Thursday, 1 August 2013


I'm not 100% happy with these photos. I took these in ridiculously low light attempting to try out a bit of slow shutter speed but I never realised how much i twitch before! I just cant keep still! A normal person would have retaken these but I cant help but share my experiments.

Dungarees: Waiste
Crop vest: DIY
Backpack: Camden Market
Checked shirt: Republic
Necklace: Paige Johanna (esty)

This is the ultimate lazy day look- there's something about dungarees that remind me of wearing a onesie. They're just so comfortable. My go to pairing with dungarees is always a crop top- this time my very over worn crop vest. Ive worn this to death! If you fancy one, these from Missguided and New look are like sisters, or for a slight edge this lace number from Topshop is perfect.

My shirt always reminds me of Chris; as long as I've known him hes worn checked shirts, and this I bought for him but he had a twin in his wardrobe so this eventually found its way to mine. Every checked shirt reminds me of being comfortably cuddled.

This is what I wore Sunday after a sleepless night over very sore legs- my bites are still ON FIRE! I was hoping to go bare legs tonight but there's no chance- wearing tights is the only relief I've got from the itch this week (because they're scratching the bites).

Tonight I'm off yo another Gogo Philip event (yippee) and this time I'm meeting Hannah there- I haven't seen her since LFW (where she was ill) so I cant wait. A few glasses of wine will surely help the bites right?
Jodie x


  1. hi pretty girl <3 lovely outfit :D
    haven't been on your blog for a while O_o How are you? :D
    the blouse is amazing <3 I want one to!!


  2. I love your dungarees! Such a quirky piece!

    Emma x

  3. cute jumpsuit dear...
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!

  4. Love this - very cool style :)


  5. Love these shots! Those dungarees are the coolest!

    Temi xo

  6. You are definitely rocking the dungarees! I really love these on you :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. you are very pretty like this, you make me crack!!!