Friday, 30 August 2013


Prepare yourself for an image overload- this post is PACKED and this was after a LOT of cutting down. This is my second from last outfit from the "set" and my favourite one! 

This shoot is (obviously) inspired by Chris saying I looked like Snow White- and I think I do! So I grabbed an Apple on the way home and we took some forest photos. I'm unbelievably happy with how they turned out! 

Dungarees: reworked vintage from Waiste
Shirt: Vintage
Necklace c/o Gogo Philip
Crop vest: DIY
Shoes: Dr Martens
Hair bands: DIY

When I received this necklace I thought it was in no way me. I thought it was just a little too whimsical and cute. But putting on my Waiste dungarees I thought I might as well try it. 

I actually really liked it. From a distance the Dwarfs just look like a plaque so it's not too cute so just right for me. 

This look is very whimsical- all either handmade or vintage (but still full of black and a lot of red lipstick). Plus its all inspired by the necklace. 

Like I said I'm my first post about Gogo Philip they offer such a wide choice suited to everyone. Above is a little mood board of whimsical pieces- but any thing from the Disney collection says it fir me. 

I didn't realise just how inspiring this feature would be- it's really challenged me :) 
Jodie x 


  1. aw! you look so cute :)

  2. Wow, these photos turned out amazing! I love the Snow White theme you went with, the forest setting was perfect. Great dungarees of course, and seriously, I just LOVE these photos Jodie :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. These photos are really pretty dear! Love those dungarees, and the pigtails are so cute!

    XO Imke

  4. Such a cool pretty look!

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment dear !

    XO Imke

  6. Such a cute necklace! Your outfit is awesome, I love dungarees :-)

  7. Aw these photos are great, lovely outfit!

  8. I love these pics in the forest!!

    You look super COOL as always such an inspiration for my rebellious side :P

    Just got a new ring from Jane Konig and would love to know your opinion on it :D !

    Have a great day :D


    The It’s Konig… Jane Konig!

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    if you come to LFW or wanna grab some coffee or hang out here is my email ""


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