Saturday, 20 July 2013


It's all systems go at my house this weekend to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary so its a quick post this weekend. I promise I have LOTS to share but this summer is looking to be packed with birthdays, bridesmaid duties, hen dos, and of course weddings. I cant wait for my Holiday in October all ready.

Kimono: Primark
Vest: Primark
Leggings: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Bag: River Island
Boots: River Island

I wore this to my friends baby shower (I cant wait for my little drinking buddy to arrive) and onto a burlesque night. The photos from the night I'll share soon as soon as the company post them (and I can share everything about my friends new venture).

The plan for my look was something I wouldn't boil alive in (it was a hot day so the flowing over sized vest was perfect), was warm in the evening (thank you kimono), I could mice around in to take photos (and have an accidental boob slip) and showed off my awesome boots.

I know I mentioned them in my weekly love post but they're really perfect. In fact Ive planned today outfit around them :) I just love the cut out and the heal level is perfect- plus so comfortable!

Like I mentioned mine where from River Island, but Office do a near identical pair (at a very reasonable price), but if you're looking for the original Jeffery Campbell Coltrane then I finally found them on Nasty Girl (and I wad going to buy but Ive had a few hearty fines getting parcels from overseas lately. I also love the Jeffery Campbell Platrane too (from Office)- such an awesome 90s take on a classic :)

In case you're wondering my Kimono is quite a few years old (as you can see from the fraying tassels) but I urge you to go have a look in Primark for one- there's loads. If not- they're so popular and easy to wear- check out Glamorous, In Love With Fashion, Missguided, Topshop, and River Island for a start.
Jodie x


  1. Looove your kimono - perfect for this weather! Awesome boots too!

  2. You look great! Love this look on you. And I hope you get to rest soon, because your life certainly does sound very busy!

    XO Imke

  3. Omg, all of the typos.

    1. All gone now- was a massive reason why being so busy at the moment is so bad. I've always been awful at the whole spelling thing but it's the first time I've not even attempted a spell check. Naughty blogger!

      Ps. I can take constructive criticism- no need to be anon.

  4. I've been seeing this kimono look around more and more. It's gorgeous.

    7% Solution​

  5. 60th anniversary? Congrats to your grandparents, that's awesome!
    Love love love that kimono girl, and the way you styled it up this round is perfect

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I love the kimono!
    I think I have to buy one they always look great!

  7. I love your kimono and cut out boots, gorgeous! X

  8. no way you got that kimono in primark?! i have to get it!!!


  9. your outfits are always mint!x

  10. great outfit!
    i have the bottom jeffrey campbell platforms, my favourite boots!

    Rachael x

  11. Ou ;3 i love this outfit, it suits you sooooooo much ;33

  12. I love your Kimono! I bought a similar, floral printed one from Zara recently, and I just love wearing it becuase it's so easy and comfortable. Congratulations to your grandparents on 60 years of wedding bliss. That's nearly unheard of these days, so that's quite a feat. Enjoy your weekend :)


  13. such a pretty kimono! also ur shoes <3

  14. You look great with the hair that way! i like it!!

  15. You did a beautiful job at styling your look.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  16. Thank you for your fashion insights on my post! You're totally right, girls with a fair skin can pull off yellow as well, but you just have to find the right shade :) Mustard is really pretty indeed!

    XO Imke

  17. Great outfit! This kimono is amazing and I'm in love with this boots <3