Monday, 26 August 2013


Dress: Mod Dolly
Tights: Primark
Classic Chain Necklace: Gogo Philip
Necklace worn as Bracelet c/o Gogo Philip

I never thought I could look so mature and sensible as I do in this look. When I had the idea to express several genres of style based around Gogo Philip jewelry I thought instantly to challenge myself to the extreme limit of what I call my "style". I wanted to challenge myself to do something sophisticated.

I don't think in 23 years I've ever looked so mature.

I decided to channel my inner Jackie Kennedy/ Audrey Hepburn/ Twiggy and go for a 60s look going for minimal makeup, pale lips, the beehive and shift dress.

So maybe its not minimal makeup but no blusher (not even my trusted lilac blusher) and eye shadow (I missed my smokey eyes) is a big change for me, plus my first attempt at a beehive I felt like a completely different person.

I tried to bring the look a little up to date with my tartan dress. Although shift dresses were a 60s staple tartan is all over A/W.

I tried to make the look understated (again hard for me) with simple accessories, my classic chain done all the real work with my 7 Dwarfs necklace as a delicate bracelet, a good alternative to the Plated bracelet or Dog Head Bangle.

Or I could swap the necklace for a statement pair if earrings- I'm still lusting after the Brooke Palm earrings and nothing says sophistication like a pair of pearls. 

So what do you think of my sophisticated look? I could totally be taken home to meet someones parents. 
Jodie x
P.s. this is the first tine I attempted a beehive- I love it but can do with some tips. 


  1. I love this dress!!
    And the add of the gold chain!

  2. you look fab honey <3

  3. Love the look!You look amazing

  4. You do look a lot older here, girl! I can totally see it. That dress is so stunning... I love plaid, and I love green/blue plaid specifically. This is a very scottish kilt kind of plaid! And super classy as well. :D

    Also, those are lovely tattoos on your shoulders/arms--and such a neat spot for them, too!

  5. Oh wow, you definitely look more grown up! I love your hair, statement gold necklace, and this plaid dress. Perfectly chic and mature :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I luuuurve the style and print of this dress! It compliments your figure so lovely. Also for a first attempt at a beehive you did a pretty awesome job. I've been wanting to try for ages but I just know that I'd be terrible at it, haha. :)

    Debra Bros Blog

  7. Your beehive actually looks really nice!

    Love the dress too, can't go wrong with shift dresses :)


  8. I love the way you've done your hair; I never have the patience to do mine
    Daniella x

  9. I love everything about this look. The hair, the chain, the dress, it's all fabulous.

  10. Beautiful Dress <3 ,also love your Hair :) ,looks great!


  11. You look great :D I love your dress! and want your necklace!
    If this isn't good for a meet up I don't know what is ;)

    I love your selection of Gogo Phillip items they have so many cool pieces I want like that skull ring did you see it ?>

    Just got a new necklace and would love to know your opinion on it :D !

    Have a great day :D


    The Sarah Klass Necklace

  12. love the tartan dress with the gold chain, it stands out so well!!

  13. I love this look! Wish Wish Wish did a good tutorial for getting beehive hair a little while ago; might be worth checking that out if you wanted more tips.