!


  9. so jealous, I would have loved to be there! you look fabulous, I hope you feel better soon <3

    // xx

  10. oh very cute!! new post is up sweets :p

  11. Love this outfit and your hair!


  12. This outfit is so HOT!!
    You have to take me with you in september, i need someone with experience ;)
    Itll be fun!!!

  13. What are you doing ew? Please put your rolls away you utter tramp, you've actually ruined a decent outfit by having no shame yuck.

  14. Love your outfit.You are beautiful with great attitude , I wish I had your self-confidence.