Monday, 12 August 2013


This week I've decided on two things- the first that even though I've only been there for 6 months I'm going to change my job. Mostly because my management are so incompetent but also I've gone as far as I can and need a new challenge. The second I'm going back to uni- but I'm not 100% sure what to do yet (or if I can actually afford full time or part time).

On a plus I finally updated my phone (yay for something that works) and got this amazing phone cover!

Not only is it super cute but all the plastic makes it extra bouncy and easy to find in my bag.

Ive also become really into flat shoes.

I thought I was a heels sort of girl but I'm definitely choosing comfort these days. My latest purchase is these cute pumps from Iron Fist (bought from eBay).

I'm a MASSIVE fan of Iron Fist, everything they design makes me dribble with shoe lust. I'm such a shoe addict I HAD to buy these.

Does anyone else "like" posts on Bloglovin? I find it the easiest way to keep track of my favourite blog posts. Usually I have about 20 posts by the end of the week but this week I've only liked two.

The first is by Borjana (from Bees Wonderland) and her awesome all black look, and in contrast is Sara (from Waiste) relaxed look with the most amazing trousers EVER!
Jodie x


  1. I'm also a massive IF fan, those look so cool on you. I usually like Sara's posts too ha! I'd love to go back to uni, paws crossed you can afford it.

    Tara xo

  2. i love that cute phone case! haha.


  3. Good luck with the changes you're making! I hope you can go back to uni :D
    Love those adorable flats too. I'm finding comfort wins out over heels lately lol

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. super cute phone case!!!1 :)

  5. Very nice phone cover:)
    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  6. I want that phone case! So cute!

  7. Ooh, pretty shoes! I do love Iron Fist, so pretty and so...quirky. That's very cool about going back to uni. I'd say definitely chose something to study that you love, not something you think might be useful. SO many people from my graduating year are still desperately searching for jobs and regretting the money they spent on their degrees. I don't regret mine, because while I'm not 'using' it, as such, I had a brilliant three years studying a subject I enjoyed every minute of.

  8. Sorry that you aren't fully happy with your new job, at least you know what you want. I hope you'll figure out what you wanna study eventually. Go go girl!

    This flats is lovely! I've been into flats recently too, it is oh so comfortable. And probably because my boyfriend is short hehe

    The Young Bridget Jones

  9. I love those shoes too! Absolutely adorable =)
    - Che

  10. OMG That is the cutest case EVER !!!

    Loving your new shoes girl :D

    Just uploaded a new post on my fold-able flats and I would love to know your opinion :)



    How cool are fold-able flats?!

  11. I love that phone cover, cute, cute, cute!!!
    oh! and the shoes, omg amazing! :)

    Have a wonderful day doll.

  12. First things first, I LOVE those shoes. they are so adorable and fun. And I think it's great you are contemplating going back to school; I absolutely love learning and I wish I could afford to just stay in University forever, and learn for the sake of learning. I hope you figure it out.. good luck :)