Monday, 1 July 2013


I own a lot of clothes. Some would say too many, but I love them all. Unfortunately I like to wear the same few items over and over, usually in the same way. Which means a) a lack of blogging material, b) my favourite clothes wear out quickly, and c) it's become a little too routine.

So I've set myself the task of not only sharing more looks involving the same items but generally challenging myself a bit more. I don't know if everyone like "how I wear" style posts but I love them :)

In all these looks I keep my accessories, bag and makeup the same- totally inspired by Law (from That's So Yesterday) style swap post where she changed small details to make two completely different outfits. That and I always wear the same jewellery, and I love my Gogo Philip necklace at the moment.

Recently my mum bought me an amazing pair of trousers- printed, purple and wide legged- very hippy/Aladdin like. I think my mum thought I would take them away and wear them with a vest and some flip flips but they were too good just for holiday. Not only are they amazingly comfortable, and fulfil my purple craving, but make my bum look amazing. Watch out Beyonce you have some competition.

My trousers are from Cambridge market but I've seen a mass of cool trousers about, including these, these, these, and these.

I've been wearing them with a tee mostly sort of casual-grunge-esque (if I was to label it), but also went out in them on Saturday with a more sport chic/hip-hop manner both looks I will be sharing but I wanted to challenge myself Sunday. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and wear something a bit more made up- a look I would call "safe" as I could easily see my mum in it.

I call this my "pretty sandal look".

Trousers: Cambridge market
Vest: Matalan (similar here)
Necklace: Gogo Philip
Bag: River Island
Bracelets: Topshop and gifts. 
Rings: Topshop, topman and gifts. 
Shoes: Rocket Dog

I wire this shopping yesterday and I didn't get stared at even a 1/4 of what I usually do. It's lovely and floaty and light and generally perfect for the hot weather we're having in the UK this week. The vest itself was from Matalan (which I can't seem to find online) for the grand total of £8. My sister's both bought near identical ones from Topshop. Comparing the two I prefer the Matalan one because not only are the straps adjustable but I actually quite like the under under layer that's stops the silk from sticking to/rubbing my skin. They're also for sale in Primark. The only downside is the top falls straight down from my boobs so I lo o HUGE- where has my waist gone?

My sandals are from Rocket Dog and I love them (even if they have cause blisters). Call me crazy but I needed a pair of wedge flip flops since I saw a patient in her early 60s in a pair. Honestly in love! I bought these from Schuh at Lakeside and while in there was a little torn between these ones I bought, these from Schuh and these from Rocket Dog with the cute bow. But it's easy enough to swap these shoes for any pretty sandals.

I can't wait to share my other two looks :)
Jodie x 


  1. Loving the hippy trousers :)
    Perfect for this time of year especially festivals.

  2. Honestly speaking, I don't own lots or tons of clothes! >.< But this outfit is sooo cool and awesome! I love it! As well as the sandals! ^^

  3. I absolutely love the trousers! :)

  4. you look adorable <3 such a sweetheart :)

  5. Definitely a free-spirited pair of pants - I love the hippie vibe of them!

    Trendy Teal

  6. Those are some gorgeous pants for sure! Love how you've kept it simple so the pants still shine without being too loud and obnoxious! BTW I wear my clothes to death too, I hate buying something only to use it once or never. I feel like that's a fashion crime since what's the point in buying something if you won't use and love it!


  7. This is a great idea! I have loads of dresses but probably stick to the same 5-6.

    Can't wait to see the other looks =)

    Corinne x

  8. Great pants ;-). You look very good ;-).