Thursday, 30 May 2013


This week has fallen to serious Blogger Block- I don't even know the last time I blogged, and although I am still visiting my favourite blogs commenting has hit an all time low. Until today I haven't even read an email for nearly a week. I'm not 100% sure if its a lack of time (I can officially join the masses and say I hate work this week), a lack of inspiration to blog, or the fact that after nearly 2 months I've finally been paid and all I can concentrate on is visiting London this weekend.

But I'm back and I am to spend the rest of this evening planning blog posts (inspiration is building- you can check out my Tumblr if your interested in what I'm interested in), and planning "theme posts". I'm not a big fan of wishlist after wishlist and I hate intstagram posts- if I was interested in your life I would already follow you (if I ever comment on one of your posts its because I love you- but I equally love you if I don't), but there are posts I love.

I love posts that create looks from a theme- Laura form A Forte For Fashion has probably the best set of posts I have ever see; her "Fashion in Film" posts make me squeal like a little girl :D. similarly I love "how I wear posts" such as Lucy from Daily Disguise and her "Ways to Wear" posts.

Finally I fall in love with Bloggers and Brands all the time. New collections make me wish I won the lottery and the only reason I have yet to be arrested for stalking is because I haven't been caught. So now is the start of a conscious effort to share more of the things I love. In the end this blog is my own personal space to share so read it or not.

Whens a better time to start than now.


Today's post is devoted to the email I received that finally pulled me out of my block. Gogo Philip has released yet another new collection.

I've mentioned on my blog before, and if you have met me in real life I will share my passion, I LOVE Gogo Philip. Threes something about them I cant resist. Their jewellery looks slightly more chunky (I'm not a dainty fan), there is a LOT of gold and a hooped earrings any Essex girl would love. The saddest part of this month is being a little to enthusiastic about my "GO" earrings to Chris (I was telling him how they encourage me) and ended up tugging at them so much they fell apart nearly ripping my ear at the same time.

For 40 years Gogo Philip has bee crafting modern jewellery with a vintage aesthetic from Italy and all I can say is that they keep getting better. You may remember me mentioning how upset I was for missing the Gogo Philip Malibu 1992 collection as its a summer dream- Palm trees and the most beautiful ring.

Their Gogo Philip X Disney exclusive to ASOS (and their store) is another step up for them.

I'll be honest at first I though it wouldn't be for me- I'm not the biggest Disney fan and I was worried the audience may be a little young for me but I was wrong. I honestly can't decide my favourite piece!

These Crossbones earrings are amazing and instantly caught my eyes. I love anything anatomical and skulls are a bit of a (not so) secret love, so I love these playful Micky earrings. There is just something about them I can envision wearing with a black body con and a messy bun and flatforms... maybe red lipstick... maybe plumb... they're just beautiful.

Similarly I Love these drop pearl earrings. I find the golden ears of the pearl 'face' just the right amount of cute :) This spiky Micky pendant is beautiful. The chain reminds me of a necklace my dad bought me.... probably over 15 years ago one holiday. Unfortunately my school had a strict 'no jewelrry' rule and was confiscated and never seen again (this rule later led to suspension when I got my lip pierced) but I can't help but be drawn to it.

Fingers crossed I can convince Chris that we need to take a trip to Gogo Philips flagship store in Shoreditch this weekend, or at very least dribble over their collection in Oxford Circus Topshop.

I hope you like this post- don't worry this wont become a weekly thing there will be plenty of outfit posts to enjoy. Tomorrow I will have another outfit post up for you.
Jodie x


  1. I love this post. :) Can't wait on outfit post!

  2. Lovely stuff!! Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  3. i have that earrings <3

  4. Don't worry, I go through those phases all the time, you're in good company lol :) Glad you're back and I love the earrings!!


  5. Gorgeous <3

    Happy Weekend ,kisses