Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Sorry I've been AWOL this week- I honestly feel like I've missed seeing my friends but I'm back! Where have I been?

I would like to say something exciting like I've been on an adventure with Stephen Fry and tea with Dave Grohl but far from that, although just as beneficial to my emotional health. I've been seeing friends (you'll see us bowling at the Olympics soon), writing my proposal so I can get a lot more training at work, and falling in love with my boyfriend just a little but more (feel free to vomit). I don't want to brag but can I just say he's amazing and makes a the perfect cup of tea, I could go on all day but he's mine and I don't want to make anyone jealous.

Chris took some awesome outfit photo of me in the sun (and a lot more of my chest and of very unattractive photos of me moving about). He's getting really good at understanding what my " vision" is and throwing in ideas when taking photos and I think there 1000 times better than my tripod photos.

Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
Sleeveless shirt: Charity Shop
Belt: New Look
Bag: Gift

My beanie Sunday would not stay on my head!! I ended up looking like Dappy about 1000 times hence keeping hold of it, but despite how annoying it became I was a little chilly in the sun, why I kept my trusty oversized denim jacket with me.

I attempted to get my legs out but being a bit too booby in my shirt (my chest as grown again- I don't know how) and with a bit of midriff on show I felt a little naked so put on my babies (my DMs). I felt really grey in this look so threw on my beautiful bag my parents bought back from one of their travels (Jamaica I think) and to brighten the look up this amazing moon necklace.

I bought mine off eBay (here) and I love it. I'm not usually one who can stand fake diamonds but I love this. It reminds me of Sailor Moon.

The necklace is also available in pink (here) and blue, green and purple here :)
Jodie x 

P.s. I will be replying to comments and catching up on much missed blog posts this evening, but right now (as this is scheduled) I'm pulling my hair out trying to train staff as I'm running about organising patients for a theatre list.... or shouting at a machine that keeps alarming for no reason (their getting old).


  1. I am loving that beanie & the skater skirt. Very cute. Also well done Chris - great photos!! xx

  2. Ahh that chocker reminds me of being 10! :)
    I love the moon necklace too!

  3. Such great charity shop finds,I need a new denim jacket.. also love your tattoos!

    // xx

  4. Love this look! Gorgeous pieces of jewellery too.

    Emma x

  5. Chris really is doing better! Haha, I love how these photos turned out - and the outfit! Great beanie, belt, and everything :)

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  6. so edgy, love it!

  7. This look is so effortlessly cool! I love your style so much!!!