Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Listening to: Don't Speak- No Doubt  

It's been a while since I've done a DIY but here is a simple 5 minute job. Cute little flower hair ties. Perfect for the s/s being floral (I can't wait to be warm) and being white while find themselves in a lot if monotone looks.

But most importantly helps me sort out the birds nest that is my hair!!

It's more suited to the spring/summer weather but I wore them shopping last weekend.

Hair ties: DIY
Crop top: DIY
Skirt: Internacionale 
Belt: New Look
Socks: Primark
Creepers: Camden Market (similar here)
Camouflage jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Lipstick: Kiss of Life- Rimmel
Bag: River Island

The skirt I picked up in Chelmsford from Internacionale which is a shop I've never bought from before. That's changed. They have great and simple pieces that are really affordable- plus look at that skirt!!!  They have a Beautiful leather skater skirt (you know I love them) and denim skater style skirt that is VERY similar to one sold in Topshop too.

Because it's cold I'm still doing the layering thing this time with two jackets. I love the two jacket look but I don't see it catching on... ever. 

Crop tops are becoming one of my "things" if I can have clothing I seem to stick to time and time again (like knee high socks, bodycon dresses and thick eyebrows) plus this beanie is getting its use of the price. I thought this look was looking a bit "hard" so the addition of the flower hair ties softened it up.

There were incredibly easy to make:
1) I used the left over flowers I had from previous DIYs some plastics and cotton. It doesn't matter what colour cotton is used as you won't see it.
2)basically stitch throughout the flower a few times...

3)... then tie onto the elastic with a few knots. My tip is to tie them with a bit of slack so you can adjust the flower position.
4) add 4-5 flowers and they're done.

Jodie x


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  2. the floral elastic is a sweet idea, and I used to loveee that no doubt song!

  3. Love that song very cool outfit as well. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  4. That looks cute. Love the bag!! :)

  5. I like how you always look feminine & edgy..

  6. Floral hair ties, genius! I love the sweet touch it adds to your tough outfit. Plus, takes care of hair problems? Bonus!
    And I think you should totally try a snapback ;)

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  7. Thank you everyone xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. WOW!!!I love your blog!!

  9. chic outfit and i love the simple diy<3

  10. imloving this grungy feel to your outfit! especially with the crop top and thigh highs- so cute. and what a fun tutorial. those flower ties really added a fun and interesting detail to your look. i'll definitely be trying this :)

    xo Marlen
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  11. Looking cool,my friend!;-)

  12. You have such an amazing style!
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