Tuesday, 30 July 2013


After the fun I had with my last "how I wear" feature (and because no body said that they hated it) its back. This time I've chosen something more trend focused- but mostly something I got so excited I nearly wet myself when it dropped through my door.

Dungarees: Waiste
Tee: Camden Market
Back pack: Camden Market
Socks: Primark
Sandals: Dr Martens
Necklace: Paige Johanna (esty)
Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Links of London, Prairie Charms and gifts. 
Rings: Gogo Philip and gifts

I mentioned on twitter that I was a little upset that (although I LOVE my body) I was too big to fit into a pair of Waiste dungarees. They contacted me saying that they do custom orders, so a few emails later these bad boys where on their way.

Honestly Sara and Danielle could not have been ANY more helpful and they honestly couldn't fit any more perfect, even down to the length if the legs-not too short. I don't know how to get into words how much I appreciate the effort they put into helping me so whatever your size/style check Waiste out. Obviously the Lazy Daisy pair are my favourite (cute floral and back with an awesome grunge-90s vibe) but this was a hard choice. I loved the All Patched Up pair, Cross My Heart pair and the Star Spangled pair.

I went for a casual but breezy look, with a sort of whimsical look about it. I was going to pair this with short socks- cute little ankle numbers- but I'm glad I didn't. I wore this Saturday to London and I honestly think the only reason I didn't tear off all my skin because if insect bites is because of these socks. I think they acted as a cushion or something. Obviously I bought my bag Saturday so I started off with one of my many tote bags, and channelling the daisy theme I paired it with my Daisy necklace from Paige Johanna.

This was instantly what came to mind when I received my Waiste dungarees a really casual soft sort of look. Something that makes me feel like skipping around town with Chris or walking the dog through the park.

What can be more simple than a tee and sandals?
Jodie x 

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Current situation: trying not to scratch down to the bone over pound coin sized insect bites. I look like a Dalmatian.

Not only have I barely slept a wink, have swollen knees and ankles and slowly turning mad (or more mad) I'm indignant as i was wearing tights! I'm that delicious they went through my tights covering my legs between shoes and shorts (really there's practically a line).

If anyone has bite relief that works please share! At the moment I'm using 4 different solutions, aloe vera gel and constant showers and I've got no relief.

On the plus side look at my amazing new bag!!

Yesterday me and Chris took our monthly trip to London (cut short by a combination of a hangover (Chris) and insanity (my bites)), and while in Camden I started to ache under the weight if my shoulder bag. Ive suffered from bad back aches for years (big boobs and a heath care job doesn't mix). Ive always wanted a back pack and have had a few but wanted a new one that's bog enough to hold my life. This one is perfect :) Roomy, handmade, green (yippee) and did I say roomy. I feel like I could practically fit in it. It easily carried my purse, jacket, shopping, camera, and a two litre bottle of homemade ice tea.

Most importantly with the weight shifted centrally behind my back I didn't ache, I even found I stumbled slightly less. 100% a back pack lover now :)

Also I officially LOVE Witch Primer. After a fortnight primer free I can honestly say I will never go without again.

If you don't wear primer why not?

Since I started wearing Witch primer (well over 9 moths ago) I've noticed a change in my skin not only with make up on but also in general. Like all Witch skin products it helps clear my skin, I especially noticed this where I haven't worn it my skin has a lot more blemishes than usual. Without my primer my make up smudges and looks a little patchy and caked on dry patches and oily on oily patches (plus is great for smoothing eyebrow hair to perfection after sleeping funny). This evens out my skin so its covered and secure (even under BB cream I've noticed the difference), plus I've found it acts as the perfect barrier stopping the itchy stinging I get from make up/ the weather.

This week my I've got two blog posts I've absolutely loved, the first is Law (from That's So Yesterday) brainstorm post of how she has the awesome 90s look she carries SO well. Its perfectly check it out.

The second is from my idol Tess Munster titled "Dark Side of Modelling". Basically a VERY heart felt post about her life as a model these last few months. I honestly didn't think I could love her anymore until I read this post.
Jodie x

P.s. I know I've again been a little absent but that's not because I've been trying to tear of my skin, but because I've been planning the future of "Be A Goddess".

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Thank you all for such awesome comments on my last post. I know it's been quite obvious that things have got all on top of me and blogging went out of the window- but now I'm back and I'm glad a post I put so much effort into (finding alternatives for a very unique skirt) was so well received.

I often worry that my blogging style isn't that well... Great. so I'm thinking of changes but I have no idea where to start. If anyone has any tips please share.

Crop shirt: Topshop
Crop vest: DIY
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Bag: River Island

I saw this crop shirt way back with its matching skirt and fell in love with the print. Unfortunately I couldn't either find the top in my size and not the skirt or the other way round. When I finally found both in the Oxford Street Topshop I realised they looked awful on me as a co-ordinate, so in the end just bought the top.

Ive had it for a few weeks and found it impossible to style- buttoned up it makes my already stupidly big chest look massive! I did try it under a pinafore but I'm still not 100% sure about it. I have been wearing it as a summer jacket which is how this came about on my shoulder. I still feel the need to layer up in this hot weather, but tied into a pin-up sort if look I officially fell in love with the shirt.

I just looks perfect tied at the waist. Now i feel like I must buy more with this one, this one and this one on the top if my list (the checked at the VERY top).

Being toasty out at the moment even I am feeling the heat so paired with my floaty skater skirt and flip flops kept me cool. My hair isn't a fan- hello ginger afro!

The one thing I'm struggling in this heat is keeping my hair frizz free. In fact i hate it at the moment. I'm officially bored if the grown out style and colour, as soon as my sisters wedding is over I going for a change but I just don't know what to. All through my teens I changed the colour and style every 3 months or so, and I'm hating being one if those girls who stuck to one style. I think its going to be a long time until I've grown out of changing my hair.
Jodie x 

Monday, 22 July 2013


There's a lot of plans going down in Jodie Town at the moment which I cant wait to share, but at present I'm afraid you'll have to settle with a new blog post.

Pencil Skirt: Daisy Street
Crop Sweater: DIY (similar here)
Bag: River Island
Boots: River Island

I'm getting a taste for pencil skirts- maybe its a sign in maturing?

I like how they make my bum really stick out (and my hips), channelling my inner Beyonce. This one from Daiay Street is perfect. I love the mix of black (my comfortable colour) and the contrasting yellow. Its the perfect addition to an all black look. Ive been toying with the idea of buying HUNDREDS more pencil skirts :)

Its a striking skirt but I'll admit its a little hard to wear (tigers are an impossible print to get my head around), this one from ASOS or this from Topshop are two fantastic alternatives.

This skirt I had my eye on for AGES but never actually got round to buying. I liked it buy could never think of how I would wear it and was really worried about the fit. Countless times I've bought pencil skirts for them to be short. That was until Stephanie (from Stephanie Dreams) was selling it on Instagramm, I could trust Stephanie judgement on size (as shes lovely and tall) and I suddenly got a hit of inspiration.

I LOVE ebay, blog sales and things like that. I really take other bloggers judgement on quality (plus I get a sneak look at how they'll wear it).

I wore this outfit to a gig with friends so i wanted something light enough to keep cool in the venue, but -as all my friend other than me smoke- something that would keep me warm outside. Therefore my cropped sweater was perfect.

I'm really happy with how these turned out- I got the PERFECT level of natural and unnatural light really showing off this look. I don't think I will ever manage this level again anytime soon.
Jodie x

Saturday, 20 July 2013


It's all systems go at my house this weekend to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary so its a quick post this weekend. I promise I have LOTS to share but this summer is looking to be packed with birthdays, bridesmaid duties, hen dos, and of course weddings. I cant wait for my Holiday in October all ready.

Kimono: Primark
Vest: Primark
Leggings: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Bag: River Island
Boots: River Island

I wore this to my friends baby shower (I cant wait for my little drinking buddy to arrive) and onto a burlesque night. The photos from the night I'll share soon as soon as the company post them (and I can share everything about my friends new venture).

The plan for my look was something I wouldn't boil alive in (it was a hot day so the flowing over sized vest was perfect), was warm in the evening (thank you kimono), I could mice around in to take photos (and have an accidental boob slip) and showed off my awesome boots.

I know I mentioned them in my weekly love post but they're really perfect. In fact Ive planned today outfit around them :) I just love the cut out and the heal level is perfect- plus so comfortable!

Like I mentioned mine where from River Island, but Office do a near identical pair (at a very reasonable price), but if you're looking for the original Jeffery Campbell Coltrane then I finally found them on Nasty Girl (and I wad going to buy but Ive had a few hearty fines getting parcels from overseas lately. I also love the Jeffery Campbell Platrane too (from Office)- such an awesome 90s take on a classic :)

In case you're wondering my Kimono is quite a few years old (as you can see from the fraying tassels) but I urge you to go have a look in Primark for one- there's loads. If not- they're so popular and easy to wear- check out Glamorous, In Love With Fashion, Missguided, Topshop, and River Island for a start.
Jodie x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Did you miss me guys and dolls? I wish i had a valid reason for not blogging but "being lazy" isn't really a reason. But I'm back and I'm determined to turn over another new leaf :)

After last week (where I felt like I was thrown up a certain creek without a certain implement) I needed a day off. I had enough of being treated like dirt with no support at work and snapped at my manager. I feel a LOT better now :) (don't worry I won't bore you with it all).

I often feel my life is a little boring to everyone else, I'll be the first to admit unless you work in health care you just don't get it (its true that nursing staff do have their own sense of humour).

So on to blogging.

This I wore the very first day "summer" started here in the UK- and it's not going anywhere soon so be prepared fir a slightly less dressed Jodie (*sings theme tune to the Full Monty*).

Dress: ASOS
Necklace: New Look
Bag: River Island
Hair ties: DIY

This dress is very smock and shapeless but I like it, the cute elephant print instantly drew me in plus its the sort of dress you don't have to try to hard with. I spotted this on Danielles blog and bought it STRAIGHT away- there's no regrets.

Just this and a necklace and some shoes and its done. A complete outfit.

Obviously I'm still infatuated by my Dr Martens sandals so was an obvious choice with the dress, and the hair bands are my summer hair accessory at the moment helping keep my neck and shoulders cool and keeping my hair at bay.

My hasma hand necklace I picked up as I was literally at the checkout. I walked past it to pay and it found its way into my hand. I'm not disappointed. I know its everywhere at the moment but I love hamsa hands. New look also sell one (a bit more delicate) in gold, and the only thing better than a Hamsa hand necklace is a hamsa hand necklace with a sun- like this one from Little Teacup Jewellery.
Jodie x 

Monday, 15 July 2013


This week has been a bit manic (again) work has been AWFUL and socially I've not stopped. It was a gig-baby shower-burlesque show-BBQ sort of thing. I cant wait for next weekend.

I apologise for the lack of blogging but I have a few posts planned that will be up soon :)

This week I have been enjoying the hot weather, or as much as I could after work. Its so refreshing not to be freezing cold all the time. I'm not sure how much longer I will agree but at the moment I love it. No more jackets for me :)

The other thing I love this week is yet another new pair of shoes. I well and truly have a problem!! This would make the 4th pair I have bought this month, plus I've seen another I "need".

I bought these lovely cut out boots from River Island (after weeks if trying to choose from these by Jeffrey Campbell or these by Office I asked Chris for advice and he picked these). Ive been wearing non stop since Thursday and apart from one tiny blister (ankle) they're perfect.

As I've been ever so AWOL this week I've severely slacked on the blogging front so have barely read any :( The only post I can think to mention is this post by Izzie. She shows you how to paint you nails to look like burgers.


They look awesome.
Jodie x

Thursday, 11 July 2013


I've just got back from my first ever blogger event and I'm in love! Thank you Gogo Philip. I'll write up a post very soon (hopefully tomorrow) as soon as I can rearrange my thoughts.

It's times like this where I want to blog but can't get the words out of my head properly that I'm glad I write up half my posts in advance (usually just adding in the waffle later).

Jeans: Levi
Gilet: Waiste
Bag: River Island
Vest: Topshop
Shoes: Dr Martens

How awesome is this vest! As soon as I saw it on Jenny's blog I had to have it.

The slogan itself is perfect (I'm one step colder to getting "oh my goth" ,to replace the usual "oh my God") but also it's made brilliantly. The sleeves are cut to perfectly and the material its self is so comfy. I bought it thinking it will easily find its way into my "smart" wardrobe but really it belongs in my every day wear (so it's going to get used LOADS), as its the perfect casual vest. This is another after work look, very casual with my jeans which I actually prefer rolled into crops.

Still breaking in my Dr Martens and the sleeveless gilet is perfect for this last week or so where it's hot in the day here in England but I still find it cold once the Sun goes down.

Elle reminded me that these sandals look very much like the jelly sandals everyone owned when we were little and are back in this 90s revival. I did think about buying them when I was still searching for a pair of black DMs but I can remember torture my feet went through in the 90s wearing them (plus one drop of water and you're walking on ice) it was a very short think about them- they belong in my childhood.

I can't deny the fact they look good, especially styled so well on bloggers such as Sara. I can see the appeal and if DMs aren't your thing then you can find them pretty much everywhere (including Motel Rocks, River Island and Office), or for something that doesn't look like a medieval torture then these from Topshop and these from River Island are beautiful.

Jodie x

Monday, 8 July 2013


Skirt: Boohoo
Tee: Camden Market
Necklace: eBay
Bag: River Island (similar here)
Socks: Primark
Sandals: Dr Martens

Look at those beautiful sandals! Are you in love with them as much as I am? There so perfect I can tell they're going to be my most worn shoe every summer until the end of time.

I wore this yesterday for a day out with my dad for a spot of lunch and ended up at our town park watching Linkfest. I'm so lucky to live in Harlow as not only do we have the Square but there's always something on music wise in the summer. Many pubs hold mini weekend festivals and the park has two bigger festivals on at the bandstand this year.

It makes me feel OK about never going to a proper festival with all this free music literally on my door step.

Obviously it's been very hot so after applying sunscreen I wanted to get my legs out as much as possible in my skirt. I choose my leather look skater from Boohoo and I NEVER realised how short it was until these photos. My legs go on for miles!!

Keeping it casual I put on my Bjork tee Chris bought for me- I love Bjork, and a music related tee seemed appropriate for a festival. Usually I don't wear band tees. I like ones were you don't really know that it's a band tee but I love Bjork so couldn't resist it. Of course I folded up the arms to make it more comfortable.

My sandals were really the main focus of this look but as I'm suffering from the DM-death-grip that all DMs cause on your feet while wearing them in all week: I needed socks. So I threw on these lace white ones for a cute monotone look.

Although in a little blistered (not unexpected with any new shoes) I really can't fault my sandals. I'm just so happy there mine! I've already said why I love them here, so I won't bore you again. Of course I love the black but they were so hard to get hold of! I finally found then on the Schuh eBay site here, but the downside if you've never tried on Dr Martens before is knowing what size to get as they do come up big.

They're completely sold out via Dr Martens, but they do come in other colours. I love the Red, but I think the Purple are my favourite (the yellow and blue are beautiful just not my sort of thing). Also these from Dr Martens are very similar and navy (which is almost black)!  Both sides are available on site (so you can order a few sizes/easily exchange them) and in store; which I can vouch for as I've seen both styles in both the Covent Garden and Westfield store.

Basically I'm saying I love these shoes so much I was ant everyone else to have a psir too :)
Jodie x