Sunday, 7 July 2013


This week I have been head over heels about one thing: my new sandals.

You might remember I was obsessed with owning these Dr Martens Eleanor Parade sandals and was struggling to find them (in black anyway). After searching all over for them I was accepting defeat then here they appeared- and on sale too!!

Like all Dr Martens they come up big but very tight at first. In fact I'm still struggling to do up the strap unless I'm standing showing the world my big granny knickers in the process. But once on fit perfectly if not a little baggy and (again like all Dr Martens) are wearing in nicely. Plus the sole is so bouncy! I feel like I'm walking on a balloon! I know all DMs have a "bouncing sole" but you can really feel it in these.

I'm just so happy they're mine! Be prepared for a LOT of outfits including them.

Blog wise I've been slack again, I've been trying to read as many as possible but I'm so bad at commenting. Sorry everyone!

I know I've mentioned her before but I LOVE Roxy (from Roxthefox) style of writing, and her Canada day post is a superb piece- plus she's looks AMAZING. Move over 4th July.

The second post I like this week is from Helen (at The Lovecats Inc) favourite summer lipsticks. I love a review post where product a are compared rather than a straight review as I like to know which out of a bunch I prefer, so Helen comparing some right beauties (favourite being Mac Lady Danger) is perfect.

Finally I love Katie (from Coeurs De Foxes) outfit at the beach. Not only does she look fantasy poo c but a shoot at the beach on a day where it doesn't look like the Caribbean is inspiring  me to give it a go :)

What blogs have you been enjoying this week?
Jodie x 


  1. amazing shoes! so jealous as I've seen so many bloggers rock them perfectly

  2. Ooh I love Rox too, her words always make me laugh and her style is beyond gorgeous at that.


  3. Ahh don't you just love it when something you've been wanting forever magically goes on sale! It's like it was meant to be

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. They are so lovely! :)

  5. omg these shoes are amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them :) xo

  6. Those sandals are gorgeous!

    XO Imke

  7. OHMYGosh. I love these. I have no money but I clicked the link anyway, thankfully my size is sold out haha!


  8. I need these shoes!
    Love DMs!