Thursday, 11 July 2013


I've just got back from my first ever blogger event and I'm in love! Thank you Gogo Philip. I'll write up a post very soon (hopefully tomorrow) as soon as I can rearrange my thoughts.

It's times like this where I want to blog but can't get the words out of my head properly that I'm glad I write up half my posts in advance (usually just adding in the waffle later).

Jeans: Levi
Gilet: Waiste
Bag: River Island
Vest: Topshop
Shoes: Dr Martens

How awesome is this vest! As soon as I saw it on Jenny's blog I had to have it.

The slogan itself is perfect (I'm one step colder to getting "oh my goth" ,to replace the usual "oh my God") but also it's made brilliantly. The sleeves are cut to perfectly and the material its self is so comfy. I bought it thinking it will easily find its way into my "smart" wardrobe but really it belongs in my every day wear (so it's going to get used LOADS), as its the perfect casual vest. This is another after work look, very casual with my jeans which I actually prefer rolled into crops.

Still breaking in my Dr Martens and the sleeveless gilet is perfect for this last week or so where it's hot in the day here in England but I still find it cold once the Sun goes down.

Elle reminded me that these sandals look very much like the jelly sandals everyone owned when we were little and are back in this 90s revival. I did think about buying them when I was still searching for a pair of black DMs but I can remember torture my feet went through in the 90s wearing them (plus one drop of water and you're walking on ice) it was a very short think about them- they belong in my childhood.

I can't deny the fact they look good, especially styled so well on bloggers such as Sara. I can see the appeal and if DMs aren't your thing then you can find them pretty much everywhere (including Motel Rocks, River Island and Office), or for something that doesn't look like a medieval torture then these from Topshop and these from River Island are beautiful.

Jodie x


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous!!! I want them!

  2. Really love this outfit on you and in particular those amaazzing shoes. I've been thinking of getting a bright yellow or pink pair for the summer!

    Cool post :)


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  3. Oh wow, you look grrreat! The DM sandals are just lush that I get dizzy at the sight of it ;)

    The Young Bridget Jones

  4. Awesome outfit! So cool:)

  5. Love the slogan and I really adore the shoes!! They totally remind me of a pair I had when I was a kid :) They look great how you styled them!

  6. you look stunning! i fell in love with your shoes ! :)