Sunday, 30 June 2013


I think it's time I set myself a budget as I can't seem to stop my spending. I just keep buying things! After shopping Wednesday I also dragged Chris around London shopping yesterday.

MAC satin lipstick in Rebel.
I've been obsessed with getting light bright lipstick for a while. I love my dark Tribalist Lipstick from MAC but I started to grow tired or dark (or red) lips. I wanted something bright and out of my comfort zone- I love giving myself little style challenges :)

After trying pretty much every lip product in MAC (I knew I wanted a MAC) I was torn between the Rebel lipstick, Rebel gloss and another I've forgotten the name of. Chris said this one looked the best. I'm instantly in love.

This is probably the first lippy I've only put one coat on! It's coverage is excellent, lovely and moist, stays like it's stuck on with glue (but hasn't stained my skin/lips so far) and is the perfect ribena/blackcurrent squash colour.

HD brow pallet in Foxy.
The second item I love this week will shock you as its to do with my brows- I love them now :) When I got my brows done I was encouraged to buy the pallet (which I've been using with an eyebrush I bought from Topshop) and its worked wonders on the "sharpie mistake" I called my brows. It cones with a nude (for highlighting apparently although it's far too dark for my skin), Warm Brown (which the beautician used on my brow s which is too light for my brows), Dark Brown (which heavily layered makes the best work look), and Carbon (an awesome soft black which creates the most stunning brows).

I've been layering it on- well I say layer a little goes a long way, I lay my brush on the pallet; and its excellent. I used to get accidental transfers and smudges all the time but this stays put. Plus it says it's 24hrs and I reckon that's true. It last all day looking like it's just been applied.

This is what the product a look applied to my face (sorry about the stupid look I can't take selfies).

The blog posts I love this week were all posted at the beginning of the week. My favourite by far (yes I have a favourite) is by Law from That's So Yesterday and her swap shop style challenge. She's a goddess. I read the post about 5 times in a row with my mouth wide open- how has she made two outfits with the same key pieces look SO different? (Witchcraft)

Second post I love is Elle (from Good morning Angel)  "Pixie Secretary". The shoes, the awesome necklace, the hair! I love it all especially her hair. In fact I love all of Elle looks- she has this amazing witchy vibe I love :)

The third post I love is another fashion in film post by Laura (from A Forte For Fashion). I love these posts and this one is an awesome 80s inspired look from the film Heather. Not only do I NEED to see this film but it makes me look at a scrunchie in a whole new light.
Jodie x 


  1. I love the Ribena lipstick! I wish I could pull off dark lipsticks because I always love the look but I just can't.
    Your eyebrows look amazing too, I'm glad you've grown to love their new shape :)

    I'm just checking out the posts you love too, it's always good to get recommendations for new blogs! :)
    emmerliejay x

  2. I love you! <3
    Also, that lipstick is goorgeous! You should check out Mac's Nightmoth lip pencil - it's ridiculous, I think you'd like it!

  3. I just got the HD brow kit too, I haven't use it yet but it looks amazing. Love that shade on you you sexi lady, and your brows are look perfect. I love dark plummy lipsticks, they are vampy without looking too harsh on fairer skin.
    Thanks so much for the mention you babe, haha I swear I looked stoned in the second outfit snaps haha. xxx

  4. That lipstick color is stunning Jodie! xo

  5. interesred in following each other via GFC and facebook?

  6. Love the lipstick color!

  7. Ooh, pretty lipstick colour! My favourite bright has always been Revlon's Cherries In The Snow. It's such a classic, they've been making it since the 50s, apparently.

  8. Ohh, nice ;3 The lipstick colour looks awesome on you :) and the pallet also :)

  9. That MAC lipstick is lovely! Such a bold color and pretty

    Trendy Teal

  10. Your eyebrows look great! :)
    I love the look of that Mac lipstick shade too!