Saturday, 22 June 2013


I'm sorry I've been a little AWOL this week but work well and truly got the better of me. I keep telling myself once we get new staff the workload on our individual shoulders would drop but its not happening.

I decided Wednesday after a truly horrific shift I needed something to cheer me up so arranged to have HD brows yesterday.

Let me start by saying that the shape is nice and she's done a really good brow- but I hate them.

I asked for "as thick as possible" and even showed her an image of what I wanted and she's ripped out over half my brows. They're disgusting. What I thought would be a tool to reduce my makeup time took me 45 minutes to get half respectable.

I'm really self conscious about them- they were so beautiful and no body is trying to make me feel better. "They look just as thick as before/ I like them like this/ there shaped now" are not compliments. None of those words reassure me that they are now thick and beautiful.

* * * * * * * * * *

I wrote the previous few paragraphs first thing this am sleep deprived.

I still hate my brows but I'm feeling a little bit better. I've been staring like a crazed person at Tess Munsters Instagram feed. She's my idol (or one of them). She's just a fantastic woman and her #effoffbeautystandards "movement" is possibly more inspiring than anything you seem in magazines about body confidence.

But the reason I've been staring at her is her brows. She has the worlds best brows. And nearly two hours or staring I'm starting to see done similarities between her and mine. I'm still not convinced they're as thick but I'm feeling a tiny bit better. You never know I might even build up the courage to take a photo of them and ask for all your opinions :)

This is a casual look I wore last weekend- as I physically haven't had the energy to put clothes on that haven't got holes/rips/creases but are so very cosy after work. That and I've walked through the door and became instantly bra less.

Tee: Killstar
Gilet: Waiste
Crochet shorts: H&M
Hair ties: DIY
Bag: Waiste
Shoes: Camden market (similar here

How cute are these shorts? Another woman I've fallen in love with as of late is Sara Lousie from Waiste. I love her later textured style and if course her brand Waiste (which my gilet and awesome bag I've been carrying everywhere is from). I want to get back into the habit if layering up my clothes a little more- jackets and tees I'm an expert at but now I want to take a leaf from Sara's book and layer a few dresses. Therefore when I saw these shorts I had to have them and hopefully channel a little of her unto my wardrobe (don't worry Sara's love of white and pale colours haven't washed off on me -I could never pull it off- black is here to stay).

The tee is another purchase from Killstar and its perfect. It's a Moon!!!

Obviously from my blog title you must have gathered I've got a bit if a complex about myself. I honestly think (in maybe just a small way) in an Goddess- probably (possibly) Amazonian.

Either way I'm fantastic and have always been drawn to the moon. I don't know how big/far away it is I just think it's a little orb of power in the sky. So I had to have this tee!

It's a tiny bit tighter than I thought (stupid boobies) but I love it. The print quality is fantastic and the delivery arrived so quick I was a bit shocked (Glasgow seems a long way from Essex). I ordered this vest too but unfortunately it had sold out of my size :( But the moon also comes on a sweater which is so unbelievably amazing I'm so tempted to buy it even though I have the tee and really shouldn't.
Jodie x

P.s. I apologise for the epic moan I've shared. I was going scrap the whole post but it's my blog so I'll post whatever I fancy.


  1. Sorry that you aren't happy with your new brows, hopefully you'll get used to it or that they'll grow out quick enough. The illustration on the tee is lovely! Liking the whole black and white look x


  2. I have no idea why you hate your brows, but anyway I can understand you. We are all not perfect and everyone of us are simply mad about such things which we suppose to be imperfect, this is what makes us girls:) You look cool and groovy!
    Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  3. I love this outfit, the moon tee and Waiste denim jacket go so well together! :)

  4. love your shoes! XoXo I waiting for you on my blog!

  5. I'm sorry they didn't turn out like you hoped :/ But hey, it'll get better!

    Trendy Teal

  6. I love your blog! It's great :) You are amazing! Feel free to my blog :)) Maybe, you follow my blog ? ♥ (If you like it)
    Kisses ♥♥♥

  7. Very cute outfit and I hope work gets better!
    Lovee, Kierra Makayla

  8. I agree with what you said about Tess' brows - they're fantastic. Yours look amazing too, but I know it's hard to stay confident when they don't come out looking just as you planned. Your outfit is on point (as per usual), I'm so jealous of your shorts!

  9. Those shorts are so cute, I always love your outfits :)
    If you love the moon I'm sure you'll already know but it's a supermoon tonight, it's going to be massive! Make sure you try and look :)
    emmerliejay x

  10. I am so sorry you had such a bad experience! A new look always takes getting used to, especially when it is something like your brows that are such a defining feature of your face. Hopefully as you grow into them you will start to like them more.

  11. Your outfit and brows look perfect to me!! I, too, am always obsessing over my brows, because when I go without makeup (which I'm really trying hard to do), they are just out there doin their thing and looking smack in the middle of my face and framing my eyes! I always have to chuckle and my grandmother who always shaved hers and simple penciled in little skinny eliptical lines!!

    There is a product out there which is supposed to make your brows grow in bald patches and available at Anastasia Brow Bar in Beverly Hills, CA! You might have some luck going to their site. : )

    - Lauren at adorn la femme

  12. I thought your eyebrows were horrific before so I'm looking forward to seeing them, I bet they look great. You'll get used to them soon.

  13. Your outfit is just wonderful! And I can't see your brows really well, but I'm sure they aren't as horrible as you say. And hey, it's hair, it will grow back, don't worry! ;)

    XO Imke

  14. nice :)

  15. I don't think you eyebrows look bad at all, or was this before?!

  16. I do really really like your style!!