Friday, 13 September 2013


At this very moment over 5000 press, from 52 countries, 73 designers and countless bloggers expected to descend on Somerset House  (or Sunday for me) you can see why London is the most fashionable capital of the world (GLM:2012).

So you (like me) applied to LFW as a blogger and was refused accreditation and now you're wondering what to do. With over 2500 bloggers applying this season you can understand why the British Fashion Council can be a little bit strict, with 5000 press and buyers in attendance LFW is packed!

Does this stop me from attending LFW? No chance and it shouldn't stop you. This will be my third season at London Fashion Week, and my third season as unaccredited blogger.

After so many bloggers I follow seemed to be missing accreditation my initial reaction was the BFC don't want bloggers at LFW (hello- the street style alone warrants their attendance as it influences trends and catwalks for seasons to come) until I received the awesome "Unaccredited Blogger Guide". I literally rang up my boyfriend and read the whole thing in excitement- then read it to him in person over a curry.

You can download the guide here, but if you're feeling lazy I have my own little guide. Also sign up yo the BFC emails and there Twitter feed or be one of the 420000 watching the collections live here (for daily updates- there's a party at Selfridges later) and Fashion Monitor email and Twitter too! 

1) Somerset House
Street style- my favourite part of fashion week is bumming round Somerset house. It's where I've met all my lovely blogger babes! But it's also packed full of street style. Not only do they personally give me inspiration, but commercially it's a way to see upcoming trends that will influence collections for seasons to come.
Social media wall- in addition the courtyard space is full of screens (they might as well decorate the walls of the 55m long BBC catwalk space). You can catch up on the gossip, shows, trends everything. There's also an Instabooth.
The shop- this year in addition to introducing Manolo Blahnic and Smythson to the show line up there is also a new shop in the courtyard where you can purchase part if the collections including Sophie Webster, House of Holland and Lulu & co.
London Fashion Weekend- missed the whole week, then get tickets to LFWend here (running 13th-22nd September).

2) Oxford Street.
Not only is it the shopping central of London, there's two reasons to visit here. Firstly the flags decorating the street, and secondly the September Fashion Showcase.
Up until the 17th over 15 stores are showing off collections you can see in store including Topshop (who teased me with this video), River Island and more.

3) off schedule shows. 
Fashion monitor have realised there off schedule guide here (download it). There's events all around town, but the majority of the action is at Fashion Scout (here). I haven't counted the number of off schedule catwalk shows and presentations and collections (that I flew through with an uncomfortable full bladder last season) and can't wait to check out this season.

4) fashion in Film (15th-17th September) 
This season St Martin's Courtyard is transforming into a film showspave (I can't remember it being there last season) so check it out too!

5) shows.
It's a little late to apply to shows now (which are ALL over town) but being unaccredited doesn't affect your application for tickets. Sheree has an awesome guide here to apply, I literally haven't had the time to do this season (it honestly takes a few hours)

6) online 
Simple way to keep up, Twitter! My tips are following the #LFW, #AskLFW (and send in your questions) and the #FashionFriday for weekly chat. Then go from there. Feeds to follow I would suggest Fashion Monitor and LFW but it's really up to you.

Now it's time to finish wedding prep for my sister's wedding and plan MY LFW from Sunday onwards (I hope I have time to see everything). If you see me about please day hi- I've got my eyes peeled for so many people I'm worried about missing people.
Jodie x 


  1. Let LFW begin! Woo!


  2. Ahh, how awwesome! That's the perfect guide :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Can't wait to see what you get up to! I'm sure the street style will be killer :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. wow thats crazy how many bloggers applied! i know for new zealand fashion week everyone who applied pretty much all got media passes, but we have a small blog industry haha!
    anyway, cool post!


    ♥ Ellen
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  5. Thank you for this interesting post! It really is interesting to read, and thank you for adding the great link! Sadly enough my country doens't even have a fashion week, ahah! You're lucky to live in England my dear, because Belgium is quite sad. We have such amazing designers but they all have their shows in London or Paris.

    XO Imke

  6. Ohhh, this is great, I'm glad you can go! Hope you have a fun time.

    Corinne x

  7. Love this! Im heading down this weekend for London Fashion Weekend!!!