Friday, 23 August 2013

90s POP

Less than 8 hours until the bank holiday weekend, and after the week I've had at work (plus the meeting yesterday) I cant wait. 

My only plan is to get my eyebrows done and look for the perfect bright purple lipstick. I know I have a few already but I need more purple! If anyone has a suggestion of what I might like please share :) 

Talking of something playful like purple lipstick- this us my 3rd Gogo girl look- something fun and 90s inspired. I'm really failing to see how Gogo Philip isn't every ones cup of tea as they offer so much. 

I honestly have no idea where throwing all the peace signs came from

Crop top: Redrock
Dungarees: Primark
Necklace: Gogo Philip
Boots: Buffalo
7 dwarf necklace c/o Gogo Philip

How 90s can I get!!

I being serious the clothes mixed with the tie dye flag and bean bag its like the 90s physically threw up on me! Ha ha ha. 

With the 90s everywhere at the moment I took a massive inspiration out of Law (from That's So Yesterday) and channelled some 90s goodness. I honestly owe this whole look to her :) 

All I needed was that purple lipstick...

These photos where actually taken before my gold hoops arrived although I wish I wire them- nothing says 90s throwback for me like massive hoops. Instead I had to make do with altering my chunky chain into a very realistic looking choker- plus being heavy it didn't do that annoying spin thing and actually stayed in place all day. 

90s looks for me are always about big chunky jewellery, so the Chunky bangle and Yasmin triangle earrings are my choice, and for the mix of 90s hippyness the Ying yang bracelet is perfect. 

But for a collection individually the Malibu 1995 collection is bang on 90s trend. Every single piece is amazing (I could have included them all not just the Palm necklace). I guess with a name like "Malibu 1995" it has to fit. I also would love to take over half of the collection on holiday for a bit of bling down the pool especially these much lusted after Brooke Palm earrings (I NEED these in my life!)

What's everyone thinking if these posts? I hope my venture into trying out new things (did you see my urban look) is inspiring everyone :)
Jodie x 

P.s. thank you a thousand times for the awesome comments on my last loon. It was a MASSIVE step out if my comfort zone so all the feedback made me feel fantastic. Ive got another look up soon again something quite new where I actually look quite mature and so sensible. Like you could happily take me home to meet your mother and I'll not mention anything to do with Erectile dysfunction or bowel movements. 


  1. Ahhh love this, gotta love a 90's look :-)

  2. Great 90s look!
    Feeling nostalgia!

  3. omg love love the look and creepers!

  4. Haha, rocking the 90's grunge like a pro! Love the overalls and your hair :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. I love your hair, the dungarees and your shoes! <3


  6. Love your shoes! very 90's grunge!
    xx Ayesha

  7. Well aren't you just a cutie! Love this entire outfit.
    Love, Kierra Makayla

  8. 90's all the way! You are freakin' adorable!

  9. super cute outfit!
    love the dwarf necklace too!
    love Rachael

  10. You look super cute and I loveee you tattos!!