Sunday, 9 June 2013


Let me start this week by sharing possibly my favourite past times, I'm currently sitting in a warm practice room (in a chair with back support) reading while listening to my boyfriend place bass with his band. This is where I could go on and on about how amazingly talented he is and make everyone thoroughly jealous but I won't, but tonight has ended quite a busy weekend. Friday my sister officially moved out (although the majority of her belongings are still at my house) and yesterday was spent buying essentials and seeing one of my best friends new home. Whoever said weekends were made for relaxing was wrong. 

I have officially decided that summer is on its way and this week has been devoted to getting my body summer ready- or what I really mean is I actually shaved my legs this week and decided in a summer makeup routine. I'm going to try out lovely bright lips.

Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte in shade 110. My lipstick of choice I've been living this week is the Kate Miss for Rimmel Matte lipstick in shade 110. I'm usually a red or purple sort if girl but I think I'm converted. Shade 110 is a lovely bright coral colour. I was a bit worried it would look a bit odd with my yellow toned skin but its perfect. I don't think it would look bad on anyone. Plus the coverage and staying power is excellent I only seem to reapply the one coat after eating or about 3 hours :) 

Waiste Denim GiletAnother this I've been wearing non stop is my denim gilet from Waiste. I know it's been on the blog a lot lately but I can barely take it off (in actually wearing it now with a Killstar tee and some crochet shorts). In actually preferring it over my oversized denim jacket at the moment as it frees up my arms- and the quality is amazing you can tell the vintage jacket had been reworked with obvious care. 

My first two favourite blog posts this week have (almost nothing) to do with fashion, and not an outfit in sight. 

The first is "So You Think You're Beautiful" by Law from That's So Yesterday. I'm not going to even attempt to convey the message that Law managed to deliver perfectly in words but its a lovely little eye opener about what's considered "beautiful" in media standards. In fact all this week I've loved reading her posts :) 

The second is Georgina from Caramel Latte Kiss post "Shouting Back". It's about the latest campaign led by @everdaysexism. She's does a fantastic job at explaining it that once again I don't have the skills to put into words. Or if you have a spare hour it two read the twitter feed. 

My final post I love this week is by Jenny at Rock n Roller: "Biker Chic". Her photos on this post are fantastic! 
Jodie x 


  1. omg! love the lipstick is beautiful ;)

  2. love the gilet! looks great on :) and pretty lipstick :D

  3. I love the kate moss matte lipsticks! I wear mine all the time, only problem is is that it makes my lips so dry!

  4. I haven't yet tried this shade but I do have about 7 different shades and love them all! :)
    Might have to try this one out too!

  5. Thanks for sharing my post! I'm pleased to hear (read?) it connected with you.