Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Today was one big mistake and I wish I took up the offer of Chris calling in sick for me. The whole days clinics were cancelled and we were supposed to have a team building thing this afternoon which was also cancelled- but no one told me so I came without lunch :(

I'm very glad that I came home to my Mod Dolly dress and Romwe hat :)

Overall it's been a busy shopping week with all the ilk be purchased I've made and visiting Cambridge at the weekend. Until Saturday I had never been before now I want to go back.

We only really went to the main shopping centre and surrounding market but that WAD enough to fall in love with. Between the park and ride and ships we passed a lot of the university buildings and churches.

It was a shame it started to rain do we had to cut our visit short and photographs had to stop- although my dad was being excellent and running after me with the umbrella my mum kept walking in front of us. (Ps the dark hair man in grey and blond woman in tweed are my parents).

I've already mentioned my dad bought me an amazing pair of Levi jeans but that wasn't all we bought. He also bought my mum a beautiful Ted Baker bag, plus there was amazing stalls at the market were my mum bought me an amazing ethnic pair of trousers.

I'm glad I dressed warmly Saturday once the rain hit.

Boots: Buffalo
Leggings: Ark
Beanie: eBay
Bag: Primark
Sweater: Killstar

My hair wasn't this curly to start with but the rain fluffed it right up. I went casual with a simple leggings and sweater mix, and played off the pagan-goth vibe of my amazing Killstar sweater and mixed the all black look with a pastel beanie. I'm starting to get really into pastel accessories at the moment and have just bought this beautiful handmade necklace from Paige (from Paige Johanna) esty store.

I think this is a new turn for my personality/wardrobe.

Like I said my sweater is from Killstar and its the most comfortable sweater I have ever owned! It's like wearing a sunny cloud. I wire this last night to see Chris and I could see the jealousy in his eyes. Plus its fun to pick out all the pagan/religious/satanic symbols.

But the best part is the attention to detail- look at the underside of the label!

Killstar not only sell the amaxing sweater I bought, but many more including this pentagram and awesome galaxy sweater and loads of tees too. Check them out.

Jodie x 


  1. You always post such gorgeous photos. xoxo


  2. What an amazing place! Amazing photos! :) You look so cool in this outfit!

  3. Wonderful photos! Seems like you had a great trip!

    XO Imke

  4. Major drools at that sweater! Cambridge looks lovely, reminds me a lot of Oxford. xx

    The Young Bridget Jones

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  6. wow i love this place in your lens <3 so amazing! & you look stunning, just like always!

  7. aw hope you had a good time! loooks like you did and im loving your jumper !! i need to get myself a big black jumper <3


  8. Ooh, sounds like you had a rough day, but hopefully some of that retail therapy made up for it!
    Loving the sweater, I love all the hamsa prints around lately xx

  9. sad to hear it was a tad rough! the pictures are really lovely!