Sunday, 31 March 2013


Yesterday I spent with my friend April filled with gossip, srabble, and a brie and mango chutney pannini. Plus we've planned a holiday- in October we are both going back to Egypt!! Now to save and find the perfect swim suit.

This is what I wore- comfy and warm.

 p.s. it was insanely windy taking these photos and my tripod actually hit the deck at one point which explains the slightly wonky photos.

Dungarees: Primark
Tee: Topman
Hoodie: Primark
Boots: Dr Martens (similar here)
Tote bag: Boohoo at LFW
Lips: Kate Moss for Rimmel -shade 110

I've been obsessed with buying a pair of dungarees for a while now searching through every charity and vintage shop I could find for a pair in my size to no avail. Now they're "in" for s/s 13 my time had come. I spotted these walking through Primark and tried them on then and their in the middle of the store over my tee and skirt. I've had a few verses of "Cone on Eileen" sung at me but I love them. They're just the right amount of baggy and perfect turned up. A good way to spend my last agency pay.

I was lusting over this pair from Daisy Street but weren't available in my size :(

I like the baggy versions of the dungarees and these from Topshop look perfect, there was a time where I only wore denim from Topshop and I've tried these on and they're great. Equally are these from River Island. Basically it's a VERY hard task choosing between them and in the end Primark only won on price (at £17 I couldn't say no).

I paired my dungarees for warmth with a tee I tied into a crop, my beanie (which refused to stay on my head properly) and my very worn pair of short drown DMs I bought from a charity shop. They're just in the edge of falling apart (if DMs can ever actually die they're so hard wearing) but until then I'm wearing them.

I STILL haven't found my favourite Kiss of Life lipstick but I'm really liking this coral one. It's really growing on me as its SO bright and really stands out.  Plus I keep telling myself I have a lot of beautiful lipsticks so I shouldn't miss it.
Jodie x

P.s. you might notice the different title- I used song words as titles as I lacked inspiration. But I'm feeling generally more inspired at the moment (and on a massive No Doubt binge) so the titles are likely to be different from now, although I'm sure the songs will be back when they inspire me. 

Friday, 29 March 2013


Listening to: Hay Baby- No Doubt 

Whoop to having a job which doesn't require working bank holidays!!! I've never had one off before so today feels extra relaxing, and the weekend will hopefully be filled with the mammoth task if all the DIYs I've been neglecting.

As an extra celebration I've drawn the winner of my birthday giveaway...

... Katrina!!!

I honestly wish I could have given it to everyone who entered- which lead to a nervousness hovering my over the generate button and the ecstatic feeling when the number came up as SOMEONE WON!!! And a little dance when it was revealed who. :) if it was any other winner I would have been equally excited.

Remember I mentioned I bought myself a "congratulations on my new job" present, well I bought two dresses and here is the first. FYI this window in on front of I managed to fall into and there's cacti growing on the sill. One tall perfect to stab you centre back the other at bum hight. The cacti are ok, I was suddenly a lot more energised.

Dress: H&M
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Camouflage jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Knee high socks: Primark
Leg warmers: Claire's Accessories (not seen) 
Flatforms: Office (not seen) 
Necklace: eBay
Bag: Boohoo at LFW

For once I'm not wearing lipstick (!!!) Partly because I forgot but mostly I just didn't feel like wearing it for once. Now I feel like I look completely naked.

I'm wearing two jackets again to keep warm rather than throw on a fur again. I love tote bags you can easily put them in your bag and you have an easy shopping bag; but also make a good casual bag. This tote was given out to visitors at London Fashion week by Boohoo and I love the simple stripped print.

My dress was bought from h&m and feel in love with it at first sight. I ran across the store and snatched it of the rail and didn't even try it on I just bought it. It's got an amazing cut out back but the only small thing that I didn't like was the square cut. If you're thin it will look stunning but if you're like me and have curves it needed to come in at the waist- so I simply ties the straps together at the back.

I've obsessed over a ribcage printed dress since I saw Iron Fists floral wish bone dress. It's sold out, but when it was in store it would never have fit me- it was too sung around my chest. Their not available from Iron Fist but are on eBay here. Iron Fist also sold a sequined dress, also sold out and I can only find on eBay.

Kreepsville 666 also do a beautiful ribcage dress I love (but worried it wouldn't fit). Since buying my dress from h&m I want it.
Jodie x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Listening to: Don't Speak- No Doubt  

It's been a while since I've done a DIY but here is a simple 5 minute job. Cute little flower hair ties. Perfect for the s/s being floral (I can't wait to be warm) and being white while find themselves in a lot if monotone looks.

But most importantly helps me sort out the birds nest that is my hair!!

It's more suited to the spring/summer weather but I wore them shopping last weekend.

Hair ties: DIY
Crop top: DIY
Skirt: Internacionale 
Belt: New Look
Socks: Primark
Creepers: Camden Market (similar here)
Camouflage jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Lipstick: Kiss of Life- Rimmel
Bag: River Island

The skirt I picked up in Chelmsford from Internacionale which is a shop I've never bought from before. That's changed. They have great and simple pieces that are really affordable- plus look at that skirt!!!  They have a Beautiful leather skater skirt (you know I love them) and denim skater style skirt that is VERY similar to one sold in Topshop too.

Because it's cold I'm still doing the layering thing this time with two jackets. I love the two jacket look but I don't see it catching on... ever. 

Crop tops are becoming one of my "things" if I can have clothing I seem to stick to time and time again (like knee high socks, bodycon dresses and thick eyebrows) plus this beanie is getting its use of the price. I thought this look was looking a bit "hard" so the addition of the flower hair ties softened it up.

There were incredibly easy to make:
1) I used the left over flowers I had from previous DIYs some plastics and cotton. It doesn't matter what colour cotton is used as you won't see it.
2)basically stitch throughout the flower a few times...

3)... then tie onto the elastic with a few knots. My tip is to tie them with a bit of slack so you can adjust the flower position.
4) add 4-5 flowers and they're done.

Jodie x

Monday, 25 March 2013


Listening to: Hella Good- No Doubt 

Saturday morning I woke up to snow, everything looked bright and clean and felt like it helper scrub the past week of work from my mind. After shopping for a "congratulations" present for myself I took my time getting ready to go out for a proper drink with friends.

It's been a while since we've been out together (3 years probably), so it started with lambrini and shots and for once didn't end up on a toilet floor, but in bed with a cheese sandwich. I woke up the next morning with cheese everywhere.

This is what I wore day time Saturday.

Flatforms: Office
Leg warmers: Claires
Velvet skirt: eBay
Lace shirt: Charity Shop
Sweater: Primark
Bow Tie: Vintage
White faux leather jacket: River Island

Do not be deceived by all the layers- lace are rubbish layers! My shirt and jumper felt useless in the wind. I might as well as went out in a bra and jacket. Lesson learnt. Also my hair IS as dirty as it looks, no way i was going to waste washing my hair to go out in the snow so I put it up into two messy buns.

I'm still trying out the monotone look- I'm still on the fence worried I have too much white in my outfits, mostly because I love black. I'm so in love with this jacket so it's hear to stay but I think I'm going to black-up my outfits more, just so I'm a bit more comfortable.

The bag was actually a VERY kind gift from Frank and Doll- but not in the blogger gift way. I actually ordered a dress (which you will see soon) and after two weeks without its arrival I contacted F&D. They got back to me unbelievably quick (later that evening!!) Found my parcel (it had somehow been returned) and resent my dress with this bag as an apology for the whole thing. I couldn't believe it!! There's customer service then there is this!

It's something I would never have picked up but it's perfect. I've used it a handful of times already since its arrived- the colour is fantastic and its incredibly soft to touch. As such I've fallen in love with clutch bags. It also comes in pink (but I prefer the Orange with my hair), and I love this granny style purse. Then again you can't go wrong with s simple black clutch.

Jodie x

Friday, 22 March 2013


Listening to: Bathwater- No Doubt.

Monday I started my first ever full time permanent job!

So maybe I have worked since I was 15...

...So maybe I put myself through uni working on the wards then 2 part time jobs....

...So maybe I've worked for an agency doing 45 hour weeks for the last two years....

...So maybe this job is now a massive cut in hours and pay....

.... the fact it's my first ever full time permanent job makes it feel like my first ever job :) I'm a big girl now!

Things obviously fell apart straight away- ha ha ha. Nothing of which was my fault but I've been staying late far too much (I'm nearly at a day off in time owing).

At the moment I'm tucked up in a duvet trying to plan my evening- I want to do something relaxing as I'm having a girls night out tomorrow. Plus I'm determined to get back onto track with blogging and going to spend time this weekend getting on top of outfits posts I've had planned. The first of which is this look I wore to my boyfriends gig. It's something comfortable and warm I threw on after work (really my hair is a mess under that beanie).

Dress: Gift
Scarf: H&M (mens)
Hoodie: Primark
Bag: River Island
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Lipstick: MAC (similar here)

I'm a massive fidget when taking outfit photos the first couple are always of me moving- but for once my fidgeting came out well with the first photo :)

I know the tartan phase is a little old but I love this orange scarf! I think it compliments my hair in a strange way and brightens up this all black look.

I'm not sure I would suit black lipstick but this dark  plumb from MAC is pretty close. I might give it a go with eyeliner and some gloss and see what my lips are like black.

The dress was a birthday present from my twin sister and look at my boobs in it! I love it- although perhaps not appropriate when your going to a gig with your boyfriends dad and trying to point out your boobs to your boyfriend and his band mates while there on stage.

They're beautiful.

There's something about a velvet skater dress which just makes you feel like a million dollars. Mine was a gift but Missguided sell an almost exact replica, plus this amazing high neck version (!) And cut out skater dress.

Jodie x

P.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway here- there's only a few days left!

Monday, 18 March 2013


I might be a little late to the party but here's my entry to Boohoo #globalstyler campaign, representing my home on Essex (UK) showing off my amazing and favourite skirt from Boohoo the box pleated leather look skater skirt. I'm not lying I love this skirt as I've worn it here, here, here, here and about 50 million other times!! I'm exaggerating but I really love this skirt.

Below is my Boohoo style but why not enter yourself for a chance to win an amazing trip fir two to the fashion destination of your choice!! I'm INCREDIBLY lucky as I've been to a lot of places (as my parents always choose experience over buying us "stuff") which includes Tunisia, Egypt, Corfu, Cyprus, Turkey, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, and France to name a few but my favourite was visiting New York- and I would LOVE to go back!

Here is the full T&C but basically what you got to do is create an outfit showing your style around your favourite Boohoo piece, download the #globalstyler speech bubble here, then upload it to instagramm mentioning Boohoo (@boohoofashion) or Twitter (@boohoo) and the #globalstyler hashtag and your done. Plus if your a blogger you get an extra entry by blogging the look and linking to Boohoo! It's so easy. The competition closes 25/03/2013 so get entering.

My one tip- write your "home" in felt tip or something as I wrote mine in biro and it can't be seen!

I went for a monotone look but oh so me. Of course I HAD to pair my skirt with a crop top (otherwise you might miss my rolls!!) In this case it's a t-shirt from one of my boyfriends bands knotted into a crop top. Paired with my new white faux leather jacket I searched high and low for (after 8 failed eBay attempts and 3 store returns) and showing off my DIY the studded socks.

Skirt: Boohoo
Tights: Primark
Jacket: River Island
Tee: one of my boyfriends bands (at present he is in 3)
Creepers: Camden Market (similar here)
Socks: DIY
Lipstick: Wine- Rimmel

Boohoo do an amazing selection of skater skirts but it's their leather ones that catch my heart- favorites being my version here but also the second here and third here.

You're probably wondering where I wore this look- to my local fashion capital London!

I love London, especially London Fashion Week and Camden but I decided to go somewhere different this trip and Chris took me on an adventure to London I've never seen before.

First off was Leicester Square to walk to Trafalgar Square (stopping off at the M&M store) for tea and scones which were bigger than my fist in the Crypt under St Martin's in the Field. It was fantastic!! Go there! Really it's fantastic sitting in the corner of the Crypt (our obvious choice) even the floor is cool.

We didn't buy any M&Ms we just went to look.

Then we went to the Natural History Museum. I've never been before BUT I HAD having such an amazing time looking at the dinosaurs we barely saw anything :-( guess that's next month's date ;-) I'm not joking there was a lot if couples in the blue route (cue constant jokes from me and Chris). it was really informative and sort of told you information while asking questions sort of "this is what evidence shows but this might be right as we have evidence for this as well". Are dinosaurs cold blooded or warm blooded? Is this what their skin was like? Plus it was all free (although we gave a massive donation).

 Apparently the NHM was built as a museum- its massive! 
He lights up and roars with donations.

These little guys where on all the arches from floor to celling.
The arms of this dinosaur is the only part they've found- scientists don't know what the rest of the dinosaur looks like.

My hot date  

the T-rex moves, it got a bit creepy after a while.
Me and Chris ;-)

I wasn't the only one enjoying it.

My spirit animal.

Then we walked home via Knightsbridge window shopping (this cool dude awaited us), down Southbank that's amazing I the dark and home for noodles.

There is so much to do in London if you enter defiantly consider it as the destination :-)
Jodie x