Sunday, 10 March 2013


Listening to: It's My Life- No Doubt.

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This weekend has taken it all out of me- I wish I had two more days to relax.

Friday was two friends going away night- there off to India for 6 months then to Canada permanently. To say goodbye a few friends who played in bands all got together for a mini festival night. After working so much last week I could barely keep my eyes open even with two cans of coke. I hate goodbyes I never really know what to say but I'm so happy for them.

Yesterday I went shopping- mostly to buy a sleep bra but also to return a jacket. Has anyone else had major problems with ordering online from New Look? It was a nightmare! It took 10 attempts to pay for my item then I didn't get a confirmation until after my jacket was delivered :( by this time I had bought another jacket elsewhere which I'm glad I did- as the "white" jacket ended up being a cream colour. I wont be shopping online there again but they still remain to be one of my favourite stores.

Last night I acted as stage manager for my friends charity night where she organized an amazing burlesque night. The hosts Sadie Sinner and Miss C were amazing- as well as all the acts! Then we all danced our bums off. The venue was to capacity and it was just an amazing night even if I had to use all the force in my arms (zero) to move equipment between acts and now my arms are practically falling off, and I stepped on a lot of toes and pushed a lot people. The best part I'd she reached me target (nearly £2000) and is all set to run the marathon for the Pilgrims Hospice- if you want info/ to donate here's her just giving page.

I only managed a few iPhone snaps on the night (sorry) but it was unbelievable! I might even start a career as a stage manager.

This is what I wore to the gig on Friday- as I didn't have time to snap a non sweaty version if yesterday's look (my motel rocks dress and studded garters). I had straightened my hair for the first time in months and whenever I do I feel a little like a mental health patient so I was running my hands through it constantly.

Tights & beaded headband: Primark
Bag: River Island
Belt: New Look
Lipstick: wine- Rimmel
Creepers: Camden market (similar here)
bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Links of London, Topshop and gift.
Studded garters: DIY
Coat: New Look

I've been wearing my studded garters a lot lately, and they've been going down a treat. People have been asking where I bought them- they're a DIY but there are a variety online. For this sort of thing esty is the best and all 3 are from there and can be found here, here, and here.

Sorry I have been absent from blogging this weekend but the rest if today is fir replying to comments and reading blogs :)
Jodie x


  1. I never get over your garters - they're just so awesome! Haha, love the dress :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. oooh eh! Studded garters, I didn't even know they existed. They look fab though. I will have to pluck up the courage to wear one myself. Love the dress too in your first pictures!

  3. Lovely dress and leg harness ..

  4. Nothing beats wearing creepers with a studded garter! You rock, girl and you are a goddess so the name of your blog fits!!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  5. Hahaha no worries you look amazing as always :)

    Your outfits always take me back in to time when everything was lovely :D


  6. Thqnks for the reassurance on my latest post :) I'm glad I posted now. I've also had major trouble with new look, I used a gift card online but they still chardpged me full price, I got three different invoices and they were all different to my bank statement! Nightmare. Anyway love your outfit! I want a garter now not sure I could handle studs tho I want cute black ace

    Check out my blog, I'm running a giveaway :)

  7. such a lovely dress

  8. Those studs on your leg look sexy!

  9. The dress looks so cute! I was going to get a dress with a similar collar today but I don't think I have that many occasions to wear it.

    7% Solution​

  10. Love this outfit! That fur coat is amazing.

    You look lovely :)

    Jade xx

  11. great blog! i love it..!
    if you have time you can visit my blog..
    and i'll be happy if we'll follow each other ?

  12. this dress is so cute.
    it suits you perfectly.

  13. I like the straight hair ! <3